● “Yoshida Udon” specialty Fujiyoshida

“Yoshida Udon” is transmitted to the traditional local cuisine Fujiyoshida. Fuji in Fujiyoshida more than 700m above sea level and the rice is difficult due to harsh climatic conditions, and the turret was eating noodles in the cultivation of wheat and other than in the past. There are over 50 stores that serve the “Yoshida Udon” is still around, Fujiyoshida city, has become the flavor of the people who settled in the area. In the “strength of the waist of noodles” features the largest “Yoshida Udon” does not hold a candle to the normal noodles. There is a “Hoto” in the local cuisine of Yamanashi same, I think it is more than or equal to it or the strength of the stiffness of the noodles. Feeling that the protagonist noodles, “Yoshida Udon” is soup and ingredients are devoted to supporting role to complement the noodles exactly.

● simple taste noodles with seasoning

As mentioned above, “Yoshida Udon” The strength of the Kosi is udon features intense. It is different with the soup and dark eyes, even thinner udon and tempura topping or ingenuity, eggs and edible wild plants, with respect to “Yoshida Udon” such as soup or topping is fully supporting role. In other words, the soup and topping is to get to eat the barrel protagonist “udon noodles”, itself is simplicity itself. Tailored bland using such as alignment of miso and soy sauce, soup tool is using something simple, such as cabbage and fried to taste the taste and texture of the noodles. Although different flavor store has become a seasoning diluted basically simple.

● enjoy the “Yoshida” First Road Station

There are more than 50 hotels in the city Fujiyoshida nood
le shop, I recommend that you try to eat in the “Yoshida” way station if beginners.
Can be sold as souvenirs in popular products “Fujiyoshida station” of the road, in a coffee shop to eat snacks also station facilities. I got lost or what is different? Seasoning or where there is a shop and how delicious and more than 50 hotels, to choose from. It is also good to ask local residents, it is unlikely that one person who knows everything. Yoshida Udon and basic to know What are the road to visit the station is typical of the region still face is the best.

● noodles phenomenal strength of the Kosi

In fact, when I eat, “Yoshida Udon (Udon meat 400 yen)” in the corner of the station snacks, chewy noodles there are proven ways to eat meet. It is the largest and crunchy likely to hear the clerk who do not know, “noodle” Yoshida is something like this, “and?’s Have been properly boiled.” Feeling like noodles that says it all somehow, Yoshida Udon seasoned very simple. As ordered beef and cabbage boiled in soy sauce lightly riding, deep-fried tempura batter and put Shichimi liking. It is udon noodles tasted like anyway.

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Fuji-Q Highland Sengen Shrine Motomiya north exit “Yoshida” Road Station

◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty milk Asagiri Asagirikogen Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ Born in milk “Asagirikogen” zone on the western flank of Mt dairy
Located in the north near the border of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, “Asagirikogen” refers to a vast plateau of around 1000-800 m elevation on the western flank of Mt. This area is a thriving dairy and livestock since ancient times, known as the producer of milk cows and especially speaking Asagirikogen. In fact, I found an idyllic scenery idyllic meadows integrated regional spread in some places, cattle that are grazing at the foot of Mount Fuji. Milk “Asagiri” is unregulated raw milk fresh from the cow squeezed ingredients in a large meadow, grew lively and melted snow water in the air of Mount Fuji, clear. But there are rich, if you are drinking clean the mouth, it is very delicious milk.

○ “milk Asagiri” authentic taste これぞ
There are things you drink milk “Asagiri” Mr. “Fuji”, it was very delicious. When I stop to Asagirikogen, I will be healed in the air and clear the vast wilderness. There is no reason your milk cow who grew up in this wonderful environment is not delicious. In addition, you can drink in the feeling of freshly squeezed milk “Asagiri” is a limited sale area, because it is shipped immediately after production sale. Although there are disadvantages would not only get around the production area, unlike the mass production of milk in the national constituency, it’s in the hands of our reach relatively quickly. Taste of milk is still fresh. It is also exceptional locally produced milk right after, you can also order by mail order at a remote location.

