“Quivering” hot water of Fuji view

(Village Narusawa Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture)

● hot spring along the national highway adjacent to the “Narusawa” Road Station

Yu vista Fuji “quivering” is a bathing facility that may next to the “Narusawa” way station between the Metropolitan West Lake Kawaguchiko along Route 139 national highway, and I have visited many times. There are 16 types of baths in the “quivering”, put in only bathing fee is ranked 7-8 type. At extra cost, and other sand steam bath, bath crystals, bath cypress, charcoal bath, bath furnace, and put in the bath gem charter. It is also useful when you drop in in the middle of the journey must pay a fee bathing, so lend me a towel and a bath towel. May be well on the way back stop such as Yamanashi and Nagano, “Mr. Fuji” was outing.

● 16 types of hot springs where you can enjoy a bath

To the “quivering” yu Fuji view, “bath cooking stove”, “Shiogama steam bath”, “bath” Cave, “露天風呂 sacred mountain”, “bath wood eye drops”, “sand steam bath”, “sacred mountain spring water bath”, of “bath Yingbin”, “Goemonburo”, “Takami bath”, “bath aroma”, “cypress bath”, “bath” Crystal, “charcoal bath”, “Ishifuro of happiness”, “yu let him beat” There are a total of 16 kinds of bath. While not all the fees only bathing place, Because of the large number of still bath, you can enjoy visiting twice or three times.

● The effect of outstanding sweating “Steam room Shiogama”

My favorite is the steam bath in Shiogama in the number of types of bath. It is a sauna that has been well made by combining the effect of charcoal, bamboo, salt, sand, there is a very strong perspiration. Combined effect of several kinds of material, and has come in less than 10 minutes, sweat dripping dripping water. I do not say it is about mania hot spring, sauna sweat from here I do not know. I think the recommended weight or who are worried about, is oriented towards the diet.

● “bath cave” long comfortably relax

There is also a cave for that bath, place mat space 15 so that the cave. You can relax comfortably while watching the ceiling you have a bath of warm water around in it, feng shui has been drawn. Here you can have a bath so star-shaped, leaning against lying half in the form of such a person’s rank 5. And you can soak in the bath while watching the ceiling. You can be a long time lying comfortably warm so, take the time to just forget fatigue.

● If water vista Fuji “Fuji” is?

There is only referred to as “water view of Fuji”, the view is spectacular. I hope Fuji is also seen from the open-air bath, there’s that Goemonburo, such as Mount Fuji seen from the bath barrel making for one of the old tree is exceptional also. I leisurely soak in the bath alone while touching the air outside, watching the spectacular Mount Fuji. It is very luxurious.

● “fragrance bath” alternately with each period

In addition, you can enjoy the bath you have a bath of that smell, the smell of the five components have been condensed into a week instead. There is a glass-walled hut ranked four mat next to the open-air bath, there is a long bath for two people in it. According to the brochure of our spa, enjoy every week seems aroma bath five cypress, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and orange. The few times I went, I thought I would have a relaxing effect flavor have also filled the cabin itself is about lukewarm water. However, there is something quite difficult to get into because it is space for two people speaking difficulties. I hope when you are free, you may not put it back in the liquidation after all, such as when you are busy.

● non-spa facilities?

Well, except for the bath facilities, rest rooms, tea room, massage corner, places to eat, etc. your hunting grounds. Normal diet can be in a place of dining hall on the first floor, in a room reserved for private room called “hunting grounds” tail, you can also taste the specialties. I is not your hunting grounds that was used, it seems you can dishes such as pot Hoto course of 30 minutes, 1 hour in the charter. It was a meal in the dining hall punished instead, it was like atmosphere of the inn which has been placed on the parlor table and cushion.

① popular products “quivering” hot water of Fuji view
“Fuji Sakura Kogen Beer” Brew at the foot of Mt Fuji

Proven definite taste of Japan Asia Biyakappu consecutive years 9.
Use the natural water at the foot of Mt Fuji, a masterpiece of authentic German beer brewing technology has ever produced.
Three distinctive microbrews each of the “Pils”, “Raoho”, “Weizen” is
Assortment dying to love beer.


● batch settlement in the locker key with bar code

Passed a locker key with a bar code and pay at the front entry fountain in “quivering”. Fountain in the front entry fee is paid at the time of admission, or buy a ticket, you do not need to carry a purse, etc. basically except the vending machine later. Such as when to eat or when getting a massage, if you’re carrying the key with a bar code, leaving Hall and at the time of settlement at the input of the bar code data automatically. It is convenient, I would like to be careful that you do not use too much just like.

