◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture town “shrimp” specialty Yui

○ In Japan shrimp super valuable not only caught in Suruga Bay
In the most famous local products, “shrimp”, it is valuable not only in Suruga Bay caught in large numbers in the world among the seafood rich in Shizuoka Prefecture. Yui in the town near the mouth of Suruga Bay in contact with its shrimp fishing flourishes, I will boast of the production volume of Zenkokuichi. Shrimp fishing is usually carried out twice a year, January to June 3, spring fishing fall fishing is done from October to December. Shine like a jewel of pink that is beautiful and there is a sweetness and texture that go to market raw, which is also one of the specialties typical of Shizuoka Prefecture. Is the highest raw shrimp, shrimp that was just landed is especially irresistible taste. Non-local is not quite eat raw from the difficulty of preservation, it is very tasty fried or raw dry pot, even if you also fried.

○ eat in “Fujikawa Rakuza” station of the road “of fried shrimp”
The “cafeteria Marusen” of 3F of “Fujikawa Rakuza” way station, “bowl of fried shrimp” is the gem of the recommendations. Of course, eaten raw recipe kettle, sushi, and shrimp pot is a wide variety, shrimp is “of fried shrimp” Among them were crunchy and chewy and the savoriness of shrimp does not collect. The “cafeteria Marusen”, you can eat a bowl “of fried shrimp that”.

“Suruga Bay shrimp” specialty Yui
“Suruga Bay shrimp” was angrily raw texture is irresistible

Suruga Bay seafood is very popular if I said, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Shrimp that are caught from the port of Suruga Bay Yui is a rarity among others.
Locally I eat fresh raw shrimp well that was just landed,
I generally do not hit much from the difficulty of keeping freshness.
However, raw shrimp is best if there is a sweet taste of the angrily.

Hall shrimp Yui “” website Yui town “URL” Related
“Cooperative fishing harbor Yui” [union town Sakuraebi Yui]

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Farmer ‘s market cooperative fishery harbor Yui Yui Honjin Park “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station

◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture town “Shirasu” specialty Yui

○ “Silas” specialty of Yui, along with shrimp
It is Yui specialties along with “shrimp” “Silas” is a fry of sardines. Every year, whitebait fishing is done from March 1 until around is landed Yui fishing. Chirimenjako kettle is fried and is familiar Speaking whitebait, the most delicious is the “Shirasu” raw even say anything. In valuables not experience a rare except in origin, “Shirasu” raw and was d just landed and chewy you angrily and only Shirasu like transparent is the taste of place that addictive really. But as it is I can eat, eat soy sauce over and put on top of the rice served with ginger and green onion Bowl “raw whitebait” is the taste of place that has fallen cheeks. It is a gem that I want you to come and visit to local eating.

○ whitebait in Shizuoka in Zenkokuichi
Whitebait catch of 40 008 tons in the country thousands of Shizuoka catches accounted for 7,000 tons three hundred Zenkokuichi it is about 15% (2006). Shizuoka is Zenkokuichi three hundred and five thousand yen of dried whitebait expenditure per household, has become even Zenkokuichi quantity purchased (2008). Shirasu is renowned as Shizuoka specialty as well as shrimp, consumption is also popular with the locals. Shirasu raw freshness because it is difficult, but rare to get only around the fishing port in Shizuoka Prefecture, was Kamayude “whitebait fried kettle” because listening also save a little, it is widely available to super throughout the prefecture you.

○ “bowl kettle fried whitebait” in Fujikawa Rakuza
I do not really Shirasu distribution of raw spoil rapidly from being caught are often fried in kettle, Shirasu raw freshness since it is difficult to save. It is very hard to find a shop that provides a “raw whitebait” So. However, the “kettle fried whitebait, which is” a lot comparatively distribution amount, are also sold in supermarkets and cafeterias. It is not perfect if you can eat the “Shirasu” raw, you can feel free to eat any “canteen Marusen” in “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station would Bowl “kettle fried whitebait.” Is “kettle fried whitebait,” When did the salt in the kettle boiled raw whitebait that was just landed. Put in the piping hot rice “kettle fried whitebait this” is “fried whitebait kettle bowl” to eat over the soy sauce and topped with green onion, ginger, and wasabi to your liking.

○ shop Bowl “raw whitebait” is to eat
You can shop Bowl “Shirasu” live in Shizuoka Prefecture eat prefs are concentrated around the fishing harbor that whitebait are caught. And, of course, “bowl raw whitebait” I will not be able to eat only a period of April to November the whitebait fishery is performed. It offers a “bowl raw whitebait” in (with the exception date) every weekend in limited “cafeteria fishing port” Tagonoura fishing port of Fuji City. Because of the poor catch, fishermen in 2010, but was discontinued sales cafeteria Unfortunately, it has been desired resumed the following year. We also sell direct management of the fishery Bowl “Shirasu” live with “House bowl” in Yoshuko of Suruga-ku Shizuoka City. It is a simple shop, which is open in the parking lot of the harbor prefab hut, and there fishery operated in the fishing port, freshness, taste, price is very happy. Although there is no formal, such as high-end restaurant, eat a Bowl “Shirasu” best freshness, such as food catering fisherman.