○ unregulated natural milk constituents
To provide the taste and flavor of the original milk, milk “Asagiri” is unregulated milk ingredients without the addition of anyone other than (homogenized) homogenization of the fat and heat sterilization. Heat sterilization is performed for 15 seconds at 85 ℃, we have a homogenization treatment is hardly crushed solidified fat. Fat is different for every season because it is no adjustment component, low fat milk in the summer is usually, the more winter. Please enter the text

○ “So delicious milk Asagiri”
The production of milk “Asagiri” in “Dairy Co. Asagiri” in the company’s brochure explains the “why Asagiri delicious milk.”

So delicious milk Asagiri
One. Raw milk is different
It is a milk-free adjustment was sterilized at 85 ℃ freshly squeezed milk from cows raised on pasture that is also selected, air and snowmelt of Mt Asagirikogen refreshing. We will deliver a full-bodied flavor of the season.
2. Sterilization temperature is different
It is pasteurized for 15 seconds at 85 ℃. (2 seconds at a high temperature of 140 ℃ 120 ℃ ~ Normal)
3. Nutrition is different
Taste is close to the raw milk for consumption is much less soluble calcium, vitamin C, protein, and flavor compared with the milk pasteurization temperature of over 100 ℃.
4. So bottled
There are milk sensitive nature to absorb the smell of the container. And this is sufficient to prevent the bottle container, as I enjoy the taste.
5. Milk fat of raw milk is not constant
Milk because it is unregulated milk fat changes spring, summer, autumn, winter, the temperature, the humidity. (3.7 to 3.9 … spring milk fat percentage, milk fat percentage from 3.6 to 3.8 … summer … fall from 3.8 to 4.0 percentage milk fat, milk fat percentage from 3.8 to 4.1 … winter)

(Quoted from the pamphlet “Asagiri Dairy Corporation.” Or more)

Because they treated cordially carefully hand-picked raw milk milk “Asagiri” does the delicious. There is a unique taste of local products was subjected pains that can not be mimicked in the mass production of large companies. Enjoy a different flavor every season because it is no adjustment component.

○ where you can buy milk “Asagiri”
Milk “Asagiri” is a limited production Asagirikogen has been steadily expanding its sales channels from its taste. There are a number of shops dealing with milk “Asagiri” eateries and tourist attractions in and around Shizuoka Prefecture morning fog. Sells, “Country Golf Club Asagiri”, or “drive-in toys”, “golf club Asagiri Jamboree” “Asagirikogen Road Station” around Asagirikogen is. You can purchase “Marintaun Ito Road Station”, “Fujioyama Road Station” outside Asagirikogen is “Ashigara” Tomei, such as service area “Ebina”, “Makinohara”. Please enter the text

○ related products milk “Asagiri”
Milk “Asagiri” is delicious on their own, but of course, I am also recommend related products obtained by processing the milk. What is especially recommended, I am, “ice cream” and “soft cream” using plenty of milk. You can taste the “ice cream” and “soft cream” delicious and the main raw material milk “Asagiri” with “Asagirikogen Road Station.” Although soft-serve ice cream that the ice cream, soft ice cream is a frozen confection creamy impregnated with air as the main raw material milk. Has been used as a raw material milk “Asagiri” both fresh, it is a commodity that is packed with the grace of Asagirikogen tight.

Brand that will produce milk wilderness Asagirikogen
Milk “Asagiri” items are representative of the “Asagirikogen” Road Station.
In vast areas of pasture Asagirikogen, water melted snow of Mount Fuji, the air clean
It is a concentrated milk was squeezed from cows that have been bred.
Taste that I can not forget once tasted.
Quality hand-picked freshness and good locality boasts precisely because direct sales.

