◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Subashiri Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture “Subashiri” Road Station

○ “way station” closest to the Mt.
Of the road “Subashiri (Subashiri)” station is the second station of the road that leads to 21 in Shizuoka Prefecture No. 138 national highway road Subashiri mouth Subashiri climbing Mount Fuji in Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji Five Lakes Road and east. Oyama-cho, Shizuoka office is in place and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as the designated administrator, under the Pickering Ltd. Fuji Kyuko opened on April 11, 2011. “Fujioyama” station of the road has been opened in 2004 already in Oyama-cho, there are a considerable distance along the national highway No. 246. “Subashiri” role as a base station of the road is expected to break ground or climbing and sightseeing around Mt Fuji. Street called Road Station closest to Mount Fuji, at about 10 kilometers to the 5th Subashiri trails, majestic Mount Fuji has been rising is in front. Guests can dine in the restaurant looking at the Fuji, you can relieve the weariness of the journey comfortably while watching the Mount Fuji in the corner footbath.

○ “FUJIYAMA BAZAAR” market of the grace of Mt.
There is a corner “FUJIYAMA BAZAAR” selling local products are on the first floor of the “Subashiri” Road Station. Lined with local vegetables at the foot of Mt Fuji near the entrance, it is unique assortment of Road Station. We are selling many products named after the inscription at the foot of Mount Fuji Mount Fuji products, confectionary Fuji, Fuji and items for further climbing.

○ recommended products “FUJIYAMA BAZAAR”
In the corner “FUJIYAMA BAZAAR” selling local products are sold as staff recommends products named after the “Koshihikari Gotemba.” In the corner, but many products are lined inscription, I am wondering which to choose too many tourists, too. There is no doubt if you choose products “Staff Recommendations”, as a promotional billboard for the shop at such time.
The following excerpt from the product description of the signboard. “Your chocolate crunch rice Koshihikari Gotemba (525 yen including tax pcs 14)” was created using the puff of “Koshihikari Gotemba!” Is not a normal chocolate crunch. ” In light crispy texture, it is hand stretched catapult! Packages of rice bags also fun! Udon Fuji Herculean strength. ‘”Good for your rice is Sable. Puff was crispy finish to Sable filled with plenty of Gotemba Koshihikari” “” Sable Koshihikari rice Us Gotemba (525 yen including tax pcs 12) “The public (4 Also of interest in your home Herculean strength Udon’s famous Mount Fuji Mount Fuji cafeteria kneaded Koshihikari “Gotemba” Industry Oyama-cho) 840 yen including tax “is”! ‘

○ Self-Defense Forces of goods sold
There is a garrison town in the hill land Jieitaifujigakko Fuji has established a “corner SDF goods” with “Subashiri” Road Station. It is rare you’re selling goods at the station Self-Defense Forces of the road are lined with products also recommended for tourists also rich assortment. Camouflage Clothing such as key chains, T-shirts, bags and is a classic, there are interesting products, such as candy or “canned bread SDF character Moe” called “katsu SDF”. There are also such as cookies and tanks Golgo 13 Keychains dressed SDF has been branded. It is fun just to watch, is what I want to buy as a memento of the trip if there is anything you like.

○ “cafeteria 富士山” table to enjoy the four seasons at the foot of Mt Fuji
There is a “cafeteria 富士山” restaurant serving four seasons at the foot of Mt Fuji to the “Subashiri” Road Station. Hours are 9:00 to 20:00 seven days a week up to. The thing that is closest to Mount Fuji Road Station, it has attracted attention as a restaurant with a view of Mt. Recommended menu “cafeteria Fuji” in front of the station building has been introduced, it has become easy to use feel free to pick tourists. (790 yen including tax), recommended pig stocks Shizuoka using using “Koshihikari Gotemba” Industry Oyama-cho “udon Herculean strength Fuji” (~ 590 yen including tax), and buckwheat flour ground “tempura soba local Were there” ” It offers a menu serving bowl and grace seasons of Fuji fried such as “(890 yen including tax) of production Sakuraebi Suruga Bay,” pork bowl with a “phantom Man pigs.

The “cafeteria Fuji” is also terrace, you can dine while enjoying the outside air when the weather is nice. Cuisine using ingredients at the foot of Mount Fuji Mount Fuji eat while watching up close is just luxury. Has become a meal ticket order form, the order is automatically entered in the kitchen When you purchase a meal ticket at the ticket machine at the entrance. Their number and wait to be called with the seat. How to order a service area is a crowded indeed, it can be said how efficient management.


