Nevala Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Asagirikogen

○ scenic spots, nature SCENIC SPOTS INSHIZUOKA PREFECTURE (Shizuoka)

○ big dairyland about 1000-800 m elevation on the western flank of Mt.
Located in the north near the border of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, “Asagirikogen” refers to a vast plateau of around 1000-800 m elevation on the western flank of Mt. This area is a thriving dairy and livestock since ancient times, known as the producer of milk cows and especially speaking Asagirikogen. In fact, I found an idyllic scenery idyllic meadows integrated regional spread in some places, cattle that are grazing at the foot of Mount Fuji.

○ access to “Asagirikogen”
North along the national highway No. 139 from Fuji Inter Tomei, Asagirikogen has a way to access more than one national highway to the west on Route 139, and go from Chuo Kofu Minami Inter Fuji Five Lakes or through or from the Kawaguchiko or Gotemba. Although you can visit in comfort if by car, train is not through, the number of regular bus inconvenient because extremely small, I’m pretty much a tourist bus or private vehicle must be either.

○ What “Asagirikogen” Why do you call?
The origin of the name of the “Asagirikogen” is due to the “fog” is Umidasa by its unique topography and climatic conditions. In particular, the fog tends to occur when it rains, in the area may Asagirikogen deep fog hangs over as far as the eye can see. The fog has not occurred Kamikuishiki village, Yamanashi Prefecture, if you come to the city center or left the Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Asagirikogen, there are many that only Asagirikogen deep fog hangs over or from its specificity. It would have been named as “Asagirikogen” as derived from the fog that frequently occur, there is a fog hangs over it day and night as well as the actual morning.

○ “parking refreshing Asagiri”
I think you refer to the side Dokora Speaking Asagirikogen, there are many people who do not know you very well. Because, Asagirikogen because it is not a place name in the address, I am because not clear and you’re far from here. However, in the highlands near 800M ~ 1,000 M above sea level on the western flank of Mount Fuji, in general, does not refer to the area around “Asagirikogen Road Station” from the “ranch Makaino” If Millet from national highway along Route 139 I think. So, speaking of that “Asagirikogen” これぞ in it and somewhere, still I would not refer to the area around the pasture “Parking refreshing morning mist.” Located between the “Asagirikogen Road Station” and “Green Park” 温泉 Asagirikogen from “Parking refreshing morning mist” has wonderful views that make you feel that what the view from here is Asagirikogen. Cattle are grazing pasture spread, in front is an idyllic landscape of Mount Fuji can be seen in the plateau came back dive. If you want to feel that you have come to Asagirikogen, is what I want you to come visit the “parking refreshing morning mist.”

○ Asagirikogen as a tourist destination
Not only as a dairy and livestock area, on the western flank of the vast highlands Asagirikogen of Mount Fuji, is also famous as a tourist resort. Taking advantage of the vast highlands, there are a lot of great tourist facilities golf, paragliding school, camping, amusement parks, spa facilities, ranch experience, community facilities and other specialty products for sale. Has been deployed in the main dairy animal husbandry as well as a tourist destination, offers a unique service resorts and Asagirikogen.
In addition, “JAM Asagiri” held jazz musicians of the world are gathered together in Asagirikogen annually, it is the jazz festival, held in the open air venue. Once opening day, jazz fans from all over the country flooded, crowded around the venue will be. Now, I have become as famous as it’s referred to as “JAM Asagiri” Speaking of Asagirikogen. On the day of the competition, the entire region is very lively crowd tens of thousands of visitors. Opening stage and performance are to be installed at the Asagiri Arena venue, nearby campground is full.

○ camping Asagirikogen
There are many campgrounds in Asagirikogen where you can enjoy the nature of the western flank of Mt. “Asagirikogen foot car camping”, “campsite Tanukiko”, “car camping village Asagirikogen Penguin”, “car camping Inokashira”, “car camping Asagirikogen”, “car camping Asagiri Jamboree”, ” Asagirikogen such as “Forest campground 天子”, “mochi Asagirikogen and camping is camping mecca. In 2010 will be held at Asagirikogen also “Nippon Jamboree,” a national convention of the Scout Association of Japan, 20 000 person camp of scale have been made. In addition, all participants will be camping at the venue of Asagirikogen in “all camp in” in “JAM Asagiri” to be held every year. Enjoy live outdoor events, after the performance of the night I is intended that enjoy camping in Asagirikogen quietly.

