◎ natural and scenic village of Akeno-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Kitakoma “Himawari” Akeno village

○ “Sunflower Akeno village” of hours of sunshine in Japan
Akeno village is said to have a long sunshine hours in Japan is known as the village of sunflowers in full bloom. Sunflower also about 260 000 books lined up on one side of the field bloom, you will be able to appreciate the overwhelming sunflower fields that can not be seen anywhere else. When it is time for summer every year, as a tourism event, has been held a sunflower festival called “Sunflower festival” every year. And let’s look blooming sunflower field lined with imposing this, tourists flock from all over the country.

○ heyday of mid-August 2004
Had been held from late August until the end of July, “Sun Flower festival” in 2004, the best season ornamental sunflowers seemed to be mid-August. Although the venue is “rural park venue”, “venue Asaoshinden”, “main venue,” was like in its heyday is past the end of August I visited. The “main hall” which is the biggest attraction, sunflower majority had already dispersed.

○ venue rattle past its heyday
I think the golden age of 2004 because it was mid-August, and elaborate in Bon vacation just terrible. A visit to the Bon holiday period, but would have been to see the best sunflower field, might have been no place to stop parking lot is too crowded. In late August I visited, the sunflower was unfortunately have fallen considerably. Perhaps because of that, I was going to have much free parking, and sparsely tourists.

○ spread over the sunflower field is an overwhelming number of
Although over the hill, about 260 000 Sunflower with this I do not necessarily all have fallen in a moment. Although it was much less in “main venue”, the time of sowing seems to have shifted in “Asaoshinden venue” was a little away, it was just the middle of the flowering period. Stop the car in the parking lot “main venue”, you will arrive to the “venue Asaoshinden” and a few minutes walk. There are countless sunflower were in bloom in a field filled.

○ “sunflower field” beautiful as far as the eye can see
Not only seen from afar, and as far as I approached within reach, surrounded by hordes of sunflowers grew tall and stout until about Sukusukuto. The longer the better grow so long as the strong sunshine, if strong, sunflower Akeno village of sunshine hours in Japan is probably the best for the growth of sunflower. In addition, the condition was not good, but it seems much in bloom blame the typhoon in 2003, 2004, without any damage of the typhoon, it was blooming beautifully.

○ spread field “Cosmos” in addition to the sunflower
Protagonist of “Sun Flower Fes” Akeno village is a sunflower of course, you can also watch it in addition to the cosmos. Flowering time is almost the same, so you can see the face of one cosmos field with sunflowers. Bloomed in “rural park venue and” sunflower field next to the “main site”.

○ OVERALL: Enjoy the vast sunflower field for a limited time
“Sunflower” Akeno village of sunshine hours in Japan is well worth a look. It is a limited period of the year, because it can not be seen only as about a month of summer, that’s why there is impressive. Precisely because bloom only a short period, I have the utmost vigor overflowing flower is blooming. If you can visit during the height of the flowering, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful sunflower field one side of the field. Although it does not have things to do and this is in addition to the sunflower fields, you may want to try carrying a foot in front of the eye to the “Flower Center Yamanashi Prefecture” if time permits.

○ More Information

  “Before Flower Center, Yamanashi Prefecture village” Akeno Kitakoma gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
  (Agricultural Development Corporation Akeno village) 0551-25-2885
  15 minutes by car from IC Nirasaki: ① Chuo
  15 minutes by car from IC Sutama: Chuo ②
  20 minutes by taxi from the station Nirasaki: ③ JR Chuo Line
Flowering time
  (With some variation due to weather conditions) every year around 7,8
  Have been installed for each venue, but I think it stand about 200-300 total ordinary car,
  I think it is crowded during the height of the flowering.

○ map around


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