○ “FUJIYAMA CAFE” snack takeaway
There is a corner “FUJIYAMA CAFE” take-away snacks to over-the-counter “Subashiri” Road Station. If you do some leisurely meal in the “cafeteria Fuji”, If you would like to recommend is “FUJIYAMA CAFE” a small snack or who do not have the time. Coffee and soft drinks is, of course, offers a variety of snacks such as hot dogs and ice cream. Rather than just a snack, of course, it is just enjoy the blessings of Fuji products. Sells rare items gelato handmade “Fiore” Cheese Factory Oyama and local (350 yen including tax) of “Koshihikari Gotemba such as” (400 yen including tax) curry bread mochi rice cakes using rice flour of Koshihikari “Gotemba.” Also, use the “Koshihikari Gotemba” “Musubi Herculean strength 富士山” Some (130 yen including tax), know how products inscription is “Koshihikari Gotemba.” In addition, the Man of the will and manufacturing (400 yen including tax) “Hot Dog Wasabi” is also recommended (400 yen including tax) “wiener Kuru” in “phantom pig Man.”

○ “Subashiri” footbath
There is a “Subashiri” footbath can outlook the Mount Fuji to the “Subashiri” Road Station. Corner footbath is provided on the second floor facility offers a footbath in the field. Is also safe when I also have a roof because of rain. Well yu just too moderate footbath, you will be able to heal a little tired of the journey. Is a view of Mount Fuji charm than anything. You can look in front of Mount Fuji from the field on the second floor, when I taste the bliss of healing with the footbath. Since the facility is available free of free usage time will vary depending on the season, we will see for yourself. Moreover, since there is no paper towel rental, we will make use of bring on.

○ Tourist Information around
Route 138 southbound of the road leading to the Fuji Five Lakes east, opening the 5th Subashiri Fuji, national highway, “Subashiri” Road Station serves as a base for exploring Mt. Tachiyoreru feel free to tourists from both the National Highway Route 138 southbound and the general of “Fuji Five Lake Road East” toll road. Can be accessed from both the toll free road is similar to the “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station. As much as 2 km towards the basket on Route 138 highway slope pass around, there is a “blessing” of Mount Fuji Onsen. Put some in a swimsuit at the family also “large ぷ ろ ~” is a hot spring facility enhancement. Also, “cemetery” Fuji is 5 Senbon Sakura is planted, it has been selected as one of the 100 Famous Japanese Cherry Blossom. “Fuji Speedway” International Racing Course is the total length of 4.5km, there is something that is also held F1.

○ More Information

  Oyama-cho 338-44 Subashiri Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
  Oyama-cho Tourist Association Tourist Information ② ① Oyama-cho
  (Usually) three small car 111 units for disabled ③ ② ① large car 14 units
Overview of Facilities
  “Fuji cafeteria” Corner Corner ③ ② 24 hour restaurants selling local products information ① A
  Snack corner ⑥ “Subashiri” corner footbath exchange information ④ ⑤
Opening Hours
  “Fuji cafeteria” ② Information Corner Restaurant 24 hours ① 9:00 ~ 20:00
  Exchange information on regional products sales corner corner ③ 9:00 ~ 17:00 ④ 9:00 ~ 20:00
  Seasonal “Subashiri” footbath ⑤
  7 days a week
  No. 138 national highway, just east of Fuji Five Lakes Inter Subashiri road

○ map around

Fuji cafeteria

Oyama-cho Other | Udon: relevance ranking

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Cemetery Fuji Speedway Fuji Fuji 5th Subashiri mouth
Sports Garden Gotemba Onsen Ashigara “blessing” of Mount Fuji Onsen
Gotemba Kogen Beer Hiroyuki Seki Ashigara-Ashigaratoge “Fujioyama” Road Station
Peace Park (Yu Loose) Fujimi Gotemba Premium Outlet Center

◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Nakakawane town Haibara-gun, “茗館 tea Nakakawane Faure” Road Station

○ tea museum to introduce the “tea Kawane” refined tea in Shizuoka Prefecture
Opened in 1994, “Faure Nakakawane 茗館 tea” was originally built as a museum in order to introduce a “tea Kawane” specialties Nakakawane town. In addition to the theme of tea general, such as such as “health and tea”, “tea production”, “History of tea”, and the history of the “tea Kawane” famous in the museum industry, and the history of the town Nakakawane as refined tea is introduced together with a variety of materials. I say “museum of tea and Nakakawane” if you will have the entire museum.

