◎ Tanukiko SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture (Tanukiko)

○ lake at the foot of Mount Fuji with nature Fureaeru
“Tanukiko” There is a man-made lake at the foot of Mount Fuji area of ??312 square meters, 4km perimeter, 1km east and west, north and south of 0.5km in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. It was originally built in order to ensure the water for agriculture, we extend later became a lake of 1.2 million square meters currently pondage. I did not work on the lake in the swamp that had been referred to as “swamp raccoon”, vivid traces of construction is not suggesting there is no impression that the man-made lake. Rather, “Peripheral Tanukiko” is the fact that a natural treasure at the foot of Mt Fuji, development proceeds on the basis of the best environment to Fureaeru nature and range of leisure trails, boating, camping facilities, experience, and accommodation he is aligned You had to.

○ Tanukiko famous for “Diamond Fuji”
Sights of the famous photography “Diamond Fuji” “Tanukiko” is. And “Diamond Fuji” is that of the sun and the top of Mt Fuji just overlap, the contrast of light show me a fantastic sight. You can see in and around the 20th of August every year around the 20th of April at Tanukiko. Of course, seems to struggle a photographer does not mean that day certainly seems due to the weather, and the moments captured on film “Diamond Fuji”. For further information, but I do not know because it is not a photographer, I have a high profile among quite Tanukiko photographer.

○ Tanukiko that is also “cherry blossoms”
Only Diamond Fuji, but it is not attractive Tanukiko course. Also “cherry blossoms” Tanukiko is. Lakeside, Yoshino cherry tree and cherry as many as about 350 have been planted, the view from the parking lot next to the south campground is particularly spectacular. The photo on the left, is a photo that was taken from before the previous administration office parking lot. Every year, but the cherry bloom around, you can see the scenery of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji in the background Tanukiko place mid-April.


○ I “Cycling” borrow a bike
Tanukiko to enjoy the other, but is that the cycling course is located on a lake. Rates are one bicycle, is 500 yen 300 yen for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. The journey time is about 20 minutes at about 4 km around, I also recommend to try is turning around the lakeside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature and scenery. Although there is a bike I bring, I have borrowed from management office otherwise. In good weather, I would want to go on a cycling means.

○ ideal for hiking, to “outdoor leisure” and Camp
In addition, there is also a “camping” in the Tanukiko. “Tanukiko campsite” is divided into “bungalow site” on the north side of the “tent” of the south. “Tent” is available for a small number of families, such as tent of about 300 mostly sunny in the subject. There is also a building of 10 bungalows with two rooms for 8 people for a hospice organization of 40 people, “bungalow site” is mainly utilized for Large Groups. Although congestion in the camp of the summer season, to the camp in the wilderness while looking up Mount Fuji is the highest. Can “hike”, “cycling”, “boating (rental)”, “fishing (surcharge) such as” also “outdoor recreation” is recommended for a camping place. I can also “barbecue”, are prohibited “barbecue day” for a limited use of the camping guests. However, because it is free to eat, such as sitting in the grass by the lake to bring your lunch in day-tripper, it why not try to visit in the mood for an excursion to the good weather.

○ Nature School petting Tanukiko
Is the No. 1 of the Ministry of the Environment to promote natural school “Nature School Tanukiko touch” in the southwest of Tanukiko. The administration is doing the Ministry of the Environment, Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya, “Nature School Steering Committee Tanukiko touch” holiday village Association Foundation. Activities and experiences in contact with nature at the foot of Mt Fuji on the theme of “contact with nature”, nature study, I develop a mind to respect. By feeling the workings of nature and grace, you will be able to recognize the importance of the preciousness of nature and environmental conservation. That said, you can feel free to experience learning from children to adults without too informal. We are assembling a program or how you can experience the fun and feel free nature of professional staff, you can feel free to use from individuals to organizations.

○ “Fuji holiday village” holiday village people
Finally, it is not even recent, “Fuji holiday village” as a new attraction Tanukiko is in the limelight. Facility in topical national holiday village, located on the shores of scenic Tanukiko can be seen, a good diet good facilities good or service, as accommodation in the region has been catapulted name mentioned. Time of opening will be featured on TV, seems to have been such a popular are buried up to half a year ahead and book. It does not seem to be the first time there is now up to overheating. I am a local people, but never stayed at this holiday village, it seems extremely good reputation. If you are thinking to stay in this region everyone readers, I would suggest that you try putting an option.

○ Tourist Information around
Spread is dotted with more than 120 large and small pond “wetlands consistent Oda”, on the north side “Tanukiko” is ideal for hiking. Sidewalk is in place, it is possible to observe the plants and small animals, such as dragonfly wetlands. Sidewalk can walk one lap around 900 m, in about 30 minutes. In addition, “白糸の滝” natural monument is just 4 km away. Around a large meadow of “Tanukiko”, even as much as 5 km “Asagirikogen” is full of natural spread at the foot of Mt Fuji. Also, if leisure purposes, some “Makaino ranch”, “toys drive-in”, “Fuji Milk Land”, and “Kachoen Fuji”, you will have to play all day. In addition, we recommend the “Asagirikogen Road Station” If you want to eat ice cream using milk Asagirikogen.

○ More Information

  Turn left Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
  120 cars (free)
  “Fuji” holiday village hall ② ③ ④ Nature School petting ① boat field camp

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Milk Land Fuji International Garden wetlands consistent Oda Asagirikogen 白糸の滝
Hongu Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha “toys” drive-in “Asagirikogen” Ranch Road Station Makaino Tokai Nature Trail
Zimbalist Kenashizan Falls


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