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River Valley Whitetail
(From the valley ‘s uncle)

(Shirasu county town Kitakoma Yamanashi Prefecture)

River Valley attractions largest Whitetail
“(Ja-fired bite) waterfall snake God.”

○ famous water valley of the Southern Alps was coined
Whitetail river valley that flows best waters of the Southern Alps, is famous for the beauty of the great valley is seen. From the “Shirasu” known, is just as little as the famous water village. Get off the motorway inter Nagasaka central aim of National Highway No. 20 Koshu. There is a “Shirasu” way station along the Koshu Kaido, and then exiting the prefectural road in front of No. 614, there is a municipal parking Whitetail river valley to its destination. Park your car here, and to the valley finally walks. Let’s nice to see from the parking lot walking trails standard, but about 3 hours road round trip to waterfall “snake god”, if you go to Fudodaki beyond the Waterfall “snake god” is the extra for a further hour.

○ equipment will also hike to thorough
I’ve used a nutshell, I had a hard time making pretty valley actually reciprocates. I Do not think because it is walking valley, heavy equipment is not necessary as full-fledged climbing, up-down because it is still intense as mountain climbing, hiking and seems to be feeling light. It’s what you wear tennis shoes, I hope faces dressed to match the weather or season easy movement, decent climbing shoes. Speaking of the valley, which is famous for its “Nishizawa Valley” Mitomi village, equipped with is what I want to firmly face dangerous place because there are many both. If you go down the gravel road from the parking lot, you go hit with a history of about 270 years in the “bamboo woo 駒ケ岳 shrine.” Once out of the shrine, there is a suspension bridge over the river with Whitetail, you will be the entrance valley road.

○ best time of autumnal leaves valley Hiking
So I went to the middle of October, but was not yet fully foliage, I was still tinged with red places. Trees found at the bottom for that is in the picture and foliage slightly. This is true at any scenic natural attractions are limited time of most of the year. Fresh green season and, in the case of the valley hiking, and especially is the best time of autumnal leaves. However, the best time to view worship, I will keep in mind that the best people crowded at the same time. not the best time to see fall foliage yet also, the time that I visited was sparsely people, you can expect quite a crowd, etc. There is also a bus tour of fall foliage at its peak.

○ “(Ja-fired bite) waterfall snake god” maximum attraction
The biggest attractions of the valley, the photo on the left would be “waterfall snake God (Ja-fired bite).” Through the numerous waterfalls and abyss, I arrived at the “flat dragon” and up the steep slope. You can be in below overlooking the Waterfall “snake god” from here. It can be said to highlight the best of Whitetail River Valley Waterfall “snake” God will take about an hour and a half each way, it is a marvelous scenery. However, I can not “waterfall snake god” is comprising of worship from the top of the cliff of the mountain, the waterfall approach. Also, when you take a picture, so they become dangerous cliff you must be careful enough.

○ I have a “Fudodaki” yet
Unquestionably the biggest attractions is the valley is the “waterfall snake god”, the course of the valley road is not the end of this fact. There are things beyond the “waterfall snake God” is called “Fudodaki”, “Ohashi immobility” yet. I think on these things, but I do not know because I do not go back off the course, and may also try to visit if you have time to spare. To “Fudodaki” will enter deep valley Furthermore, it takes about an hour and a half round trip from Waterfall “snake god”. Time and forward path to “waterfall snake God” until then, considering the time of return to home, it takes the place four and a half hours in total. I is recommended if there is considerable spare time, if you want to enjoy the valley one day.

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  Hakushu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture County Kitakoma
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  Shirasu home town Michikusa guide ② ① Hakushu
  Free municipal parking 100 cars
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