○ registered as a way station in 1998
Originally was “茗館 tea” was opened as a museum of tea, was registered as a new way station in April 1998. Upon registration is an important criterion is whether it is possible to have the function of the station road, fully play its role. “茗館 tea”, is regarded as became a thing, which is also known as Station Road car park maintenance, toilets, provision of information and the road has been made.

○ Road Station there are roughly two types
Nearly 800 in the nation, but is a station on the road still continues to grow, and I are roughly divided into two types. In other words, it is a way station that has been certified by the like to improve the existing facilities of the station and a new road to be built. It designed for the roles and functions as a way station, because the former will be built, and as a way station better than the latter, of course exceptions there as well. On the other hand, since you will be certified as a way station to improve drive-in that the latter is extant, museum, museums, and theme parks, the function of its individual in terms of roles and functions of the station of the road force the little wonderful I do not deny the lack of a.

○ The original museum of tea still in Station Road
And “hot Kawane” registered person then hits the road as the station and the recent “tea Nakakawane Faure 茗館 this”. “茗館 tea” has been registered as a station of the road, it was the impression that You’re still the tea museum. Plenty of material, but also exhibits, as well as a museum of tea is tea house, I do not sell the tea plant is also excellent, important toilet, rest areas, canteen, information corner, Hinto Bussan is unsatisfactory as a way station It was like feeling.

○ More Information

  Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Mizukawa 171-1 Nakakawane 〒 428-0312
  http://www.town.nakakawane.shizuoka.jp/ (home town Nakakawane)
Opening Hours
  4:30 pm – 9:30 am
  Holidays and holiday Wednesday
  Free (However, if you would like tea 300 yen)

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

(Viscosity Jinqiao love is intentional) Suspension Bridge Township Fudonotaki salt weeping cherry Tokuyama Tokuyama Sengen Shrine
Stand hot petting the old power plant places Tokai Pulp Mizukawa Amida (cedar book five) Tsushima Shrine
Treasure Box of Four Seasons village green vase has woven Woodhouse

ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Fuji” Road Station

○ resting place of the chopper and the one along Route National Route
Fuji is a station of the road of the city, located on the top and bottom of the line one line towards the national highway to the city of Shizuoka. It is simply the only facility of minimum facilities as toilets, parking, “way station” and stand in one line highway with heavy traffic are often quite passengers, function as a “way station” I have played enough.

○ The first group of students registered Road Station
“Fuji” way station is “No. 1 Road Station” was registered as a way station on the very first in the nation. Road Station is also close to 20 in Shizuoka Prefecture (as of August 2010) that there is now an increasing number of more than 900 in the nation. 103 places have been registered in the country as a way station on April 22, 1993 by (“the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport” now) former Ministry of Construction, one of which is “Fuji”. Originally there was a toll bridge Shinfuji river, with an increase in free traffic, has been developed as a way station. Has become a valuable public resting place of one national highway Route heavy traffic.

○ operating separately in the top and bottom line
“Fuji” Road Station facilities are respectively above and below the line “bypass Yui Fuji” Route 1. You can navigate up and down the line with the underground walkway, major facilities are concentrated in the up line. There are shops, restaurants, observation deck, toilet and parking lot on the up line, only parking, toilet and eating soba standing down the line. Parking is the number of Tome I was okay, Highway 1 is a very large amount of traffic, parking is always crowded.

○ “Tempura shrimp” specialty
There is a vending machine in the cafeteria self-expression “Fuji” Road Station. There are various menu is “Tendon shrimp” is also recommended in the dining room you’re. Bowl is topped with a “shrimp tempura” of specialty Suruga Bay, texture and sweetness of the shrimp was crispy and I is irresistibly delicious. “Shrimp” will be landing at the port mainly Yui in Shizuoka, or eaten raw, in the vicinity have been consumed or to Kamayude and tempura. Shrimp is valuable not only landed at the port of several places in Japan, Shizuoka feel it is eaten on a daily basis.

○ specialty products in the shop
Are sold in the shop of local products up line of “Fuji” Road Station. Speaking of local products, whitebait and shrimp it is still caught in Suruga Bay. Raw shrimp and whitebait does not get truly, whitebait and shrimp that have been fried pot is sold. Shirasu sweet shrimp with sweet and soft, hanging on the rice to eat quickly between the soy sauce is delicious I go to market to the highest. Is famous for “boiled peanuts” Speaking of other specialty Fuji, which is boiled peanut is best with beer. Peanuts that are sold in convenience stores is from China almost, I’m sold boiled peanuts local production, domestic as well as here. In the city there are many Fuji Fuji volcanic soil, has become a specialty “boiled peanuts”, by and are suitable for the cultivation of peanuts.