○ Tourist Information around
On the western flank of Mt Asagirikogen of dairy livestock zone, there are many fascinating tourist attractions. Near the border of the northern part of the Asagirikogen, there is “Kachoen Fuji” and “Asagirikogen Road Station.” In the theme park of flowers blooming begonia, fuchsia, garden flowers and birds are also breeding owls in the world. Since the huge greenhouse, I is safe even on rainy days. Also, if you would rather the “milking” of cattle in Asagirikogen, I recommend “Fuji Milk Land” and “Makaino ranch.” In addition to cattle, it is possible to interact with the animals are horses, sheep, and goats as well. And including “Daifuku” grass famous, you can eat jealousy of Tsukitate, rice cake flour, grated mochi in “drive-in toys.” There is also a hall of motorcycles, is a popular spot to love bikes.

Recommended spot Asagirikogen
“Asagirikogen” Road Station
About 3km north the “parking refreshing morning mist.” Along the east side of Highway 139 national highway.
Road Station Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, which opened in March 2000.
Located in the area of ??animal husbandry dairy Asagirikogen at the northern end of Fujinomiya,
Have been unified into barn-style building in honor of the regional station building.
Such as “milk plateau” Asagirikogen unique “soft cream of milk Asagiri”
Specialty products, local specialties are sold.

○ More Information

  Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
URL (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
  Refreshing parking (west along Route 139 national highway)
  Approximately 50 minutes from Kofu, Chuo Inter ② about 40 minutes south of InterContinental Tomei Fuji ①

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○ recommended products Asagirikogen

Makaino milk ranch Asagiri
Fuji Asagirikogen milk Nonhomo
I Do jam milk gelato
Wilderness of Asagirikogen
Plateau milk that nurtured
Asagirikogen rich and fresh milk
In the sense of freshly squeezed
Fuji Asagirikogen Nonhomo drinking milk
Production “I Do”
Of “I Ide” commitment goods
Freshly squeezed milk
Had made

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Milk Land “toys” drive-in Kachoen Fuji “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Tokai Nature Trail Falls Ranch Zimbalist Makaino Tanukiko
Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha Hongu Kenashizan 白糸の滝 wetlands consistent Oda

◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Karishuku Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sakura dismounting of Karishuku

○ cherry special national treasure that has set up a team of Yoritomo
Stronghold was in the house when the Ide Karishuku do “Makigari of Fuji” is Yoritomo in 1193. Since it is called “(cherry Komadome alias”) “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” from the fact that the dismounting stop the horse cherry tree in front of the house that Ide. “Akashi Lome Bana Mountain bruising dark (cherry red white flower bud)” on wild cherry tree in blossom with white flowers blooming red bud. Estimated at more than 800 years, the oldest age class is cherry in Japan. Its heyday was a giant of 8.5 m 35 m height, trunk circumference, so now there is no dignity of the victims of typhoon or other repeated. 1952 (1952) March, has been designated as special national treasure. In about mid-April each year, around are beautiful blooming rape, the best time to see a large number of tourists visit.

○ One of the “Five Japan Sakura”
“Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” is the one specified in the national treasure of five cherry blossoms in Japan in 1922 (1922) of “Sakura Five Japan.” “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Sakura Jindai bowler” in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, “Zakura Kaba Ishido” in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture, and “Sakura Five” Japanese “three Miharu-machi Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture is “jet black cherry valley Neo,” the city of Gifu Prefecture Motosu and “Sakura falls in the spring. “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” is set to special national treasure in 1952.

○ beauty of cherry Tokugawa Yoshinobu sing
“Tokugawa Yoshinobu” 15th shogun Tokugawa Shogunate are poem about the “cherry dismounting of Karishuku”. “I like wild cherry tree that connects the mind of the beholder is not the only piece suit.” I am emotional and I think a person Yoritomo Yoshinobu and large on the history and made through the heart to see the Sakura “Karishuku dismounting of the same” over time.

○ contest of cherry and rape blossoms
You can “Rapeseed” around of “cherry dismounting of Karishuku” is a beautiful view of yellow rape blossoms in full bloom and just clean Sakura-shoku. The first time I saw the cherry Shimouma “Mr. Fuji” does not have quite the cherry tree that produces the scale and beauty of this in just one tree only. I wish I was impressed with some cherry only truly special national treasure. I of course just enough beautiful cherry tree only, had spread as far as the eye can see beautiful views of 菜の花 has yellow flowers around. You can take a picture of it up to do a photo shoot also put Mt. Fuji did not appear, and well unfortunately clouds are present, it is a wonderful view of Mount Fuji still putting.