● General comment: “bathing facilities many times a day to enjoy” easy access,

Overall, the facility is quite recommended. Located on Route 139 along the national highway Fuji Five Lakes, is located next to “Narusawa station”, “holiday village green” way of accommodation, is also convenient for guests to access day-tripper well. In addition, we are able to use the facilities of that there is a “pack quivering” an accommodation “holiday village green.” Also, on weekdays, but not really care, there is a day, sometimes on weekends and holidays, and during the holidays is crowded, and in extreme cases, was not able to wash the body. I recommend this if you want to soak in hot water while watching the Fuji as “quivering”, as much as possible during the week’s stop. However, a wide selection of comprehensive bath, various excellent facilities, bathing facilities is recommended as good access.

● Tourist Information around

Yu vista Fuji “quivering” is a day spa, “holiday village green Fuji” series is a facility, guests can take advantage of the holiday village “quivering” for free. I think if you are looking for accommodation around Fuji Five Lakes, and staying in the holiday village may also use the “quivering”. There is a “way station Narusawa” next to, you can purchase local vegetables and local specialties. If you want to view the spectacular views of the Aokigahara Forest and Mount Fuji, I recommend a nearby “Koyodai”. As with the name of the “Koyodai”, you can overlook the foliage of the Forest seen from late October to early November each year. Apart from the time of autumnal leaves, to the grandeur of the natural woven Aokigahara Forest and Mount Fuji from Koyodai overlooking would be fascinated.


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Housing Office

8532-5 village Narusawa Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Chuo access via R139 from Kawaguchiko IC ①, 15 minutes towards Lake Motosu
Fuji road west, through the National Highway No. 139 from Fuji IC Tomei Expressway ②,
The back of the “Narusawa” Lake Motosu station, towards the West Lake, the road
Yamanakako the National Highway No. 138 from Gotemba IC Tomei Expressway ③,
30 minutes towards Fujiyoshida, Subashiri Fuji Five Lake Road east
→ 15 minutes No. 139 national highway towards Lake Motosu → I.C10 minute Fujiyoshida
→ back of the “Narusawa Road Station”
10:00 to 22:00 hours
Seven days a week Closed
130 cars parking

Adult 1,200 yen
600 yen Children
Time after 19 Adult 1,000 yen
Phone 0555-85-3126


Fuji Museum Narusawa Koyodai “Narusawa” Road Station
Bat hole air hole 西湖 Izumi Onsen Fugaku yu 西湖
Rozagarika forest of roses
Forest Park bird ice cave Narusawa Narusawa
Aokigahara Forest

◎ HOT SPRING hot foot Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Green Park” 温泉 Asagirikogen

○ Asagirikogen natural hot spring
“Green Park hot spring Asagirikogen” is the only natural hot spring Asagirikogen western foot of Mt. It was once engaged in a comprehensive leisure facilities tennis courts, baseball fields, skate park and golf short field, the hotel, and is now only open for hot spring facilities. View of Mount Fuji from the open-air bath is the highest, in the fresh air of Asagirikogen, it is a hot spring that will soothe the mind and the body. Very good quality and warm springs from the core of the body warm. Stare up close to Mount Fuji, with sucking fresh air, if leisurely soak in the hot spring, when I taste the bliss. There are also places to eat and rest rooms, fully heals the fatigue of the journey. Located on the national highway No. 139 of Asagirikogen, some offer views of the spectacular views of the nearby Asagirikogen “Parking refreshing morning mist”, and “Asagirikogen Road Station” and “Kachoen Fuji”. You can go to the mountain trails of Kenashizan If all goes back to the road in front of the green Park, has been often used of Mount Fuji and Kenashizan climbers. In addition, Sky Sports, etc. Paragliding Asagirikogen flourishes, in a clear day, I saw a paraglider flying in the sky. To be held in the fall of each year the vast grounds of the Green Park has been used as a parking lot “JAM Asagiri” Jazz Festival, one of Japan’s largest arena in the morning mist.

