TOURIST FACILITIES,  Inokashira, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Tourist Facilities Field Dogs Garden Asagiri

○ Let’s play with your dogs in the wilderness

In the wildness in Asagiri Kogen (Asagiri Highland), you can enjoy facilities with a dog. Lawn with a range of facilities of 3,000 square meters, Lodge, trimming house and camping. Feel free to play with your dog. You can take advantage of the facility to play with your dog for a moment, and you can also stay with your dog overnight at the garden’s inn. There is the shop of the most gracious goods for dogs, where you can choose your favorite items for your dog. Theres is also the cafe that is open to you and your dog, in which you can eat with your dog. Those who travel with dogs can be satisfied with the facility.


1816-9 Hitoanamichi, Inokashira, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka 418-0108Phone
Overview of Facilities
  ① dog run (all breeds), ② dog run (for small dogs), ③ camp site, ④ Lodge, ⑤Clubhouse,  ⑥ trimming House
Opening Hours
 9:00- 18:30 ※ Accommodation is out in 15:00, out 10:00
Usage fee (camp site)
  Adult fees (at least junior high school) 2625 yen per person,
  Elementary school students 1050 yen, 500 yen dog, 1050 yen fee AC power
  6300-7350 yen Lodge 1 night accommodation with breakfast
  a. Take Tomei Fuji IC, No. 139 national highway towards Asagirikogen ~ ~ Nishi Fuji Road (about 40 minutes)
  b. Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC ~ No. 139 national highway (about 40 minutes)
  c. National Highway No. 139 ~ IC ~ South Lake Shoji Kofu, Chuo Expressway road (about 50 minutes)

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information
Asagiri Highland, Shiraito Waterfalls, Fuji Kachoen (The Garden of Flowers and Birds), Asagirikogen Green Park (Hot Spring), SKY ASAGIRI, Fuji Rainbow Trout Farms, The Restauranto of Rainbow Trout, Drive-in Mochiya, Lake Tanuki, Fuji Milk Land, Kariyado no Geba Zakura (Kariyado Cherry Tree), Kyukamura Fuji Hotel, Makaino Ranch, Mt. Kenashi, Jinba Waterfalls, Odanuki Wetlands, Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha (Shrine)

◎ TOURIST FACILITIES, Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ “Ideboku” is “Ide Livestock Breeding Station”
“Ideboku” is near Kitayama Elementary School, which is close to National Highway No.139, Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. Ideboku took up farming in the early Meiji period, started the dairy in 1960, established livestock breeding station as the Ide limited company in 1996. Not only the cattle breeding, Ideboku opened a milk house and a milk processing plant, and has direct marketing milk and ice cream shop. It started yogurt production in 2001 and opened a cheese factory in 2004. It holds consistently direct sales system. Ideboku has been providing high quality and safe products by managing consistently from production to sales with responsible. It got the “Shizuoka agricultural products certification system” in 2008, and has been popular as a safe and secure brand “Ideboku”.

○ simultaneous breeding of dairy cows of three rare dairy cows in Japan
The three types of cattle breeding species “Brown Swiss”, “Jersey”, “Holstein” in the barn of the “Ideboku”. Breeding the cattle ranch of three species is rare in Japan, and its products are sold utilizing the characteristics of each. “Holstein” is the most common type of dairy cows in Japan, which has a pattern of black and white. The milk quality of Holstein is thin and the milk fat is at around 3.6%. “Species Jersey” is a  pale brown cow native to Jersey Island in England. Milk yield is less than Holstein, milk fat is near 5% and milk quality is quite dense and rich. The soft-serve ice cream of the Jersey Species is delicious and popular at the “dormitory Seisen” in Kiyosato.  Species “Brown Swiss” is  a silver dark brown cow native to Switzerland. The milk quality is lightly, the milk has a smooth texture and milk fat is around 4%. They are rare species that have not been bred mostly in Japan, but milk quality is suitable for making natural cheese.