○ More Information

  98-1 Karishuku Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  0544-22-1155 (Fujinomiya Commerce and Tourism Division)
  Free tour
  About 30 minutes via road west of IC Fuji Fuji Tomei
  About 40 minutes via National Highway No. 139 from Kawaguchiko IC Chuo
  About 45 minutes via National Highway No. 358.139 or from Kofu Minami IC

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

しげ Fuji Fuji Fuji Milk Land Kachoen Asagirikogen 白糸の滝
Kenashizan wetlands consistent Oda “Asagirikogen” way station “toys” drive-in pasture Makaino
Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha Hongu Tanukiko Falls Zimbalist Tokai Nature Trail

◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kenashizan

○ One of the two hundred famous mountains in the border Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Japan
In the mountains of 1946 meters above sea level on the border of the town and Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Minobu Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, two hundred famous mountains in Japan, Yamanashi hyakumeizan, “Kenashizan” is one of the Hyakuyama Shizuoka. There is the highest peak, mountains 天子 mountains, in the northern part of the South-ku, Shizuoka Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture is Kenashizan. The road has been developed climbing, there is also a steep slope, because there is distance, it becomes a full-fledged climbing. About 4-5 hours round trip because it takes, must be equipped to perfect. Up to the top is very visible in views from the summit in good weather is the best. I seem to be due to “hair growth (belittle) mountain” the appearance that the origin of the name of Kenashizan has almost no trees on the summit by the climatic conditions, etc. are covered with grass or bamboo grass called it.

○ feeling prepared to climb Mt.
“Kenashizan” There are also 1,946 m altitude, steep slopes also many hiking trails and steep road, becoming a full-fledged climbing. There are things that Mr. climb “Mount Fuji”, it is a mountain of a challenge round trip takes nearly five hours in adult men. Some people trying to climb without much equipment in sneakers and sandals to Fuji well, this is ridiculous. Do not underestimate the mountain as well as Fuji Kenashizan harsh. Victim or injured person, but also appear in the summer season of climbing Mount Fuji, Mount Fuji, so a very large number of climbers still, there is a point easily call for help even in the case of an accident. However, few climbers Kenashizan, when I climb because it was completely outside the mobile is certainly difficult to rescue any accident or injury. I went up by myself many years ago, I have repented now if you think that it was dangerous action. I climb in the morning carrying a backpack with a lunch and water shoes, I remember the road was finally arrived around noon steep. I climbed the steep path doggedly not meet anyone the way I ought to go by multiple climbing again. Since there is also near 2,000 m elevation, given the changes in weather and temperature, should bring rain gear and winter clothes. Well known that anyone who climb, that this is not a thing to note, by way of precaution, we have written down for beginners like me.

○ parking entrance trail
The entrance of the trail “Kenashizan” is located at the foot of Asagirikogen. Although there seems to be various other, the most obvious northward towards the border Yamanashi Fuji road on Route 139 west, highway from inter Fuji Tomei. Only “drive-in toys” of Asagirikogen, the “paraglider school” field “Golf Asagiri Jamboree”, located at the end of the road entering the “Green Park Asagirikogen”. Arrived at the “parking entrance trail” of Tsukiatari In less than 10 minutes to Green Park to the road if entering from Route 139 national highway. “Parking” is to climb to put the price of a built-in envelope unmanned actually post has been placed, was to fill a number of their cars there. It is of course self-assessment because it unattended, “Mr. Fuji”, like I’m checking people in management when they went down receipt has been sandwiched between the wiper of the car firmly on a regular basis.

○ superb view from the summit
Mountaineering challenge is “Kenashizan”, and scenery impression when we arrived at the summit is the highest. The view from the summit of an elevation of about 2,000 meters from the vast plain spread out below Mount Fuji and does not accumulate. And was indescribably delicious things to eat lunch at the top that is. The morning started climbing from Mr. “Mount Fuji”, I finally reached the top of the mountain around noon. Although there was not anyone around, I remember was healed very wonderful view in front of you.

○ Tourist Information around
“Kenashizan” Because it takes 5 hours round trip, it is a full-fledged climbing rather than hiking. The descent can start climbing from morning will probably be in the afternoon, you’ll still come out tired. To relieve the weariness of such a soak in the hot springs near me is still the best. There was a hot spring called “Green Park” to Asagirikogen once, so now waiting for is closed, I must look for another hot spring. In sweat and tired of it quickly climbing nearby, I recommend the “hot mother heaven.” In about 20 minutes by car from Kenashizan, it is also reasonable one time fee 400 yen, 700 yen for 3 hours. Say the nearby hot springs and better, there is a “water of the Wind” had come down south to “Fuji Milk Land.” Although the firm facility, so the price 800 yen per day, If you want to finish quickly in a short period of time may be too good.