○ More Information

  669-1 Gokanjima Fuji, Shizuoka
  Under investigation
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  7:00 to 20:00
  A day, seven days a week
  Large vehicles (eight uplink, downlink 14 units), car (usually 44 units upstream, down 21 units),
  For people with disabilities (one upstream and one downstream)
  34Km 150Km, from Shizuoka, Tokyo Route 1 just east of Fujikawa
Access from highway
  Shizuoka towards Route 1, (station downlink) about 7 km from Fuji IC Tomei from Tokyo area
  Coming from Fuji City, Shizuoka towards the Tomei Expressway Route 1 from Shimizu IC, about 19 km (station uplink)

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Yu-ri of Ragi Mihonomatsubara Fuji Suruga Kenko Land “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station
Fishery Tagonoura cafeteria tea bush north of Fuji-no-yu hawk Shirasu Yawata

◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture “Fujioyama” Road Station

○ Road Station for the first time at the newly opened Highway Route 246
Along Route 246 to Route of Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Fujioyama” Road Station is a station on the road of freshly opened in November 2004. As a starting point, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, No. 246 national highway, the road is also highly important in commerce, tourism and transport long runs the length of the connecting Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and total length. Highway Route 246 is a very large volume of traffic, it’s the road from a thriving, installation of the station had been requested by many of the road as a place of rest from the previous drivers of large vehicles also travel long distance transport. In addition to the voice of the installation requirements of the road station, there is hope for the activation of the region, as a business integration with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Oyama-cho, “Fujioyama station” is not the way this time was constructed.

○ “way station” exemplary with an emphasis on the original function of the “Road Station”
“Fujioyama” way station is a facility serving great presence exemplary Road Station. Although the number is rapidly increasing all over the country the station of the road, the most important feature of the original is a facility as “the resting place of the driver.” Is a “way station” Only location is parking, toilets are available freely, heal the fatigue of the drive. And, where that facility has been enhanced for most, it is a “way station” best. Provide tourist information roads, dining, vending machines, etc. break room is a feature of the facility or is derived from the purpose of its largest facility included the sale of specialty products, various events, such as the hot springs is merely meant to be secondary, It is not the most important feature of the road station. In that sense, it “Fujioyama” way station that provides a fully equipped facility serving as “the resting place of the driver” to line Route 246 less resting place of the heavy traffic is opened is a thing that is very meaningful.

○ Road Station “Oyama” town of Mount Fuji and Kintaro
Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, in Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, there is a “Fujioyama” station of the road, is famous as the birthplace of “Kintaro” familiar in fairy tales and dolls. Ashigara mountain town located in the south east is known as a place where 金太郎 Oyama was born, still remain a legend with Yukari in “Kintaro” in various places of Oyama-cho. I have said not a mere fairy tale, “Kintaro” is something modeled after a childhood “Sakatanokintoki (Kintoki)” of the four heavenly kings who served Minamotonoyorimitsu the Kamakura period. Strong enough to take in sumo and bear, and a friend of animals, carry the ax, Kintaro, he was running around the hills in Haragake red one. From childhood become popular as a “mountain crabapple Ashigara” Minamotonoyorimitsu coach at the time seems to have it heading to his servants. Ashigara including mountain, hill town is a place where some of the connection for the Kintaro, Kintaro statue has been installed as well as a symbol of Oyama-cho “Fujioyama” way station in this way.

○ Oyama-cho, there is a “Fuji Speedway” Racing Course, Japan’s largest
The town is located in Oyama, Japan’s largest racing course is “Fuji Speedway” racing car was actually traveling in the course that are on display in the “Fujioyama” Road Station. It is not an exaggeration to say that in a place where the competition race countless until now have been held, “Fuji Speedway”, the corner of the history of motor sport in Japan and has been developed here. Station in the building of the road, racing car, which is actually used in the race are on display, you can see how well that has been remodeled down to the internal as well as appearance.