○ An Acquirer of “Shizuoka Agricultural Rroducts Certification System”
Ideboku acquired “Shizuoka agricultural products certification system” in 2008, the certification of the safety and security of the producers of agricultural products in Shizuoka Prefecture. Forty three producers have acquired before March 2011, twenty seven prodeucers of agricultural products such as vegetables and tea, fifteen producers of pig livestock, such as cattle and hens, and one producer of the seafood such as eel. Ideboku obtained the certificate for the first time in the category of dairy cattle, and only one more producer did in the same category. The certification system ensures the safety of the producers of agricultural and marine products and the information service systems of their products. Specifically, the Prefecture evaluates and cetifies the compliance of laws and regulations of rearing management, providing information safety management, and communication with consumers. There is no way to guarantee or certify their products themselves, the Prefecture is committed to the promotion of agricultural products safety and security, by authenticating the efforts of the manufacturing process of the product of the producer. Ideboku are consistently in the manufacture of dairy milk, cheese, and ice management of dairy cattle breeding in the barn, from milking, and is  responsible for managing upstream and downstream of production.

○ Dairy Rroducts of Own Company’s Production and Sales

Ideboku has established a system from the breeding of dairy cattle to its own production and sales to the manufacture and sale of dairy products. Since it breeds dairy cows by itself, it offers high quality products with high-quality raw materials fresh and well-managed, utilizing the characteristics of the raw material. Ideboku sells products that take advantage of the characteristics of each species,  “Brown Swiss”, “seeds Jersey”, “Holstein”, and there are  diverse types of products from three cows that have been bred. Of course, you can enjoy milk and more. The taste of milk is different from each other, depending on the type of cow. There are Yogurt, Jam, gelato, candy, milk roll cake, cheese cake, raw caramel, even milk soap! at Ideboku.


○Dealers of Ideboku Products
You can buy dairy products not only at the “Milk House” at the headquarters farmer ‘s market of Ideboku, but even outside the prefecture. Of course, you can get them at supermarkets in Fujinomiya city. In addition, Tomei Expressway Makinohara Sevice Area, Tomei Expressway Fujikawa SA, Yui Parking Area, Ashitaka Parking Area, Ashigara Service Area, Ebina, Nakai Service Area, deal with a variety of dairy products such as milk and ice cream. Also you can buy soft-serve ice cream even at the select shop “CHAURU” on the first floor of 109 in Shizuoka. Products and the size of each place are different, but the taste of the milk and ice cream “Ideboku” are the same. You can also buy the milk and soft-serve ice cream at Ebina SA (upstream) and Fujikawa Rakuza SA. Recently, Ideboku has also opened a shop in the Fuji Shibazakura (Phlox) Festival,  at Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture.The opportunity to enjoy a taste of the “Ideboku” in many parts has been increasing.

○ “Ideboku Green Field Daichi”
Ideboku opened the Pizza & Burger Shp “Green Field Daichi” next to the “Milk House,” the headquarters farmer’s market in 2008. With a plenty of fresh milk and cheese of its own ranch house, Ideboku is proud of pizza and burgers, which are made from local vegetables and meat. You can choose three types of hamburger, “Asagiri cow”, “Fuji Chicken,” and “Mangen-ton Pig or LYB-ton Pig.” Only hamburger or a hamburger with potato salad, the plate set menu, is also available. There are three types of “earth”, “Genovese”, “Ratato~uyu”, and homemade cheese pizza is topped. There are also drinks, “Shake”, “Rock milk”, and more, including the Ideboku milk of pride. The shop has a wood deck and is surrounded by greens. You can enjoy a meal while touching sense Greenfield, just earth.


