◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic spots, nature Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 白糸の滝

○ Waterfall scenic natural monument in the country-
It is one of the typical tourist attractions in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “白糸の滝” is a Waterfall (1936) has been elected a famous scenic spot in the country and a natural monument. With the exception of some of this waterfall, waterfall that spans 20m, 200m width to height, the water has all melted snow of Mount Fuji as spring water flows. Over the years for years, water melted snow over a layer of underground lava Fuji, water flowing down from the gap of the rock to form a waterfall, the water flow is called “白糸の滝” from our run down like a silk thread You had to. Been selected as the “Best 100 waterfalls in Japan”, in 1990 has become a famous tourist attraction in the nation of about 70 million tourists visit annually.

○ The beauty of “白糸の滝” also admitted Yoritomo
Is famous Yoritomo opened the Kamakura shogunate did you a “Makigari Fuji” at the foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, are waka poem in its beauty when you visit the “白糸の滝” Yoritomo is that . A haiku that is “A lump comes turbulent flow 白糸の滝 imposed any princess and on this.” Which was rolled up like a ball and the cavity hemp that spun as “lump comes”, and also to express the state of the waterfall that flows like silk he has emphasized the beauty of women with and “princess” any you.

Plate ○ Description of “白糸の滝”
There is a plate on the promenade that follows the description of the waterfall “白糸の滝”, the contents are as follows. It has been said … A lump comes 白糸の滝 turbulent flow imposed on this or any princess, “this song is Yoritomo poem” Specifying the country three days in September the eleventh year of Showa 白糸の滝 scenic beauty and natural treasure. ” What began springing from lava that things seep into underground snowmelt Fuji is through the gap of lava Fuji, fell flow becomes subsoil water over impermeable layer called mudflow Fuji old was subjected to erosion , flows down and silk in Article several thousand on the entire surface of the cliff curved rice two hundred Width Approximate rice about 20 height, falls hundreds of large and small as bamboo blind, showing the beautiful landscapes worthy of the name Shiraito You had to. On the left, the famous waterfalls of sound would stop vengeance of Soga brothers have also set up a sound heroic. Association to protect the 白糸の滝 “

○ to “白糸の滝” from the souvenir shop, parking places to eat
There are various places to eat and souvenir shops, many things on the boardwalk that leads to the “白糸の滝”, there is a shop that target tourists. Of course the majority of tourists around Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya of tourists visiting among others “So 白糸の滝” vogue is coming once the store is lined with a variety of attractions near that. The summer tourist season, but a lot of bustling tourists flock from all over the country, feeling a little lonely tourists were sparse in winter weekday I visited.

Sales offices sake souvenir shop sales at places to eat soft-serve ice cream

○ “stop waterfall of sound”
In the middle of the promenade leading to the “白糸の滝” There is no way inferior to “白糸の滝” Waterfall “stop” sound. It is not about the width of the “白糸の滝”, the sound of the waterfall is a large force of falling height is just 25m. Tradition where murmured from the size of the sound of its less, can not meeting “Soga brothers’ for vengeance,” but we’re talking about big,. Wish it falls heartless, “and the sound that ceased It is called “sound-proof waterfall” from. As the origin of the name, the sound of the waterfall is running down at the exciting masculine, as opposed to the “白糸の滝” with feminine delicacy.

○ to the front of the eye “白糸の滝” walking down the stairs
5-minute walk from the parking lot in front of the “白糸の滝, stairs towards the waterfall finally comes into view. Stairs to the waterfall, but arrived at the place a few hundred meters in a few minutes, it may be a little tight in the elderly because there is little inclination. In addition, people in wheelchairs is impossible that descend to the bottom, unfortunately. “白糸の滝” is things that a lot of people both young and old to visit, there is no way this is just because of the nature tourism. However, since it is possible to look at the “白糸の滝” from afar, even from the front stairs, we can not see it does not at all “白糸の滝” even if you can not go down the stairs.