○ More Information

  203? 33 hole people Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  203? 33 hole people Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Makaino milk ranch land and Fuji mochi drive-in Asagirikogen Asagirikogen Road Station

◎ NOTED PRODUCT · SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture pig grazing Asagiri
Pig grazing Asagiri> Specialties & specialty HOME>

pig full of energy that grew up grazing Asagirikogen
Asagiri grazing pig” is a pig full of energy that graze freely and grew up in the wilderness of Asagirikogen. But good to hear that the grazing of cattle, I have never heard much of that grazing of pigs. However, even small pig barn, I would feel the same stress in cattle and pig house. It is not good for the quality of the milk cows accumulated stress, as is the meat. No delicious pig meat is unhealthy state. Asagiri grazing pig” is a pork grew up in an environment favorable to the health of Asagirikogen. Since grazing pig grow without stress in nature and require no antibiotic. I sometimes eat the food or mixed with antibiotics because the vgz8x="265">bacteria in the pig house is easy to breed and narrow, there is no such thing in the case of grazing pigs. Freely running around the ranch, I sleep and eat freely. I have grown in very stress-free environment.

shop where you can buy a “pig grazing
Fewer shipments pig “grazing, I will not be able to buy only in limited locations. Industry YA Man of the butcher of Fujinomiya, butcher” Shimizu of Fuji City, in the Isetan Shizuoka shop Shizuoka Co., only such as “butcher shop Oishi“, “castle Flowers Meat & Deli in Shizuoka can not buy. Since there is if you have a small amount of stock in these stores, who want to get certainly had better inquire in advance is advisable.

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ウインナー milk Asagiri Asagiri Asagiri buckwheat Asagirikogen pig Yoguru
Vegetables over fried noodles boiled peanuts Wed rainbow trout Fuji Fujinomiya

◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture pig Yoguru Asagiri

○ softness that melts in the “pig brand Asagirikogen” boasts
“Asagiri Yoguru pig” is a brand of Asagirikogen pig for sale recently. The “pig Yoguru”, in pigs that eat the yogurt-like fermented feed, grown without using any health-such as antibiotics, delicious and easy to eat very soft and is characterized by. Fermented feed was originally developed by the kind of domestic wheat, large beans, vegetables, milk, and yogurt are safe and secure in the raw materials. As Ira in good spirits and is eating fermented foods such as yogurt humans, he is not that they grow up to be healthy by eating fermented food pig. High popularity of the restaurant as the food in Fujinomiya, are used in variety of dishes. You can eat a bowl of pig meat and pork cutlet on rice Yoguru, restaurant “Asagirikogen” station of the road you can buy finished goods and raw meat of a pig Yoguru also. You can taste the pork cutlet and pig shabu shabu Yoguru in “friendly” Fuji Fujinomiya Kamiide ??punished meals.

○ dealer “pig Yoguru Asagiri”
Are sold at the office about 20 months in the heart of the city, Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Fujinomiya “Asagiri Yoguru pig.” At four months, “the butcher livestock Kasai” “Asagirikogen station road” in Fujinomiya city, “Suzuki of meat, Inc.”, “Agricultural Cooperatives Fujinomiya meat dealer.” Eight locations of “Matsuno Foods Co., Ltd.”, “(6 stores) Yoshikawa super”, “Watanabe of meat” in Fuji city. Three places, “Watanabe butcher shop, Ltd. (in two places)” in Numazu of “Matsuno butcher shop”. “Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Nitto City” country group “coffee husbandry Tomiya Ltd.” Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Izu, are sold in “butcher shop Ito Corporation” of the city to the other foot. Because of the limited amount of pig production as regional brands, the sales have been made in nearly prefecture.

○ shop “pig Yoguru Asagiri” can eat
Shop eat the pig “Yoguru Asagiri” There are 10 stores Fuji Fujinomiya city. There is a menu that is easy to eat a pig Yoguru such as “miso soup with pork and vegetables”, “bowl” meat, “pork cutlet set meal” with “Asagirikogen Road Station.” It is also delicious pork cutlet, know well the taste of stewed pig Yoguru and eat local produce along with the green onions the Bowl “meat”. I recommend the “shabu” was alive with a sweet and tender meat in “friendly” Fuji Fujinomiya of Kamiide. Taste the spit pig Yoguru in its “fireside tree” in front of the station Fujinomiya. Press Menu one pig Yoguru not be too hard to cool. In addition, the tool has been used, for example, of “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” in chan “shop” teppanyaki.