○ Get off the inter Kitayama and Go north the Prefectura Route 414
Ideboku is near Kitayama Elementary School in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka. First, get off the Kitayama Interchange of National Highway No.139, and go west, towards Taiseki-ji Temple, then  the intersection where you will see Kitayama Post Office on the west side of the intersection. It’s better to know the route in advance for those who will plan to visit Ideboku because there are not big signs of the place and may be lost.Go towards the north at the intersection, after about 1km drive of the Prefectural Road 414, you will see the road on the right side that leads to the Ideboku.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Asagiri Highland, Shiraito Waterfalls, The House of Rainbow Trout, Asagiri Highland Green Park Hot Spring, Fuji Kachoen, Fuji Rainbow Trout Farm, Fuji Milk Land, Drive-in Mochiya, Makaino Ranch, Kariyado Cherry Tree, Hotel Kyukamura Fuji, Lake Tanuki, Odanuki Wetlands, Mt. Kenashi, Jinba Waterfalls, Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha (Shrine), SKY Asagiri

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TOURIST FACILITIES: S-Pulse Dream Plaza, Irifune, Shimizu-cho, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, JAPAN

○ “Dream Plaza” is full of of Dreams
“Dream Plaza” was opened in October 1999 in Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, the town of comprehensive entertainment facilities of the sea, which is also the town of football. “Dream Plaza” is run by Dream Plaza Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Suzuyo Co., Ltd. in Shizuoka. Suzuyo is one of the leading companies in the prefecture to fit under Fuji Dream Airlines, the airlines based in Shizuoka Airport and the soccer team “Shimizu S-Pulse.”

 ”Dream Plaza” is the facility of dream where fresh market seafood, large restaurants, amusement facilities, cinema and more stores get together. Families and couples, everyone can enjoy shoping, eating, watching and take part in events and festivals.

There is also a unique facility “Land Chibi Maruko-chan”, and “Shimizu Sushi Museum” and “Shimizu Sushi Alley.” In July 2008, the construction of 52m high Ferris Wheel in the ground, have become tourist attractions that families and couples, anyone can enjoy.

○ 4-storey commercial complex
“S-Pulse Dream Plaza” is divided between the main building and the new building, and the main building is a 4-storey commercial facilities. The first floor of the main building is the “Market & Restaurant floor”, which includes the food supermarket “Super Parks,” the “Seaside Street” “Alley Suruga Souvenir” and some of the most popular “Shimizu Sushi Alley.” The second floor is the “Shop and Restaurant Floor”, where there are lots of shops such as sundry shop, fashion and accessories, in addition to the restaurant, and “Shimizu Sushi Museum.” The third floor is the “Amusement & Museum Floor”, where in addition to Game Center “Amuseum”, the children can enjoy the “Land Chibi Maruko-chan” and indoor children’s amusement park “Dream Island”. Then, the fourth floor is the “Shimizu MOVIX” with 9 screen cinema complex. More than 10 films are screened every day, and you can appreciate even latest one soon. Also, you can enjoy the shopping in the new wing where ABC-MART, Honeys, UNIQLO are in.


○ Alley Shimizu Sushi
“Shimizu Sushi Alley” is on the first floor of the Dream Plaza where ten Shushi bars are open. All of the bars are confident with their foodstuff, skills and services. The Alley is in a good location, close to Shimizu Port, and the Sushi bars can get good fresh food not only from the port but all over the country. Sushi and dishes are also recommended using the “Shirasu” and “Shrimp” caught in the Suruga Bay, the specialty of Shizuoka. Each store has its own personality taste, type, and price. There are a sushi bar serving authentic Edo-style sushi and a sushi-go-round store, which feels free to put in. There is also a shop called “stepping-stone” for the purpose of opening a shop to train sushi chef,  or a famous shop from all over the country for a limited period. Ten sushi bars are “Sushi-go-round Uogashi,” “Yuki Sushi,” “Restaurant Tairyo Ichiba (Good Catch Market),” “Yaizu Shushi-go-round Fan,” “The Maguro-ya (The Tune Store),”Nagomi,” “Shimizu Uoken,” “Shimizu Port Ryoshidon no Mise (the restaurant of Fishermen’s bowl of rice)”and “Limited Period Sushi Bar.” It is your choice to decide at which sushi bar you eat. The bars compete tastes and services each other, any of them is recommendable.