Hall shrimp Yui “” website Yui town “URL” Related
“Cooperative fishing harbor Yui” [union town Sakuraebi Yui]

○ farmer ‘s market fishery harbor Yui more information

  1068-2 character beach IMAJUKU Yui Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 421-3111
Opening Hours
  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Regular holiday
  Year-end and New Year holiday Monday and the day after
  Left side intersection enter the harbor from harbor front Yui Yui-Route 1

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Farmer ‘s market cooperative fishery harbor Yui Yui Honjin Park “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station

◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY Shizuoka specialty specialty products “Oden” Shizuoka Shizuoka specialty

○ “I do ー Oden each to” handed down from the Taisho era
You have the spotlight recently as a “specialty of Shizuoka” is “Oden (or to each ー)” Shizuoka. “Shizuoka oden” even said that recently began and from the Taisho era, has been popular since ancient times in the region. Belching black soup, it is characterized by Oden was used in the unique ingredients such as black fish minced and steamed beef tendons, with, and, konjac. Although there is no shadow now seen in the urban development of Showa, stalls more than 100 hotels in the city of Shizuoka, the old days there were many stalls Oden. Now covers a “Oden” Shizuoka oden in specialty stores and taverns throughout the town, continue to protect the long tradition and taste.

○ clause five of Shizuoka Oden
To “Shizuoka oden” There are five characteristics, known as the “five bullets of Shizuoka oden.” Fish minced and steamed black ① is in, over have been stabbed soup black ② is (It’s beef tendons), to skewer ③, powder soup, green laver ④, in the candy shop ⑤, and clause five that, it is over. Let “in the candy store” at clause 5 noteworthy. I actually did not know Mr. “Mount Fuji”, “Shizuoka Oden” was originally being sold in the candy shop. Pot has been placed as usual, in the city of Shizuoka Oden candy shop that spit was being sold there. Just like a child is to buy a candy, a long time ago I heard that a Oden had bought as a snack. Have a hole in the middle of the round table, Oden pot is on and that he is in a candy shop will be like eating the guests sit in a self Oden. It is now often these few candy shop, provides a “Oden” Shizuoka Japanese taverns and restaurants, etc., “Oden” Shizuoka original is started from candy shop.

○ belching black soup of “Oden” Shizuoka
One of the characteristics of the “Shizuoka Oden” is “belching black soup”. This “Koikuchi soy sauce” and “beef tendons” but soup base, a long-established shop in Oden replenished because it used the soup, it has become belching black soup. Is the same as you are using a well-established shop eel is replenished many years of secret sauce. I taste is easy to drink if you are also surprisingly easily say black soup. Cattle out streak has come out firmly, and rice soup is the likely eat this alone. Oden numerous braised, long-established oden soup because it is topped up several times, flavor extracts are concentrated.

○ Alley Oden system “tavern”
Although billed as “in the candy store” in clause five of “Shizuoka oden”, not only in the candy store, of course. People such as “There is also a candy shop,” to be precise it is a good idea. Necessarily associate and drinks stalls Speaking おでん In general, the tavern has more than candy shop is put out in Shizuoka Oden. In fact, there are six locations to serve the town tavern Oden made “Oden Alley” is in the city of Shizuoka. “Aoba Alley”, “town Aoba Oden” is “Nawanoren town”, “city thunder Oden”, “alley alley Aoba”, “Just You Alley tea”. It is recommended if daytime Oden candy shop who do not drink alcohol, those who want to enjoy wine night Oden also had better use the tavern still a good idea.

○ “Oden” Shizuoka Gourmet Class B
“Shizuoka Oden” which is loved is the “gourmet class B” of the same Shizuoka “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” as the taste of the common people from the past. People are cheap and delicious cuisine and unique local gourmet class B. Store to provide nearby Shizuoka Station in Shizuoka oden mainly are concentrated in the “Alley Oden” now, it is normally provided in candy shop and taverns throughout the city. In the B-1 Grand Prix, which was held the second in 2007, won the third place, was suddenly raise the profile. There is also the uniqueness of black fish minced and steamed soup and black Oden, tourists now do come from outside the prefecture.

○ feel free to enjoy “can Shizuoka Oden”
Feel free to enjoy the talk about “Oden” Shizuoka Shizuoka specialties as is “Shizuoka Oden can.” Is a product of this “meeting of recommendation Shizuoka oden” “can Shizuoka Oden” is. The ingredients, such as “beef tendons” or “black fish minced and steamed” holding down inside is “black soup” is inserted all the basics of Shizuoka Oden. I enjoy the real pleasure of taste is thoroughly steeped in, “Oden ー each or to” feel free to.

○ “fish minced and steamed black” one of the protagonists of Shizuoka oden
Is “fish minced and steamed black” is one of the ingredients that are essential to Shizuoka Oden. Point black halves with a mackerel and sardines and Speaking “fish minced and steamed” in Shizuoka, fish minced and steamed black Yaizu is especially handicrafts. Shizuoka Prefectural Although I think this black fish minced and steamed plain, fish minced and steamed white seems to be the mainstream in other prefectures. Fish minced and steamed with black because he has also whole ground bones and skin, feeling the texture is close to minced fish. “Black fish minced and steamed” This is delicious even if you fly directly to eat raw, the taste is also very special taste to be thoroughly steeped in Oden. Locally is the taste of the people that are feel free to eat as a snack with beer and children also.