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Asagiri 白糸の滝 Heartland Kachoen Fuji “Asagirikogen” Road Station Asagirikogen
Fuji Milk Land water and wind in glutinous drive Tanukiko Green Park
Mother Sky Yu Asagiri heaven

◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic spots, nature Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 白糸の滝

○ Waterfall scenic natural monument in the country-
It is one of the typical tourist attractions in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “白糸の滝” is a Waterfall (1936) has been elected a famous scenic spot in the country and a natural monument. With the exception of some of this waterfall, waterfall that spans 20m, 200m width to height, the water has all melted snow of Mount Fuji as spring water flows. Over the years for years, water melted snow over a layer of underground lava Fuji, water flowing down from the gap of the rock to form a waterfall, the water flow is called “白糸の滝” from our run down like a silk thread You had to. Been selected as the “Best 100 waterfalls in Japan”, in 1990 has become a famous tourist attraction in the nation of about 70 million tourists visit annually.

○ The beauty of “白糸の滝” also admitted Yoritomo
Is famous Yoritomo opened the Kamakura shogunate did you a “Makigari Fuji” at the foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, are waka poem in its beauty when you visit the “白糸の滝” Yoritomo is that . A haiku that is “A lump comes turbulent flow 白糸の滝 imposed any princess and on this.” Which was rolled up like a ball and the cavity hemp that spun as “lump comes”, and also to express the state of the waterfall that flows like silk he has emphasized the beauty of women with and “princess” any you.

Plate ○ Description of “白糸の滝”
There is a plate on the promenade that follows the description of the waterfall “白糸の滝”, the contents are as follows. It has been said … A lump comes 白糸の滝 turbulent flow imposed on this or any princess, “this song is Yoritomo poem” Specifying the country three days in September the eleventh year of Showa 白糸の滝 scenic beauty and natural treasure. ” What began springing from lava that things seep into underground snowmelt Fuji is through the gap of lava Fuji, fell flow becomes subsoil water over impermeable layer called mudflow Fuji old was subjected to erosion , flows down and silk in Article several thousand on the entire surface of the cliff curved rice two hundred Width Approximate rice about 20 height, falls hundreds of large and small as bamboo blind, showing the beautiful landscapes worthy of the name Shiraito You had to. On the left, the famous waterfalls of sound would stop vengeance of Soga brothers have also set up a sound heroic. Association to protect the 白糸の滝 “

○ to “白糸の滝” from the souvenir shop, parking places to eat
There are various places to eat and souvenir shops, many things on the boardwalk that leads to the “白糸の滝”, there is a shop that target tourists. Of course the majority of tourists around Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya of tourists visiting among others “So 白糸の滝” vogue is coming once the store is lined with a variety of attractions near that. The summer tourist season, but a lot of bustling tourists flock from all over the country, feeling a little lonely tourists were sparse in winter weekday I visited.

Sales offices sake souvenir shop sales at places to eat soft-serve ice cream

○ “stop waterfall of sound”
In the middle of the promenade leading to the “白糸の滝” There is no way inferior to “白糸の滝” Waterfall “stop” sound. It is not about the width of the “白糸の滝”, the sound of the waterfall is a large force of falling height is just 25m. Tradition where murmured from the size of the sound of its less, can not meeting “Soga brothers’ for vengeance,” but we’re talking about big,. Wish it falls heartless, “and the sound that ceased It is called “sound-proof waterfall” from. As the origin of the name, the sound of the waterfall is running down at the exciting masculine, as opposed to the “白糸の滝” with feminine delicacy.

○ to the front of the eye “白糸の滝” walking down the stairs
5-minute walk from the parking lot in front of the “白糸の滝, stairs towards the waterfall finally comes into view. Stairs to the waterfall, but arrived at the place a few hundred meters in a few minutes, it may be a little tight in the elderly because there is little inclination. In addition, people in wheelchairs is impossible that descend to the bottom, unfortunately. “白糸の滝” is things that a lot of people both young and old to visit, there is no way this is just because of the nature tourism. However, since it is possible to look at the “白糸の滝” from afar, even from the front stairs, we can not see it does not at all “白糸の滝” even if you can not go down the stairs.