○ Shimizu Sushi Museum
“Shimizu Sushi Museum” was established as Japan’s first theme park of sushi. The Museum on the second floor is a toll facility, 300 yen for adults, 200 yen for Children. There are the “Sushi gaku do” where you can know some roots of sushi and “Sushi Dojo,” which collcets the literature of Sushi. Although we just eat sushi usually, we can know deeply about sushi. How sushi was born? When did sushi start in Japan? And more questions. Know the birthplace of sushi.There is also a corner of the exhibition to learn kanji sushi, you can learn Chinese characters using the neighborhood sushi fish. Your tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, sardine, sea bream, etc. How much Kanji do you know?

○ Land Chibi Maruko-chan
There is a popular them park, “Land Chibi Maruko-chan,” on the third floor of Dream Plaza. The Land reproduces the room of Maruko’s house and the classroom to which Maruko goes. You can experience the world of Chibi Maruko-chan. “Chibi Maruko” was actually born in Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture. There is a limited number of shops dealing with the original goods, “Mitsuya” that sells old nostalgic candies, “Chibi Maruko-chan Goods Shop” that deals with original goods, “Chibi Maruko-cha Land Post” where you can send original postcards. In addition, there are experience facilities you can enjoy the world of Chibi Maruko-chan, such as living room of Maruko’s House, the room of Maruko and here sister, the room of her grandma and grandpa. There are also the classroom, the library and the hatch of her school, even the park of the town. You can take a commemorative photo with the panel of Maruko, play at the game corner and see the height meter of Maruko. Enjoy the world of “Chibi Maruko-chan.”

○ Shimizu Soccer Shop

 There are a soccer shop on the third floor of Dream Plaza, “Shimizu Soccer Shop” that sell a number of soccer goods. Because Shimizu is the home of the soccer team, Shimizu S-Pulse, the shop sells the official goods of Shimizu S-Pulse.The shop also deals with football related products, such as goods of “World Cup” and “Japan National Team.”

○ More Information

  13-15 Irifune-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Overview of Facilities
  ①Shimizu Sushi Alley, ②Shimizu Sushi Museum, ③Chibi Maruko-chan Land, ④soccer shop Shimizu, ⑤cinema, ⑥souvenir alley Suruga, ⑦ Takeout shops, ⑧grocery stores, and others
Opening Hours
  (Depending on the facility) 10:00 to 20:00
  7 days a week
  1,150 cars space, 200 yen per hour
  Through the harbor road from Shimizu IC Tomei, 10 minutes towards Miho

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Shimizu Bay Cruise, Suruga Bay Ferry “Fuji,” Shimizu Marine Building, The Ship Inn of Shimizu Jirocho “Suehiro,” Shimizu Marine Terminal, Felkenor Museum, S-Pulse Street, Kashi no Ichi, the birthplace of Shimizu Jirocho, Miho Matsubara


◎ TOURIST FACILITIES Gotemba Premium Outlets

address:  Fukasawa, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ A Huge Shopping Mall Scale Comparable to Western

“Gotemba Premium Outlet” is a major shopping mall where the shops you can buy cheap brand products in the world are brought together. There are about 210 shops and restaurants and is a popular brand shop. It was opened in July 2000,  made a renewal of store expansion in 2003 and 2008. It is on the scale of 210 stores by the end of 2008. There are more than 3,000 parking spaces, a vast site that is the size of a large shopping mall in the United States. It is especially recommended spot for anyone from couples to women’s groups. Transportation is so good because it is just around the corner from the inter Tomei Gotemba, there are also many visitors from outside the prefecture.

○ East Zone & West Zone

Across the bridge of the center of the site, Gotemba Premium Outlets is divided into West Zone and East Zone. There are brand shops in each zone, and there is the food court eateries are collected (#1680 Food Bazaar) in the East Zone.  