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ウインナー milk Asagiri Asagiri Asagiri buckwheat Asagirikogen pig Yoguru
Vegetables over fried noodles boiled peanuts Wed rainbow trout Fuji Fujinomiya

◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY other specialty products, specialty Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture “black fish minced and steamed” specialty Yaizu

○ fish paste products were ground whole sardine and mackerel
“Fish minced and steamed black” is a boiled paste products that put the salt grinding whole body bone, skin and the sardine and mackerel. Yaizu Shizuoka Prefecture is famous mainly as a production center, has been widely used as a taste of the common people eat on a daily basis in Shizuoka Prefecture. There must also be put in the supermarket in Shizuoka Prefecture, and eat on a daily basis, “fish minced and steamed black” even citizens. Black fish minced and steamed in Shizuoka is common to differences in raw materials, in other regions has become a mainstream white fish minced and steamed.

○ How to eat “fish minced and steamed black”
To “black fish minced and steamed” There are a lot of ways of eating delicious. Of course, I’m also delicious eaten with a soy sauce as it is raw. Although the actual have already boiled even if it says raw, the taste of freshly revived if quick blanch a few minutes. I also recommend eating in soy sauce and wasabi ginger soy sauce. In addition, texture or fried in a pan, it was crunchy or baked in the oven can be tasted. Moreover, we also become an indispensable tool of ingredients “Shizuoka oden”, it has been widely popular in Shizuoka prefecture. Others are delicious, boiled or in, even if you fly. Although not issued to the sumptuous cuisine, it is a “black fish minced and steamed” What are issued casually on the table every day.

○ “black fish minced and steamed” equal “fish minced and steamed”
I do not know “only fish minced and steamed black” to “fish minced and steamed”, was born at the foot of Mount Fuji-san for “Fuji”. It is funny, I truly believe that until recently I saw something round and white in the pot Oden convenience is entering, “What 肉まん is. Would have entered in oden and”. I noticed for the first time “fish minced and steamed white” look when he has entered the list of goods prices. For those who Shizuoka prefecture, lived close to Yaizu, especially because it is the norm “fish minced and steamed black” is because the fish minced and steamed. Why are not the many residents Shizuoka became that the blame that fish minced and steamed black has been in the limelight gourmet Gotochi recent gourmet class B, shows the uniqueness of the fish minced and steamed black, know of the existence of fish minced and steamed white.

○ The origin of the “fish minced and steamed”
“Fish minced and steamed” is sometimes referred to halves, fish minced and steamed, rice cake and so on valve or half pike conger, theories also the origin of the name. First of all, there is a theory that is the origin of the “fish minced and steamed dishes” that have been put out as soup cook Hanbe the Edo period is mashed fish. There is also a theory that is served in a lunate semicircle because it makes using the lid of the bowl, and named from its shape. In addition, there is also a theory that originally because I was kind of rice cake with the raw material of surimi (Conger) as represented in the mochi pike conger pike conger. However, there is no conclusive evidence that any clear, I’m in disarray theories. We discussed that Nevertheless, the origin of the “fish minced and steamed” even “Mito Komon” That is a theory Hanbe, Hanbe theory might be the most influential. We also support the theory Hanbe “Mr. Fuji” is a place that I want to show the pillbox of Mito Komon those who disagree (laughs).

○ the difference between “fish minced and steamed white” and “black fish minced and steamed”
There are several differences between the “fish minced and steamed white” and “black fish minced and steamed,” The biggest difference is the raw material. “Black fish minced and steamed” whereas you’re using mackerel and sardines, “fish minced and steamed white” is using white fish such as pollock. Because that kneaded whole body and bone as well fish, the color black, “black fish minced and steamed” may crunchy. On the other hand, the “fish minced and steamed white” is also kneaded yam and egg white and fish only, he has become a soft texture and are plump. Half a month, while a black mold halves, is often a rectangle or square shape white. In addition, Shizuoka Prefecture, whereas black has been mainly produced in Yaizu, white is produced in many parts of the original Tokyo, Kanagawa, in the Kansai region. I say white mainstream Speaking of “fish minced and steamed” over the country, black and rare.

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