○ More Information

  146 foot-shaped Asano Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 17:00
  A day, seven days a week (Monday 12-2 Tuesday is holiday)
  400 passenger cars (free)
  About 40 minutes on Route 139 towards inter Yamanashi Fuji Tomei, Fuji west road, highway
  1,000 yen

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Stone museum odd “Asagirikogen” Road Station Fuji Kachoen Asagirikogen
Fuji Sengen Shrine Motomiya Tanukiko “toys” drive-in 白糸の滝
Asagiri parking refreshing bath ranch Makaino mother heavenly waterfall of sound stop

◎ HOT SPRING hot Inno Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba Kogen Onsen your womb

○ springs from the foot of Mount Fuji “温泉 your womb”
Pointing the way lava made by the eruptive activity of Mount Fuji “and your womb”, in the hot springs that gush from Fuji, Gotemba deep grove. Potent neuralgia, muscular pain, poor circulation, such as fatigue in the “alkaline simple hot spring” quality fountain. In the open-air bath made of lava, you feel like I have been wrapped in the majestic views of Mount Fuji Mount Fuji up close, the “womb us.” There is a “Garden Kiyohiro 富士山 your womb” near the hot springs, there is a “road lava Corps” of protected species.

○ Fuji lava bath
There is “Fuji lava bath” and “yu Fujimi” to open-air bath of hot spring “your womb.” It is also exceptional close-up views of Mount Fuji “Fujimi yu”, create a “Kamakura” lava eruption at Mount Fuji made it interesting in the bath is “Fuji lava bath.” Or not the image of the Mother Fuji, Kamakura formula lava bath I also feel that this is subject to feel as if soaked in amniotic fluid in the mother’s stomach with lukewarm water in the well. Tepid bath itself so narrow and does not go with long bath, I’m not taking a bath is quite interesting idea.

○ discount after 3:00 pm
“温泉 your womb” The bathing fee is different depending on the time, it is recommended to bathe after 3 pm. Fee is a flat fee without time limit, is $ 1,300 from 10 am until 3 pm start of sales. Since 800 yen past the 3:00 pm, after 3:00 I would not do good unless you relax the day. Also, although in the past the 700 yen at 6:00 pm, I think Fuji will not be seen in the dark and too late, before the coming of the sun goes down and the best. Although satisfactory scenery, spring quality and equipment, 1,300 yen is priced a little higher. I staggered You may visit the time zone.

○ “weekday discount coupons” in the HP
“温泉 your womb” bathing fee is 1,300 yen adults, offers a “discount coupon” weekday same facility on the home page. Weekends and holidays are not available in the “weekday only”, you can use up to five adults 1,000 yen per sheet discount coupons even if they are not after 3 pm. “Discount voucher” is like get in tourist facilities near Gotemba, so you can easily print from HP if not, is what I want to bring us to the time of bathing.

○ More Information

  A 1380-25 Inno Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture
Overview of Facilities
  Bath, sauna, rest room, places to eat, massage Uchiburo, open-air bath, sleep
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 21:00
  (In the case of holiday the next day) Tuesday
  160 units
Usage fee
  1300 yen for adults and 700 yen for Children
  20 minutes from Tomei Gotemba Inter ①
  25 minutes from the Inter-foot ② Tomei

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Safari Park Gotemba Outlet Township of clever garden Kiyohiro your womb 富士山
Supporting Healthy Wasabi Ranch Park Township Peace Park Chan Chu
“Blessings” 温泉 Fuji Children’s World

◎ HOT SPRING Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, hot spring “hot wind” Onsen vanadium

○ spa quiet murmuring of the river can be heard
Along Route 71 in front of the prefectural road “Milk Land” Fuji, Fujinomiya city is one of the few hot springs. Uchiyu, open-air bath, rest area facilities, such as places to eat are aligned as one. Many local patrons seem peripheral, before opening is sometimes also seen in the entrance procession lined. Hot spring water with vanadium are popular topics, some of the drinking water is also vanadium. Vanadium also sells water, you can also bring their own packed tank or the like. Asagirikogen in the wilderness, it is a spa where you can breathe fresh air, spend a quiet moment.

○ flat rate of 800 yen per day
“Hot water of the Wind”, regardless of the time, it is a flat rate of 800 yen per day. I put in after 5:00 pm until 10:00 of the close of business at 500 yen. Unlike the hour of “hot water of the mother heaven”, I stop by a little bit expensive, is recommended for those who like to spend leisurely relaxing spa day. However, are you all day to say that there truly resting place, dining room, karaoke room until is tight is “Mr. Fuji” favorite spa. But “hot wind” this is like being quite a few patrons, I have heard many times until the evening soak in hot springs alongside before opening. Because you may need that tourists and bikers to stop in for a little hot Kaerigiwa, on the other hand, it might lead to up rates to attract customers if there is a short period of time, such as ticket prices low.