○ Absolutely recommended for women who love brands

Because it is “outlet” items literally, Gotemba Premium Outlet mall is recommended if the woman absolutely love the brand. Since we are selling discount from the regular price of products or non-standard, or so-called mean some scratches, there is a feeling that you get. Indeed, there is no doubt that the products are real brands, although they are products in translation. It is recommended if you don’t adhere to the 100% quality of the products.
However, it is not deniable that those who are not necessarily interested in branded goods could be unsatisfied with the site, although the products themselves are valuable. It would be all day shopping for the women who love brand products, but it would be a boring time for those who are not interested in brand at all. Of course, all of 210 stores is not a brand shop, it would be a good idea to eat at restaurants and look around grocery stores, even if there is no interest in the brand.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Gotemba Toki no Sumika, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Roadside Station Subashiri, Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Sky Tree Forest), Gotemba Wasabi no Sato (Village of Green Horseradish), Otainai Onsen (Hot Spring), Gotemba City Onsen Kaikan (Hot Spring), Tenkei Onsen, Fuji Hakkei Onsen, Fuji Speedway

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◎ Tourist Facilities: Fujisan Gotemba Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Gotemba Sky Tree Forest)

address: Inno, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” Gotemba Resort Fuji Township

The official name of “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is “Gotemba City Mt. Fuji Exchange Center”, created as a new tourist hub in Gotemba for the purpose of “community revitalization”, “exchange with the Self-Defense Forces” and “dissemination of information on Mount Fuji.” There are various facilities as a theme park where you can play, learn and be healed. The “Play” facilities are “Marubi dome,” the vast grassy square “Friendship Square,” the wading square “Mizuno Hiroba,” the hill that ha a slider and athletics “Adventure Hill.”

 The “Learn” facility is the “theater sky” in the visitor center, where you can see the four seasons and the scenery of Mount Fuji. In addition, there are the “Learn” facilities where you will be healed both physically and mentally in the bounty of nature. You can enjoy cherry blossoms at the promenade of cherry blossoms, autumn leaves while listening to the sound of a stream at the footpath of autumn leaves, and enjoy seasonal flowers at the hill of seasons.

○ Self-Defense Forces and local residents promote exchange business

Of the total construction cost of 2.5 billion yen, 1.6 billion yen was funded by grants from the Ministry of Defense for “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” with the site of 106,000 square meters. There are “Fuji School of Self Defense Forces” and “Fuji Garrison of Self Defense Forces” in Gotemba City,Shizuoka, and therefore the city has received financial assistance from the Self-Defense Forces. You can be familiar with the SDF in the city.

○ “Visitor Center,” a fun place to learn Mt. Fuji

Seeing Mt. Fuji in front of you, you can learn the nature and the history of Mt. Fuji at the “Visitor Center.” In the center, there are “Gotemba & Mt. Fuji Sky Scape,”Scenery Theater, Eternal Mt. Fuji,” “Time Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” “Grand  Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” and the maxium points of interest “Fuji Foothills Three-Dimensional Screen – Mt. Fuji, an independent peak.” In the Fuji Foothills screen, so-called “Sky Theater,” the four seasons of Mount Fuji is reproduced by video projection to the six meter diameter three-dimensional model of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding. You can look down Mount Fuji and the surrounding area through the CG three-dimensional model. You can feel as if you’re above clouds in the sky. You have to pay for the theater, though, 300 yen for adults, 150 yen for elementary and junior high school students. A mysterious view of Mt. Fuji. It’s worth a look, at least one time.

○ Self-Defense Force helicopter exhibition

In the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” there is the exhibition of the Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1H helicopter. The following is excerpt from the description exhibition.
The helicopter of the GSDF, UH-1 Helicopter, is equipped with and used by the Ground Self-Defense Forces, as the helicopter of vertile performing duties such as contact conductor and air transport. The UH-1 is an improved version of UH-1B, which the GSDF started to get from the fiscal year of 1973, and the GSDF purchased 133 helicoptors in total. The helicopter exhibited was introduced in 1988 and used by the GSDF nationwide, and was made obsolete in 2009 after it finished its mission at Eastern Direction Fleet in Tachikawa, Tokyo. (abbreviation below)” Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Forest of the Sky Tree)” is the facility that aims to promote the exchange of local residents and the Self-Defense Forces, and therefore it is the reason the helicopter is exhibited for people to feel closer to the Self-Defense Forces. A sneak preview of helicopter is held a few times a year at the Jukuu-no-Mori. You can be taken on board in the sneak preview inside the helicopter. Your heart must dance if you get into the helicopter, the length 17.39m, the overall width 3.95m, crew capacity two pilots and eleven passengers. In the sneak preview, free tickets will be distributed before the opening hours, and you can sneak preview at boarding for a few minutes about two pair. You would like to join the sneak preview that you can feel close to the internal state of the cockpit, it may be difficult to get a chance so that there are only a few tickets and it is held only a few times a year. Of course, without the preview, you can enjoy the view of the helicopter. Taste the force of the power!