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Association of Shizuoka oden related URL ①
Map of Oden Oden talk ② ③

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◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty pickles Soga Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ pickles named after the “Soga brothers” ya “Masuda”
“Immersion Soga” is a well-established pickles ya Masuda founded (1918) was produced in 1918 at the foot of Mt Fuji, Fujinomiya. It is marinated Kasuzuke that in addition to our own lees seasoning, wasabi powder and radish, cucumber and fresh. I was called “dip Soga” from the predecessor of ya brothers like Masuda has produced together. The texture of the vegetables and chili sake lees are exquisite taste. May be put to eat rice like Wasabizuke home page, Masuda ya I have a number of recipes with a salad or spaghetti or use.

○ The Story of “Soga brothers”
Soga brothers are famous story of revenge Chino Kamakura period that is longer handed down from generation to generation in the city of Fujinomiya. Is known as well as “duel of Tsuji locksmith” Soga brothers “Chushingura” blood revenge, the “three great vengeance Japan.” In childhood and three-year-old and 5-year-old, father of the Soga brothers Soga Goro Tokimune Soga Juro Sukenari brother and brother were killed in economics Kudo Yu. The brothers have been living since the goal of vengeance, that opportunity came when Yoritomo was wound on the foot of Mount Fuji to hunt four years (in 1193), Hisashi Ken. Night of hunting, broke into economic Accommodations Yu, Soga brothers plays a superb vengeance, then die in battle brother, my brother would have been beheaded caught wind. There is also grave in Fujinomiya Yu Kei Kudo tombs and Soga brothers, when the Soga brothers advice from your raid, next to the “白糸の滝” the sound of the waterfall Waterfall “stop sound” he said sounding Yang There is also a.

○ “boil Soga” of rainbow trout
Fujinomiya is the production area of ??the “rainbow trout” one of the largest in the nation, has been sold as “cook trout Soga” processed products of the rainbow trout. Rainbow trout have been farmed in the heart of a “place trout culture” Fuji of northern Fujinomiya, “boil Soga” is that simmered for hours with a special ginger broth that of the rainbow trout “boil ginger”. Familiar local specialties are appealing as his own strong color borrowed the name “Soga brothers’ deep in Fujinomiya. Although it does not have relation with the product itself Soga brothers, are sold as souvenirs by closely related to both Fujinomiya. By carefully cooked with ginger the rainbow trout, the smell of fish products will disappear, he is delicious finish.

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○ shop Masuda more information

  8 No. 13 of the town center Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 418-0065
Opening Hours
  00 ~ PM5:: 00 AM10 Wednesday only 30 ※: AM8: 30 ~ PM7
Regular holiday
  7 days a week
  A 15-minute drive from Fuji IC Tomei

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◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty dumpling Hamamatsu Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ “dumplings” Hamamatsu in Hamamatsu Japan dumpling consumption
Hamamatsu is a place of consumption dumplings dumplings consumption is said to be one nation. Annual expenditure per household of about 20 000 yen in Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu surveys are by far the Utsunomiya famous as famous for dumplings. It is said that the dumpling shop is located about 80 hotels in the city, and there are more than 300 shops and stores, including dealing with dumplings outside of specialty shops. Dumplings at the store which is said to be well-established store the local audience to make the column before the opening, it seems to go ask dozens of take-out dumplings. Among citizens Hamamatsu gyoza has to penetrate the diet, went up to the table dumplings home frequently. Hamamatsu also say exactly dumplings town.

○ Characteristics of “dumplings” Hamamatsu
According to the Society of dumplings Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu gyoza features that stick is accompanied sprout ①, ② sauce and chili oil, ③ is the wide variety of recipes. It is also different because the dumplings in Hamamatsu City has more than 300 stores shops dealing with dumplings, basically these three points are common. First of all, almost always, the dish of boiled dumplings Hamamatsu sprouts have been Serve is at the center. From the fact that in order to burn side by side in a circle in a frying pan, arrange on dish turned upside down the whole frying pan as it is, it is free center of the dish, this is when you burn the dumplings along came to like put garnish sprouts boiled is.

○ own taste each store
80 hotels in Hamamatsu City, which is near alone dumpling shop, each store has its own taste. Does not mean there is a taste of clear criteria even if it says Hamamatsu gyoza, dumplings ingredients each store, how to bake, size, etc. I have a commitment. It is also where the meat often even immediately, seasoning and texture is also falling apart in some places many vegetables. It seems that many places in the dumpling shop which is said to be well-established store is stuck with cabbage and meat of it all. It will be a firm texture and to larger amount of meat, it is likely to become the texture was refreshing, and frankly if you extra vegetables, such as cabbage.

“Dumplings” Hamamatsu Shizuoka Gourmet Gotochi related URL ① ② Hamamatsu gyoza Society

○ More Information

  593 Nakata-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

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