○ Road Station is easy to use with extensive new facilities and services
Station in a newly built road, “Fujioyama” Road Station, the latest facilities and services available. Currently, nearly 800 stations across the country road, I’m still continues to grow. Station of the new road will be built, so each municipality and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has become a subject, in general, can be a very respectable institution. Except in the case where the facility such as drive-in and museum that was originally registered as a station of the road after, there is no facility in place to extend the scale and led by the private sector in its facilities. Furthermore, with reference to the way station that has been built before, way station for the latest because it is built to sift through a bad place and a good place, facilities and services, he is easier to use and things to do . Its no exception “Fujioyama” way station, the station seems to have thought of the road is easy to use from the design stage, facilities and services are substantial.

Regional Exchange Room restaurant restroom room

○ Germany workshop bread delicious and varied restaurants
To “Fujioyama” station of the road, there is a “Brod-Forest” workshop with German bread “Fujioyama” restaurant. Restaurant is feeling like a cheap restaurant self-service, many seats, so many kinds affordable price is, there seems to be the use of a wide range of family audiences, from individuals to organizations. Since entering the counter order automatically when you purchase a meal ticket, it is very convenient. Tonkatsu meal and menu is hearty, and “meal Road Station” from the original simple noodles. I tried to eat a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs meal, I did quite delicious. In addition, the counter of the restaurant is the “bloat-Forest” workshop German bread, you can buy freshly baked bread using the dough that will be sent directly from Germany every day.

① related products “Fujioyama” Road Station
Authentic German bread fresh set of Yokohama Yamate

In “Brod-Forest” workshop of the German bread “Fujioyama” Road Station
Use the cloth to be sent directly from Germany, I have been baking bread.
It is also free to buy good bread to use this cafeteria, also bring back a souvenir.
Bread “Broto Wald”, however because you have not dealt with mail order,
I will introduce the different bread products from well-established store in Germany.

○ direct sales of fresh vegetables agricultural cooperative Oyama-cho
There is a “farm stand” to “Fujioyama” station of the road, the production of agricultural cooperative members Oyama-cho, freshly-picked fresh vegetables are sold. Farmer ‘s market are large spaces, a variety of fresh vegetables are lined lot. I do not know the details, the management of farmer ‘s market is like we do in the agricultural cooperative, I felt like agricultural cooperative members also salespeople. Register in the vicinity of the back, photos of the members of the union members have posted, seemed Careful With more than 50 people. Vegetables in season, in December I visited, agricultural radish, komatsuna, yacon, celery, Chinese cabbage, taro, etc. had been sold.

○ Bussan sales office to sell a number of specialties and sundries
Bussan sale sites for “Fujioyama” Road Station, a number of products being sold, led by Oyama-cho specialties. Is “immersed Mizuna” Speaking of famous specialties in Oyama-cho, it seems there are not mid-season vegetables and pickles so. Well as Oyama-cho, in other specialties around Mount Fuji have been sold many. Such as milk “plateau”, “sake”, “Shingen mochi”, “homemade ham plateau”, “Gotemba Kogen Beer”, Fuji souvenirs are sold many.

○ OVERALL: Road Station construction of new facilities is expected to enhance the development of future
In the brand new, “Fujioyama” Road Station, is a station of the future development of a fun way. Opened in November 2004, at the station of the road hot from the oven, and now in 2004 it is the newest way station could still Shizuoka Prefecture. If you are new and very rich, wide and parking facilities, but it is also beautiful toilet, wider break room, you can use comfortably. As for sales at Bussan, stocked but rich is good, I felt the need to consider the layout a little more or featured products. In addition, I also think if you take advantage of exchange hole lot about the region, so space is very wide. I think the square in front, so seems to be “square events” according to the brochure, whether it is not the open events attract the audience, the more and more entertainment. It is a station on the road as a whole is rich in both facilities and services, I think it can go is to develop by leaps and bounds in the future, depending on the operation.

○ Tourist Information around
This is a very large customer for use because it is in line to follow Route 246 from Tokyo to Shizuoka “Fujioyama” Road Station. However, many of the passengers of a long drive, so rest stop as a point of Route 246, is a few people to the city center of Oyama-cho stretch your legs. Since the case of tourism to flow towards Fuji Five Lakes Gotemba or rather, there is a high point for the meaning of the rest of the road station really. Such as “blessings day spa of Mount Fuji”, “Fuji Speedway” from the station of the road, “cemetery” Fuji “栖 of time (the abode of the time)” is so close, to explore the things that I’d love to come and still is.