○ The Corner of Gotemba local products


Threre is “the Corner of Gotemba Local Products, ” which sells some specialties of Gotemba and Fuji foothills, on the first floor of the Fujisan Jukuu no Mori. The corner is lined with many products related to Mt. Fuji such as Mt. Fuji Baum, Mt. Fuji Crunch, Mt. Fuji Rock, Mt. Fuji Sable. In the corner, as local products, “Gotemba Tofu,” “Picked Wasabi”of Yamamoto Food Co., Ltd. and “Dried Jelly of Toraya” are sold. Also, There are the goods of the image charachter of the facility, “Jukuu-chan,” such as Baumkuchen, magnet and strap. Speaking of local prodcuts, there is a farmer’s market in the back corner, which sells local vegetables freshly caught and side dishes made by local people.

○ Self-Defense Forces of goods sold

One of the highlights of the shop at “Fuji Jukuu no Mori” is the sales of the goods of “Self-Defense Forces.” Because this facility was built for the local population and to promote exchange of the Self-Defense Forces, it sells the Goods “SDF” as part of this effort. An eye-catching product is nothing more than “T-shirt,” although some camouflage clothes and models of tanks are sold.

You must be laughed at the T-shirts that the following words are printed on, such as “Shoot me, if you can!” and “I’ll protect. I’ll protect you!” The T-shirts invite a playful and make you feel to buy them. You could also say, “Where on earth do I wear this camouflage poncho for rain gear?”, which is sold at the shop.

 You need courage to do the like in the city looking to neither SDF, is likely to be a problem if the material outdoors because it is firm. It is a popular corner just fun to watch, they stop carelessly.

○ “Jukuu no Mori” Restaurant


There is “Jukuu no Mori” restaurant on the second floor of the visitor center. It is a western restaurant, and the menu may include several types of curry and spaghetti. The “Jukuu no Mori Curry” is served with salad with vegetable produced in Gotemba Kogen (800 yen including tax). In addition, “Mt. Fuji Lava Curry (900 yen including tax)” is a spicy curry like magma.

Satisfaction is a dish that uses lots of plateau tomatoes “(900 yen including tax) and tomato spaghetti. There is not only the meal but  “daily coffee and cake set (600 yen including tax) “, you can enjoy an elegant tea time.

○ “Adventure Hill,” playground for children


“Adventure Hill” in the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is a children’s playground with a lot of play equipment from athletics to sliders.”Roller slider,” the slider of 50m length, lets you taste the exhilaration under natural wind and suddenly slip down the hillside. In addition, children will be excited at the “Hopping Land” where they can jump up and down on a large ball freely.In addition, it is the perfect “Challenge Course” aims to support your sense of balance over the hill to conquer each step Athletic, Balance Beam, and giraffe climbing.

There is also “Panorama Curse” where you can enjoy climbing and jungle gym without getting bored.

There are the step log for infants, the mountain of Amida, the Prime Tree House,  Pyon Pyon Land, “Pen Pen” and “Piyo Piyo,” all of which is the amusement place for children.

 It is wonderful to play free with these playground equipment surrounded by such a lot of open space.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Mt. Fuji 5th Stage Subashiri, Fuji Speedway, Fuji Cemetery, Mt. Fuji Onsen (Hot Spring) “Tenkei,” Roadside Station Subashiri, Gotemba Sport Garden, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Ashigara Pass & Ashigara Barrier, Gotemba Kogen Beer, Gotemba Premium Outlet, Fujimi Center “Yuttari Yu” (Spa), Gotemba Peace Park

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