○ shop 白糸の滝 under stairs
There are also stand up and go down the stairs 白糸の滝. We sell specialty products and local specialties here, you can choose souvenirs carefully in front of the eye 白糸の滝. It is the classic confectionery products, key chains, and figurines, an indispensable part of the journey is selling souvenirs.

○ “白糸の滝” scenic views from afar
Seen from a distance, “白糸の滝” You can feel the beauty and grandeur of the falls. You can enjoy the beauty of the falls of great power if you go up near the waterfall, even healthy people who, when looking at the “白糸の滝” Suddenly, from a distance, stop, look at the waterfall that is different flavor than a close look You can. From rocks of lava, flowing down like constantly over a length of 200 m width also is very artistic.

○ location of “Journey to the West” movie
“白糸の滝” is a famous place was also the location of the “Journey to the West” movie starring Shingo Katori. Saiyuki TV drama begins, after the film has been the scene of Satan and Goku confrontation was filmed in the TV drama. Seems to have chosen the “白糸の滝” as appropriate to the location of the force confrontation scene. When was later made into a movie, the party scene Sanzo priest arrives at the basin have been taken by boat. Seems to have matched the image of the “Journey to the West” “So 白糸の滝” boasts a mystical beauty.

○ “白糸の滝” mysterious close look at
Away down stairs, you can see in front of the eye “白糸の滝” natural monument, place of scenic beauty. It is as it is a natural monument, intensity and beauty that is just eye-popping. Where they are surrounded by nature, the sound of the waterfall flows down in a quiet environment is echoing around. Waterfall splashes cover the surrounding area, feel the coolness. A visit to A Midsummer Night In particular, I will be the best summer resort. In addition, the water flows down from the waterfall is perfectly clear water to clean melted snow of Mount Fuji, it may sometimes see the fish. Comprising of tightening are not only waterfall itself, of course, If it natural monument, place of scenic beauty the “白糸の滝” and joined the beauty of the surrounding nature, such as when it came to the season and the fresh green of the foliage, the beauty of the falls further That’s what is it that shine.

○ General comment: “白糸の滝” is worth a look
Located at the western foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, “白糸の滝” is the attractions you can enjoy the blessings of nature surrounded by Mt. The surrounding area, there are a lot of tourist attractions that take advantage of the nature of “popular wetlands consistent Oda”, such as “Asagirikogen” of dairy zone “Tanukiko”, famous for hiking Diamond Fuji. Easy access to the extent that a few kilometers away from the national highway No. 139, I feel free when you visit Tachiyoreru around Mount Fuji, Asagirikogen and sightseeing in Fujinomiya. From the parking lot to the waterfall, so go in just 10 minutes on foot, it is very convenient. When I visited nearby attractions, I want you to stretch your legs come recommended.

○ Tourist Information around
After visiting the “白糸の滝” is also recommended “Asagirikogen” and “Tanukiko”, but a meal “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” is essential. In the B-class gourmet cuisine that can be called original, it can be said Fujinomiya yakisoba spark now B class gourmet boom. I recommend it if 白糸の滝 from nearby, “said Mume”. Also, if you want to rest gently in the hot springs and there is “water of the Wind” yu “(also draft) mother heaven.” In addition, if you want local vegetables and local specialties, is recommended “Asagirikogen Road Station.” Would be nice if the weather is good, except in winter even try to climb “(mouth Fujinomiya) 5th Fuji”. Landscape leading to the foot of Mount Fuji from Suruga Bay, looking down from an altitude of 2400M above sea level is the highest. It is also great 白糸の滝 landscape, views overlooking the 5th from a cloudless sunny day is just breathtaking.

○ More Information

  Kamiide ??Fujinomiya
  0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
  Fujinomiya City Tourism Association ② “Fujinomiya” ① town of Mount Fuji
Opening Hours
  Not applicable
  Only approximately 50 small cars
  (About 40 minutes from Fuji IC Tomei) about five minutes down the Tomei Fuji IC ①, Fuji road west, the No. 139 national highway IC Kamiide
  About 1 hour (with sign) turn right middle 2km away Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC ②, No. 139 national highway

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

“Asagirikogen” way station Mume Mr. Fuji Milk Land Tanukiko stop waterfall of sound
Asagirikogen Kachoen Fuji “toys” Dog Drive Inn Garden Ranch Makaino
Sakura dismounting of Asama Shrine Fujinomiya Yakisoba Karishuku Hongu Fuji Waterfall Zimbalist wetlands consistent Oda

◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Inokashira, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Zimbalist Falls

○ waterfall Yoritomo was camped near the time of Makigari
Yukari is a waterfall at the foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya Inokashira Yoritomo district is in the northern part of “白糸の滝” The Waterfall “Zimbalist.” Scale is small, and forms a waterfall gushing water from the gap between the water and lava Mekigawa Doo five from upstream (I Ki stapling but later) together. Came to be called from the fact that four years Ken H. (1193), when Yoritomo made a Makigari Fuji and pitch a camp overnight near this waterfall and sunset and Waterfall “Zimbalist.” “Stone drums” found are on display next to the far Shoji still at that time. Festival “Zimbalist Falls” by local volunteers will be held in the summer every year.