○ More Information

  Oyama-cho 72-2 Yosawa Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
  Oyama-cho Tourist Association Tourist Information ② ① Oyama-cho
  Bicycle parking for disabled ③ ④ two compact units 44 33 units large car ① ②
Overview of Facilities
  “Fujioyama” restaurant ② ⑦ exhibition hall, shopping center souvenir ⑥ ① 24 hour information
  Direct selling fresh and local exchange hole ⑤ “Brod Wald” ④ ⑧ German bread workshop training room ③
Opening Hours
  Rest rooms 24-hour room local exchange ② ① 7:00 ~ 20:00 Information Center
  7:00 to 20:00 9:00 ~ 17:00 ④ Restaurant Sales Bussan farm stand ③
  9:00 to 18:00 local products exhibition room ⑤
  12/31 to 1/1: merchandise Restaurant
  12 / 31-1 / 6: farm stand
  Tuesdays: office
  About 1 minute to Highway Route 246 south intersection Suganuma ①
  About 15 minutes from Tomei Gotemba I.C. ②

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Speedway racing car museum
Fuji Gotemba Premium Outlet cemetery “Racing Palace”
Gotemba Kogen Beer Hiroyuki Seki Ashigara-Ashigaratoge Sports Garden Gotemba Onsen Ashigara
(Yu loose) Fujimi Center Peace Park

◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Iwabuchi Fujikawa-cho Ihara-gun, “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station

○ “Road Station” can be used by both the public roads and the Tomei Expressway
Is a “way station” to the nation’s first “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, and from County Road No. 10 Minobusen Fuji Shizuoka and Yamanashi Fujikawa Tomei SA up line, available from both the public roads and highways. In cooperation with the Japan Highway Public Corporation and Fuji town, to extend the parking facilities were from the previous “Fujikawa Tomei service area”, was opened in 2000 in the form of placed from public roads, the station of the road ” is “Fujikawa Rakuza. Because it is the place where there was originally SA of Tomei, higher convenience as a “way station”, which is the resting place of the drive, is a top-class passengers among the nationwide “Road Station”. In addition, in order to be able to use from public roads, passengers visit regardless of the inside and outside of the prefecture.

○ “way station” rich views of Mount Fuji and Fuji
Mount Fuji in the background, “Fujikawa Rakuza station” of the road, in front of the “Fuji” of Japan’s three major rapids. In the mountains of the Southern Alps, 3,000 meters continuous, Fujikawa headwaters of the river is known as flowing down steeply, along with “Tone”, “Shinano”. Fujikawa Fujikawa town basin that has evolved through the ferry and Koshu luck with a ship of the city of Fuji from the time of the Edo period. Fuji in the home territory of the town which has benefited from the Fuji, but I am a Fujikawa-cho Ihara-gun. Please enter the text

○ as a “way station” is the finest facility
“Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, Station Road is a facility as one of the best in the country. Fujikawa Minobusen prefectural (stand 143 small, ten large) parking and parking combined SA Fujikawa Tomei (stand 214 small, 39 large units), and there is a space of about 400 units. 4 floors, stalls (OFF SITE), theater shop (4F), Experience Hall building, a convenience store (1F), a variety of restaurants (3F, 4F), (3F), (2F), Game Corner, Art Gallery (4F all kinds of facilities such as the Observation Lounge (4F) is clogged). Rather than a “way station” anymore, this facility has become more than “Road Station” just feel, say a department store. Although we have seen the “Road Station” a number of, I also have never seen a “way station” that enhance the facility about “Fujikawa Rakuza”.

○ specialties in Shizuoka Prefecture gather market “Toku Maru”
Located in 3F “Fujikawa Rakuza” way station in “solving market round”, not only the town Fujikawa, sells handicrafts surrounding area, in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is as it is adjacent to SA Fujikawa Tomei, seems to target the audience that comes from outside the prefecture or country, is extremely rich assortment. It is an assortment of specialties extent that major Shizuoka get confection that represents Shizuoka, tea, and seafood, must stop here.
First, as a representative of Shizuoka specialty products, refined tea are available throughout the prefecture. Then, seafood mackerel landed in Suruga Bay, pike, barracuda, and sea bream are lined lot. In addition, we also sell tsukudani of seafood caught in Suruga Bay squid, octopus, seaweed, tuna, and bonito. Then there is the “Shirasu” and “shrimp”, a specialty of specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture. Are not only caught in Suruga Bay in Japan only as “shrimp”, “Shirasu” Suruga Bay that can not only produce a few places in Japan is just excellent. Which was fried fresh pot intact, the “Silas” and “shrimp” just been caught in the fishing port of the prefecture, such as harbor Yui have been sold. Please enter the text