○ shop 白糸の滝 under stairs
There are also stand up and go down the stairs 白糸の滝. We sell specialty products and local specialties here, you can choose souvenirs carefully in front of the eye 白糸の滝. It is the classic confectionery products, key chains, and figurines, an indispensable part of the journey is selling souvenirs.

○ “白糸の滝” scenic views from afar
Seen from a distance, “白糸の滝” You can feel the beauty and grandeur of the falls. You can enjoy the beauty of the falls of great power if you go up near the waterfall, even healthy people who, when looking at the “白糸の滝” Suddenly, from a distance, stop, look at the waterfall that is different flavor than a close look You can. From rocks of lava, flowing down like constantly over a length of 200 m width also is very artistic.

○ location of “Journey to the West” movie
“白糸の滝” is a famous place was also the location of the “Journey to the West” movie starring Shingo Katori. Saiyuki TV drama begins, after the film has been the scene of Satan and Goku confrontation was filmed in the TV drama. Seems to have chosen the “白糸の滝” as appropriate to the location of the force confrontation scene. When was later made into a movie, the party scene Sanzo priest arrives at the basin have been taken by boat. Seems to have matched the image of the “Journey to the West” “So 白糸の滝” boasts a mystical beauty.

○ “白糸の滝” mysterious close look at
Away down stairs, you can see in front of the eye “白糸の滝” natural monument, place of scenic beauty. It is as it is a natural monument, intensity and beauty that is just eye-popping. Where they are surrounded by nature, the sound of the waterfall flows down in a quiet environment is echoing around. Waterfall splashes cover the surrounding area, feel the coolness. A visit to A Midsummer Night In particular, I will be the best summer resort. In addition, the water flows down from the waterfall is perfectly clear water to clean melted snow of Mount Fuji, it may sometimes see the fish. Comprising of tightening are not only waterfall itself, of course, If it natural monument, place of scenic beauty the “白糸の滝” and joined the beauty of the surrounding nature, such as when it came to the season and the fresh green of the foliage, the beauty of the falls further That’s what is it that shine.

○ General comment: “白糸の滝” is worth a look
Located at the western foot of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, “白糸の滝” is the attractions you can enjoy the blessings of nature surrounded by Mt. The surrounding area, there are a lot of tourist attractions that take advantage of the nature of “popular wetlands consistent Oda”, such as “Asagirikogen” of dairy zone “Tanukiko”, famous for hiking Diamond Fuji. Easy access to the extent that a few kilometers away from the national highway No. 139, I feel free when you visit Tachiyoreru around Mount Fuji, Asagirikogen and sightseeing in Fujinomiya. From the parking lot to the waterfall, so go in just 10 minutes on foot, it is very convenient. When I visited nearby attractions, I want you to stretch your legs come recommended.

○ Tourist Information around
After visiting the “白糸の滝” is also recommended “Asagirikogen” and “Tanukiko”, but a meal “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” is essential. In the B-class gourmet cuisine that can be called original, it can be said Fujinomiya yakisoba spark now B class gourmet boom. I recommend it if 白糸の滝 from nearby, “said Mume”. Also, if you want to rest gently in the hot springs and there is “water of the Wind” yu “(also draft) mother heaven.” In addition, if you want local vegetables and local specialties, is recommended “Asagirikogen Road Station.” Would be nice if the weather is good, except in winter even try to climb “(mouth Fujinomiya) 5th Fuji”. Landscape leading to the foot of Mount Fuji from Suruga Bay, looking down from an altitude of 2400M above sea level is the highest. It is also great 白糸の滝 landscape, views overlooking the 5th from a cloudless sunny day is just breathtaking.

○ More Information

  Kamiide ??Fujinomiya
  0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
  Fujinomiya City Tourism Association ② “Fujinomiya” ① town of Mount Fuji
Opening Hours
  Not applicable
  Only approximately 50 small cars
  (About 40 minutes from Fuji IC Tomei) about five minutes down the Tomei Fuji IC ①, Fuji road west, the No. 139 national highway IC Kamiide
  About 1 hour (with sign) turn right middle 2km away Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC ②, No. 139 national highway

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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