SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness town, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Palace Tamaike spring

○ “Tamaike spring” special national treasure
“Tamaike spring” is the springs that are specified in the special national treasure in the precincts of the “Hongu Fuji Sengen Taisha” in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. Water was named “Tamaike spring” because aside like a ball out from the bottom of the pond. Wed melted snow Fuji is also missing a layer of lava underground multi – layered, come spring water gushing over the years is the “Water Spirit Fuji”. 13 ℃ throughout the year, the amount of water is 3.5 liters s /, the water temperature is 200 000 tons of water spring out every day. Spring water and is right next to the source of the Kanda River, from the river to join the Uruigawa Kanda, running through Tagonoura harbor, to the Suruga Bay. Tairanokanemori poet of the Heian period is singing the following about Tamaike spring. “Ball frame to the bottom of the river made Asama Mitarai should not take without use.” A lot of carp swim by now, the “Tamaike spring” with a flock of pigeons can be seen close to such a deep connection to Mt.

○ place of purification ceremony of climbing Mount Fuji
In faith “Mount Fuji” Fuji from ancient times worshiped as a god, people who make “climbing Mount Fuji” as one of the activities did not end to faith. By and must purify themselves yourself himself to set foot on Mount Fuji, which is a sacred place, can perform ablutions before climbing has become customary. Climbers climbing I just cast a “purification of the six roots of perception” and cleansed himself with “Tamaike spring.” It is sacred mountain Fuji Nozon Rokkon plus the sixth sense of awareness to the human senses (six senses), cleanse them from the purification of the six roots of perception.

Koi in the pond Tamaike spring flock of doves near the origin of the panorama Tamaike Tamaike spring spring

○ “Hyakusen best waters of Heisei”
“Tamaike spring” has been selected as one of the announced by the Ministry of the Environment on June 5, 2008 “Heisei Hyakusen best waters.” In 1985 the Ministry of the Environment for the famous water has been selected the “best waters Hyakusen” already, that passed more than 20 years after the selection has changed the environment and conservation of the natural environment, such as water quality and ecosystem In view, I made a selection of the “best waters of the Heisei Hyakusen”. Well as evaluation of the water itself, such as water quality and water quantity simply, in addition to the local natural environment, when selecting “best waters of the Heisei Era” was considered circumstances and traditions, as well as environmental conservation activities of water use. Water as well as whether or not clean, it was also important initiatives to How do you keep the water clean. “Tamaike spring” has been designated as special national treasure in 1952 (1952), it was newly selected as one of the “Best of the Heisei one hundred best waters” in 2008.

○ water Fuji Spirit “field pumped water”
There is a “shrine mizuya” enshrined “Water Spirit Fuji” is near the “Tamaike spring.” There is a field “pumped water” on the left front of the shrine, it is possible to draw water freely. Bamboo gutter is equipped to “place pumped water” spring water is flowing from the ten holes in the gutter. In front of the shrine there is a stone bowl of drinking water is flowing, you can drink with a ladle of course. Water that has been filtered in many layers of lava melt water of the sacred Mount Fuji over the years of many decades is the “Water Spirit” barrel just the grace of Mt. Since penetrate the lava of Mount Fuji, is “Water vanadium 富士山 natural” rich in natural minerals such as vanadium. From the fact that there is also a “Tamaike spring” of Special Natural Monument designated by the national government, with origami is the height of the water next to. However, when drinking is recommended so that once boiling, the guide plate of the shrine before careful.

○ Tourist Information around
There are a number of recommendations spot Fujinomiya city with Asama Shrine. First, some of the offices of the Society for the Promotion of joint selling handicrafts Fuji “I shifted” Here in the parking lot Sengen Taisha. The store is lined with local products tea bush north of Fuji, Fuji sake, such as confectionery. In addition, including the antenna shop of the Society mein Fujinomiya, before parking Shrine Asama to “Alley shrine” is stuck to the local ingredients “焼きそば Fujinomiya”, such as “gelato” “burger Trout”, “pig grazing Asagiri Fuji” There are places to eat. It is also recommended by the “Asagirikogen” or “白糸の滝” You’re famous after Sengen Taisha Shrine in a history and tradition of Fujinomiya tourist destination.

○ More Information

  Palace town 1-1 Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 418-0067
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Hours worship
  Mon 6:00 to 19:00 5:30 to 19:30 November to February and October 3 5:00 to 20:00 from April to September
  20:00 minutes of free worship ※ (time / \ 1 200) 150 units, after the pay
  About 20 minutes over the road west from the Inter Fuji Fuji Tomei
  Towards the south intersection Komae City Hall Fujinomiya Fujinomiya east along Route 139 highway
  South to the intersection of Route 139 highway skyline and Mount Fuji or

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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