Shirasu-tsukudani seafood seafood shrimp

① popular products “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station
“Matcha green tea containing” refined tea in Shizuoka Prefecture

It is speaking of Shizuoka tea. It is the number one popular souvenir of Shizuoka Prefecture,
It is also a popular commodity, “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station.
“Matcha green tea containing” is based on the ease of drinking green tea
It is a blend of green tea products that take advantage of the flavor of the tea.
It is a quality and price that can be achieved because of the direct purchasing from tea farmers contract.
In addition to seafood, sweets and souvenirs from around the prefecture are mustering. Type is rich, a lot of those named after the specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture around tea, mandarin, eel, whole milk, etc. it is a feature. Relationship as well as sweet tea tea buns, such as green tea jelly, shrimp snack specialties throughout the prefecture, Mt jelly, milk Asagiri, Fujinomiya yakisoba, eel pie, and rice cake with kinako have gathered. In addition to confectionery, souvenir key chains, various accessories, crafts, and character goods are sold. If you come to the market “especially round”, in this way, the main specialties around Shizuoka Prefecture, souvenir you get.

Souvenir key chain, small class confection confection of Shizuoka in Shizuoka

② popular products “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station
“Suruga Bay shrimp” was angrily raw texture is irresistible

Suruga Bay seafood is very popular if I said, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Shrimp that are caught from the port of Suruga Bay Yui is a rarity among others.
Locally I eat fresh raw shrimp well that was just landed,
I generally do not hit much from the difficulty of keeping freshness.
However, raw shrimp is best if there is a sweet taste of the angrily.
③ popular products “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station
Quality and freshness “kettle fried whitebait Suruga Bay” boasts

Craftsmen boiled landed at the port of Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture “Shirasu of Suruga Bay.”
It is also delicious raw whitebait and whitebait were boiled with salt only
I can taste delicious as the taste of the material.
I can not stop to put chopsticks if you eat rice add soy sauce over the grated radish.

○ opened up amusement
There are various types of amusement in “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, plays the role of a more “way station” mere. First, participation in hands-on science museum, “bra don” Experience Center Fujikawa of 2F is the amusement that targets mainly children. You can be the theme named after Fujikawa “water”, while having fun learning craft, experiments, quizzes, and athletic. In Theater “Wai Wai” Virtual Theater 4F, giant screen dome 14m in diameter, as well as, a variety show with the theme of nature and the environment have been screened at any time. Then there is the “voice Mizuno” corner Fujikawa information prior to entrance “bra don” of 2F. The image on the monitor display large living environment with nature Fujikawa basin. Flowing video before you press the button you want to know information for each monitor. In “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, amusement rather than mere entertainment, learn while having fun is provided, has played a role in public “way station” in this way.

Virtual Theater
Fujikawa Experience Hall Theater “Wai Wai”
Fujikawa Information Corner Don Bra
Game Corner “voice Mizuno”

○ overlooking the spectacular views to the front Fujikawa in “Observation Lounge”
There is “Observation Lounge” to 4F of “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, across the front of the Fuji, Mount Fuji, Izu mountain range, and Suruga Bay views. While leaving the grandeur of Fujikawa, you can look at the Mount Fuji in Japan in front when the weather is nice. It is available in free until 10 pm at night, you can enjoy the night view of the city Fujikawa. Large sofa it is put in a large space, you can be relaxation.

○ Fuji watch each season with “Fujiyama Gallery”
In addition to the “Observation Lounge” to 4F of “Fujikawa Rakuza”, there is “Fujiyama Gallery” display like photos and paintings of Mount Fuji. It is also good to see Mount Fuji live in the lounge, it is exceptional to look at the picture as well of the four seasons that a photographer took. Decide a theme for each period, the gallery has exhibited various photos and work, you can feel free to watch for free.

○ cuisine specialty restaurant Fujikawa Rakuza Shizuoka gathered
In “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, there are lots of places to eat cafeteria, restaurants, food stalls and fast food restaurants. The “process Umai~tsu” process stalls adjacent to the parking lot of the SA, dedicated shops Take sandwiches, soups, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, dairy products, and Gerrard. There is also a “McDonald’s” on-site of 3F, further, or you can dine in a place that feel free to Take. In addition, there is a “cafeteria Marusen” in the same 3F, dishes with plenty of mountain vegetables seafood specialties. Various menus are aligned Western, curry, Chinese, Japanese, and sushi. And there is a path “Suruga” observatory restaurant overlooking Mount Fuji, the Fuji in 4F. In “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station, Takeout cuisine to authentic cuisine from simple, so that you can eat that are tailored to the needs of customers in this way stop.

