◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Inokashira, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Zimbalist Falls

○ waterfall Yoritomo was camped near the time of Makigari
Yukari is a waterfall at the foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya Inokashira Yoritomo district is in the northern part of “白糸の滝” The Waterfall “Zimbalist.” Scale is small, and forms a waterfall gushing water from the gap between the water and lava Mekigawa Doo five from upstream (I Ki stapling but later) together. Came to be called from the fact that four years Ken H. (1193), when Yoritomo made a Makigari Fuji and pitch a camp overnight near this waterfall and sunset and Waterfall “Zimbalist.” “Stone drums” found are on display next to the far Shoji still at that time. Festival “Zimbalist Falls” by local volunteers will be held in the summer every year.

○ The origin of the “stone drums”
Was causing examined under when at night Yoritomo was pitch a camp near the Falls “Zimbalist” sounds like hitting the drum from the people of the waterfall so I heard, the “stone drums” is in found a cavity It is that of the stone. That’s what I was able lava like wheel solidified lava on the outside is cooled wood burning when it is referred to as the “tree form lava” identity of “stone drums”, burned trees covered with lava. This is why I came to be called “stone drums” because had issued a sound like a drum in the “lava tree form this” hit of water Waterfall “Zimbalist.”

○ Expansion of parking
There is space for passenger cars in the parking lot stop dozens of Waterfall “Zimbalist.” There were only two passenger space of a minute until recently actually, Fujinomiya, seems to have developed a new extension for the promotion of tourism. There were only two minutes yet when I visited once before a few years “Mr. Fuji”, seems to be developed in the meantime. The figure was sparse after the typhoon, it is enough if there is also a public holiday so much space.

○ promenade Waterfall “Zimbalist”
As soon as there is a boardwalk leading to the Waterfall “Zimbalist” in front of the parking lot. Although only about 200m promenade, you can walk to the waterfall, feeling the sound of the waterfall and the nature of Inokashira district. Highway 139 national highway and away from heavy traffic, you can enjoy some quiet time ambient not hear the sound of the car. Just before the end of the promenade there is a tourist information board, and origins of the waterfall feature is introduced. Around the waterfall is like the fish caught river trout, salmon, and trout, there are limitations such as mobile and permit fishing ban period, it seems difficult for the general tourists. Also, notice the effect that the surrounding rivers and waterfalls of the spring water Zimbalist Mountains 天子 Fuji and because it flows, barbecue and fireworks nuisance want you to refrain for the protection of the natural environment is. Because it is a beautiful place to enjoy nature to say is that natural tourist destination but, that is what I want to act with moderation.

○ “Zimbalist Falls” land of the famous water
Waterfall “Zimbalist” is specified in the “spring-fed pond Save” in Fujinomiya, it is also famous as the land of the famous water. Spring Water 40 008 about a thousand cubic meters per day (average year) are out and place in front of the waterfall is also pumped water. Iwashimizu but spring out from the lava, I’m so Kumeru water through the pipe to the corner. Because it is so very clean spring water at the foot of Mt Fuji, it seems to have come to draw water from all over the tanks. It should be noted that, for the protection of the natural environment, Fujinomiya is specified in the “spring-fed pond save save forest” tree “save” a forest of trees and across the city “, a spring-fed pond” by the Department of Environment and Forests. To HP’s city hall Fujinomiya “spring-fed pond saved” as of September 2011 is listed 15 locations, district Inokashira the city, including the spring-fed pond cubic meters of 13,000 per day is seven locations on the east side waterfall Zimbalist There is a “spring-fed pond” save.

○ “Zimbalist Falls Festival” in late August
Festival “Zimbalist Falls” by local volunteers is performed every year in late August Waterfall “Zimbalist.” Performance of “drum waterfall Zimbalist” by Inokashira local elementary school students, events such as tournaments and Tsukamidori matrix warrior by children of the “rainbow trout” Fuji is served. In the parking lot will also sell local products, and rice balls are provided “Fujinomiya yakisoba”, or the like shaved ice. Usually can not be stopped, but the car only dozens, 2011 primary school head 之 ground well, Kumin Hall parking lot, far Shoji precinct is opened as a temporary parking lot. Since the day in some cases free shuttle bus leaves from Fujinomiya station, for more information please contact (0544-27-5240) Fujinomiya City Tourism Association.

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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