◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji cemetery

○ cherry blossom viewing one of the best attractions in Shizuoka Prefecture
After you get off the Route 138 highway inter Subashiri of Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, “cemetery” Fuji Park Cemetery there is as its name suggests the location of about 10 minutes. It is a cemetery, cherry trees blooming in its extensive grounds are beautiful, it is also known as a showplace of cherry blossom viewing. Selected as one of 100 Japanese cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms and a Yoshino cherry tree in Omotesando Fuji of about 5,000 books have been planted. Every year around April, and attracts visitors from all over the flowering of the cherry blossom season comes. Majestic Mount Fuji in the background, you look at the cherry tree lined with Zurari sunny sky perfectly clear, you can be the best cherry blossoms. Full bloom time varies depending on the climatic conditions of each year, around mid-April seems to be the best overall.

○ Hanami is the best with a family lunch
Famous for cherry blossom viewing which is the best one of the best prefecture. Cherry trees lined up in two rows deep into the left and right from the entrance to the cemetery, and overwhelmed the tourists. Near the cherry trees can be made to have grass, to break free. I visited with my family, if you bring lunch, you can be great under the cherry blossom viewing. It karaoke etc., such as banquet is prohibited cemetery, originally a cemetery that is so, it seems that you do not mind the diet, while the cherry blossoms quietly. Even if you observe the minimum manners such as not to take the trash, make a fuss, you are freely available.

○ situation flowering cherry
Fuji has a wild cherry tree in cemetery book and about 7,000 of 1,000 Yoshino cherry tree, about mid-April is the best time to see every year. Flowering situation may vary depending on the climate of each year, has been posted on the HP of the cemetery is the flowering of the past situation. So we have been introduced from time to time flowering current situation, who are scheduled to Hanami you may wish to check in advance that it would be good.

○ More Information

  Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
  Management Office 0550 (78) 0311
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 16:30
Closed Sun
  (In the case of holiday, the next day) Wednesday
  Under investigation
  Under investigation

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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