Marusen cafeteria cafeteria Marusen (3F) (3F) Panorama Restaurant
Road “Suruga” “process Umai~tsu” process stalls (4F) (3F)

○ “bowl of fried shrimp” specialty
The “cafeteria Marusen” of 3F of “Fujikawa Rakuza” way station, “bowl of fried shrimp” is the gem of the recommendations. In the most famous local products, “shrimp”, it is valuable not only in Suruga Bay caught in large numbers in the world among the seafood rich in Shizuoka Prefecture. Yui in the town near the mouth of Suruga Bay in contact with its shrimp fishing flourishes, I will boast of the production volume of Zenkokuichi. Shrimp fishing is usually carried out twice a year, January to June 3, spring fishing fall fishing is done from October to December. Of course, the shrimp are eaten raw recipe kettle, sushi, and shrimp pot is a wide variety. “The fried shrimp” in particular, was crisp and crunchy savoriness of the shrimp is excellent among them irresistible. The “cafeteria Marusen”, you can eat a bowl “of fried shrimp that”.

○ OVERALL: meet the needs of “complex type multipurpose facility” a wide range of ages and
Facility size and fulfilling that I do not think “way station” just good can meet the needs of various age groups and a wide range of “Rakuza Fujikawa” Road Station is a “facility complex type multipurpose”. Rest of the drive as well as a simple, each with a rich meal, entertainment, sightseeing, souvenirs, etc., you can be next station stop anyone who is happy. Even when dining, authentic cuisine to choose from, such as in the Japanese and Western fast food as well as, a variety of meals, private, you can also be used in the family or group. You can also relax in the park, to break loose in the Observation Lounge of the hotel overlooking the Mt. Also, if children can enjoy together in the Theater “Wai Wai” and “Don bra.” In addition, the four seasons, by nature, are “Fujiyama Gallery” exhibition, paintings, etc. Fuji photos, you can also art appreciation. And handicrafts by local array and Zurari In “Marutoku market”, so you will not be stuck souvenirs. In this way, “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station is a “way station” such as a department store that can satisfy anyone.

○ Tourist Information around
Is often “Fujikawa Rakuza” way station is also connected with the fact that SA Fujikawa Tomei, is used as a fast break points. But tend to become a transit point rather than Therefore, to explore the neighborhood and is a recommended spot and “Fuji Road Station” and “Iwamoto mountain park” for the passengers from the prefectural road. Iwamoto mountain park “plum” in particular is famous for, “plum” in season blooming plum crowded with tourists. View from the hill of the park is a must-see, is very beautiful view of Suruga Bay from any other season in Fuji City. In addition, “Fuji” Road Station scale is very small compared to from “Fujikawa Rakuza”, it is the place you want to keep us as pressing Road Station in Shizuoka Prefecture. Those who make a tour of Station Road and stamp rally, let’s not forget to visit.

○ More Information

  Fujikawa-cho Ihara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, 1488-1 Iwabuchi 〒 421-3305
  (Fujikawa Corporation Town Planning) 0545-81-5555
Opening Hours
  8:00 to 21:00 (however, vary from institution to institution.)
  A day, seven days a week (however, some facilities are closed on Sun) Annual
  143 units small roadside station part Minobusen Fujikawa prefectural ①, ten large
  214 small block part Fujikawa SA Tomei ②, large units 39
  Fujikawa upstream direction from the Tomei Expressway SA ①
  About 15 minutes by car from the station Shinkansen Shinfuji ②
  (Across the bridge from Route 1 Fujikawa old, immediately north on County Road No. 10)
  About 10 minutes by bus from the station ③ JR Fujikawa
Overview of Facilities
  ① convenience store on the first floor
  Free seminar room for exhibition space ③ ② ① Fujikawa bra Don Experience Hall 2nd floor
  McDonald ③ ④ market should circle the third floor cafeteria Marusen ① ② processing Umai~tsu
  ① ⑤ lounge Suruga road outside the building petting panoramic restaurant Fujiyama Gallery outlook ② ③ ④ theater noisily ① virtual photo studio theater plaza 4th floor (in the halo Square)

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Mountain parkland Noda Rest House Mountain Park Mountain Park Iwamoto Iwamoto “Fuji” Road Station
I was dining Asagiri Mihonomatsubara Nihondaira assistant Folk Museum