○ “Wed vanadium” was a big boom Makiokoshi
Water gushing around Mount Fuji is water “Vanadium” which contains natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium-rich strata at the foot of Mount Fuji down the years into several hundred melted snow of Mount Fuji. Wed vanadium mineral-rich good for your health, temporary “Wed vanadium boom” in the influence of these media reports and advertising arose. That’s what people rushed to the place where I’ve heard a lot of good for the body from all over the country with a plastic tank, water Kumeru around Mount Fuji. Now has become a boom subsided, the popularity of the “water vanadium” is still alive and well, has been manufacturing “Vanadium natural water of Mt Fuji” at the factory of Asahi Soft Drinks in Fujinomiya.

○ water services in the break room vanadium
There is a free service of the topic of water “Vanadium” in “break room” in “hot water the wind.” There is only billed as vanadium spa, you can be free to drink water in a self-service vanadium. Wed vanadium that was cool enough in the feedwater server is very delicious. It is not that there is worth came to be drinking a cup of this hot spring either before or after entering the spa. Wed vanadium cold bath is the highest, I would like you to taste especially once by all means.

○ open-air bath surrounded by a wall
It is a wonderful spa to sell the water “vanadium” means “wind water,” is that it’s unfortunate that Fuji is not visible from the open-air bath. It is good to relax comfortably in a quiet spa was small, the periphery is surrounded by concrete walls, open-air bath landscape has become completely invisible. Since there is at the foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya much trouble, I’m really sorry to be the best views of Mount Fuji does not the invisible. But probably also because of privacy because it is along Route 71 prefectural road, it is a must see if Fuji is the best hot springs.

○ More Information

  A 3470-1 Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 22:00
  (In the case of holiday the next day is a public holiday) Tuesday
  National Highway No. 139 from inter Kamiide ??①, just north on Route 71 prefectural
  (500 yen for adults and 300 yen Children after 17:00) 800 yen for adults and 500 yen Children

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Tanukiko “toys” drive-odd stone museum 白糸の滝 Fuji Milk Land
Mother of heaven water-proof waterfall “sound Asagirikogen” Road Station San Mume Asagirikogen
Fuji Sengen Taisha Makaino ranch Hongu

◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Kawane town Haibara-gun Onsen “Kawane” Road Station

○ “way station” Add to hot spring
“温泉 Kawane” Road Station is a hot spring facility originally was registered as a “way station” to the incidental. “Road Station” is nearly 800 locations across the country, there is a unique station number. In Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a hot spring as well, “Matsuzaki Izu Garden St. three of flowers” or “Marintaun Ito”, became a way station itself spa facilities has become a mother is probably not the only hot spring “Kawane this” or not. There is only hot spring, the original is perfect adequacy of spa facilities. Not just use a “way station” that come and go like, it is recommended that spot can also be used as the destination of the journey to heal the fatigue of the journey.

○ train SL is the best view from the open-air bath
Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Kawane there is a “hot spring Kawane” is famous not only as a producer of “tea Kawane famous”, as well as the city of Oigawatetsudo train runs SL. Oi River flows through the tip of the nose and the eyes of the western side of the hot spring “Kawane” station of the road, beside the Oigawatetsudo has been laid. SL train still runs on the active list, as well as the role of transportation in Oigawatetsudo, it has also become a famous tourist. I can see in the open-air bath of hot Kawane, its tourism specialties. Time zone where you can watch the train SL will be posted on the premises spa, and seem to be seen three or four times a day according to it. In the pause that you can not see the chopper, but must match the time, I also recommend waiting to try SL train pass for a landing in an open-air bath is if there is room.

○ mineral-rich hot spring using the spring withholding from 1,200 m underground
“温泉 Kawane” way station originally since we had operated as a “Fountain of Friendship Kawane spa” is a full-fledged spring quality of spa facilities as well as a matter of course. Hot spring quality of Kawane is very characteristic, I think one of the reasons for the popularity and appeal of this hot it is. Sodium chloride hot spring gushing from about 1200 meters underground, the water source is slightly brown. Has entered into a number of hot springs, I also was the first spring of the spring quality has changed so much. So has the effect of fatigue and muscle pain, neuralgia, etc., as efficacy is a real spa experience.

○ on-site dining establishments are diverse menu
Various restaurant “温泉 Kawane” station of the road, there is a menu that changes. Overall, there are many snacks, noodles, drinks, alcohol, pinch, and rice simple things are sold. However, as a Recommended menu, including “soft tea” or “tea soba” Kawane unique town, you can enjoy the unique cuisine of charcoal powder kneaded called “ramen charcoal”.