○ The origin of the “stone drums”
Was causing examined under when at night Yoritomo was pitch a camp near the Falls “Zimbalist” sounds like hitting the drum from the people of the waterfall so I heard, the “stone drums” is in found a cavity It is that of the stone. That’s what I was able lava like wheel solidified lava on the outside is cooled wood burning when it is referred to as the “tree form lava” identity of “stone drums”, burned trees covered with lava. This is why I came to be called “stone drums” because had issued a sound like a drum in the “lava tree form this” hit of water Waterfall “Zimbalist.”

○ Expansion of parking
There is space for passenger cars in the parking lot stop dozens of Waterfall “Zimbalist.” There were only two passenger space of a minute until recently actually, Fujinomiya, seems to have developed a new extension for the promotion of tourism. There were only two minutes yet when I visited once before a few years “Mr. Fuji”, seems to be developed in the meantime. The figure was sparse after the typhoon, it is enough if there is also a public holiday so much space.

○ promenade Waterfall “Zimbalist”
As soon as there is a boardwalk leading to the Waterfall “Zimbalist” in front of the parking lot. Although only about 200m promenade, you can walk to the waterfall, feeling the sound of the waterfall and the nature of Inokashira district. Highway 139 national highway and away from heavy traffic, you can enjoy some quiet time ambient not hear the sound of the car. Just before the end of the promenade there is a tourist information board, and origins of the waterfall feature is introduced. Around the waterfall is like the fish caught river trout, salmon, and trout, there are limitations such as mobile and permit fishing ban period, it seems difficult for the general tourists. Also, notice the effect that the surrounding rivers and waterfalls of the spring water Zimbalist Mountains 天子 Fuji and because it flows, barbecue and fireworks nuisance want you to refrain for the protection of the natural environment is. Because it is a beautiful place to enjoy nature to say is that natural tourist destination but, that is what I want to act with moderation.

○ “Zimbalist Falls” land of the famous water
Waterfall “Zimbalist” is specified in the “spring-fed pond Save” in Fujinomiya, it is also famous as the land of the famous water. Spring Water 40 008 about a thousand cubic meters per day (average year) are out and place in front of the waterfall is also pumped water. Iwashimizu but spring out from the lava, I’m so Kumeru water through the pipe to the corner. Because it is so very clean spring water at the foot of Mt Fuji, it seems to have come to draw water from all over the tanks. It should be noted that, for the protection of the natural environment, Fujinomiya is specified in the “spring-fed pond save save forest” tree “save” a forest of trees and across the city “, a spring-fed pond” by the Department of Environment and Forests. To HP’s city hall Fujinomiya “spring-fed pond saved” as of September 2011 is listed 15 locations, district Inokashira the city, including the spring-fed pond cubic meters of 13,000 per day is seven locations on the east side waterfall Zimbalist There is a “spring-fed pond” save.

○ “Zimbalist Falls Festival” in late August
Festival “Zimbalist Falls” by local volunteers is performed every year in late August Waterfall “Zimbalist.” Performance of “drum waterfall Zimbalist” by Inokashira local elementary school students, events such as tournaments and Tsukamidori matrix warrior by children of the “rainbow trout” Fuji is served. In the parking lot will also sell local products, and rice balls are provided “Fujinomiya yakisoba”, or the like shaved ice. Usually can not be stopped, but the car only dozens, 2011 primary school head 之 ground well, Kumin Hall parking lot, far Shoji precinct is opened as a temporary parking lot. Since the day in some cases free shuttle bus leaves from Fujinomiya station, for more information please contact (0544-27-5240) Fujinomiya City Tourism Association.

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Kachoen Asagirikogen home field trout trout culture Fuji
Tokai Nature Trail Fuji Milk Land 白糸の滝 “Asagirikogen” Road Station
“Toys” drive-in pasture Kenashizan Makaino wetlands consistent Oda
Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha Hongu Tanukiko