○ souvenir dealer that focuses on “tea Kawane”
The facility will be the mother of “温泉 Kawane” Road Station is the “Fountain of Friendship Kawane hot.” Well as hot springs, is located on site and shop hall, room rental, massage corner, sauna, pool, and. Local specialties, including the “tea Kawane” refined tea are sold at the shop that is in the hot spring facilities. “Tea Kawane known” are made in the best environment for the cultivation of tea in the neighborhood Oi of tea as a luxury brand all over the country. In the shop, lined with numerous souvenirs Zurari is utilizing the “tea Kawane” that refined tea.

○ shop before parking “Road Station”
Parking lot in front of the “hot Kawane” station of the road, there is a “way station kiosk” that sells specialty products such as fresh local vegetables and tea. It is enough to get lost in the unique assortment of tea Kawane town, rich in both the number of articles to choose type. Tea is also sold at the shop in the hot spring facilities, fresh local vegetables’re selling Speaking of “way station” is still for sale. Immediately enters the entrance kiosk, seasonal vegetables are ordered by the state of the freshly caught. There is a view of the producers of vegetables one by one, you can buy with confidence know who made.

○ feeling a little hot in the footbath free
It is a “footbath” What is recommended for people who may not have the time and want to get a feel for hot spring spa much trouble because I was stopped by. There since it opened in February 2003, and you can feel free to use free of charge, it is very much like the reputation. Outside of the spa facilities, “footbath” be independent has been equipped near the parking lot, you can use just anyone.

○ OVERALL: Evaluation of two sides as “hot” and “Road Station”
As mentioned in the introduction, “温泉 Kawane” Road Station is the case where the facility was originally spa has been registered as a “way station” collaterally. So, there is one side and as a way station, is one side of a hot spring, and the evaluation has been completely different in some respects. Be seen as a hot spring, spring quality is very high evaluation, facilities, etc. in terms of service. On the other hand, if seen as a way station, in terms of readability, toilet, kiosk, information services, etc. is likely to use is still room for improvement.
As of March 2004, I visited has just started as a way station still used as a way station felt a little inconvenience. For example, users can not only use hot cafeteria is located in the spa facilities, as well as a resting place was a shop also. There was not handicapped facilities are available as well with visitors feel free to stop by not using the spa. I do not know because it is not visited since then, the current Terms of Use will change somewhat, but I like have become somewhat easier to use. There is also a shop near the parking lot outside a roadside station, also seems to have been successful coordination of station facilities of spa facilities and roads. Featured in place, as a whole, I would like you to visit us if you have a very long time.

○ More Information

  Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Sasamado 220 Kawane
  (Fountain of hot petting Kawane)
  (Liaison Committee “way station” Central Block)
Overview of Facilities
     ” d=”<川根温泉ふれあいの泉>”><Fountain of hot petting Kawane>
  ② outdoor pool indoor pool water Uchiburo ① ② ① hot spring open-air bath
  First floor room rental ● ● ● break room hot water bath fragrance ⑪ ⑩ ⑨ Yu Yu sleep walking sauna Hottosupa ⑦ ⑧ ④ Chubby dark mist sauna dry sauna ⑤ ⑥ (Mon 7-9) Badezon outdoor Jacuzzi ③ (Mon 7-9) “Kiraku” ● shop Massage
     ” d=”<ふれあいコテージ>”><Cottage Friendship>
   Experience   ” d=”<体験施設>”><Facilities> Experience
   ‘ d=”<「道の駅」売店>”><Shop “Road Station”>
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 17:00 kiosk “way station” 10:00 ~ 17:00 ④ experience facility 8:30 ~ 17:00 ③ cottage Friendship Fountain Friendship 9:00 ~ 21:00 ② ①
  (The following day if holidays) (telephone, public toilets and parking is available 24 hours) first Tuesday of every month
  Tokyo area ①: Take Inter Yaizu, 15 minutes Route 1,
  Take Inter Mukoya, line 25 minutes Kawane Shimada prefectural road No. 64
  Nagoya direction ②: Take Inter Fukuroi, Route 1 and 20 minutes,
  Take Inter Mukoya, line 25 minutes Kawane Shimada prefectural road No. 64
  300 units

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Township of Foreplay Forest cherry tunnel Oigawatetsudo Uyama Oi sound back “茗館 tea” Nakakawane Faure
Sakura Chaya Chaya park home defense field dimensions Gorges also