◎ “Mr. Mume” Fujinomiya yakisoba RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant Kamiide ​​Fujinomiya

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○ shop delicious “Fujinomiya Yakisoba”
Of people in a restaurant menu with a focus Fujinomiya Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, a reputation as a good store of “Fujinomiya yakisoba.” Is located in the northern part of Kamiide ​​Fujinomiya, it is convenient to visit, along with tourism to “Asagirikogen”, Fuji Five Lakes district. Type of topping is rich in many volume offers a taste of the people that come to eat well locals. There towards the direction of “Milk Land” Fuji from Route 414 on the side of the national highway “白糸の滝”, along Route 71 to County Road. Grandma’s a big billboard that symbolized the shop name of “Mr. Mume” is marked.

○ Use noodles Noodle “Soga”
“Fujinomiya Yakisoba” are providing are using noodle Noodle “Soga” in “San Mume”. One of the greatest features of “焼きそば Fujinomiya” but is noodles with Kosi, three companies of the “noodles Soga” is manufacturing noodles is said to ya “leaf”, “food Malmo” of ordinary noodle Fujinomiya . Although slightly different in each trader, steamed noodles like hard rubber low moisture either, I have met the conditions of the Fujinomiya yakisoba. Since there are more than 150 stores in the city to provide the Fujinomiya yakisoba, but each used different noodles, noodles are choosing best suited to your own taste and style shop. Seem to use the noodle Noodle “Soga” be consistent for many years, such as the source of the original shop and topping is well matched, “Mr. Mume” is to create a “Fujinomiya yakisoba” very tasty.

○ extensive menu
odles" are two of the billboard, "says Mume", there are also many other tavern menu while Ru natural that the two kinds. " d="「むめさん」の2枚看板は「焼きそば」と「お好み焼き」ですが、両者の種類も然る事ながら他の居酒屋メニューも数多くあります。">It is the “Okonomiyaki” and “fried noodles” are two of the billboard, “says Mume”, there are also many other tavern menu while Ru natural that the two kinds. Some, such as “kimchi” “meat”, “leek”, “shrimp”, “egg”, “squid”, “parallel” to each okonomiyaki and yakisoba. Alive and well tavern menu, in addition to the alcohol beer, shochu, and sake, there is also a knob peanut dish, grilled chicken, and fried edamame, kimchi, boiled. The original menu offers a variety of rich yet okonomiyaki, yakisoba a shop, but also to the tavern. Some people have pints, yakisoba and okonomiyaki peck, to the local audience is very convenient shops.

○ recommended “mixed fried noodles”
If you want to eat “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” in “San Mume” I recommend this “chow mein mix” (¥ 600 with tax). There are a lot of menus such as “meat”, “squid”, “shrimp”, “parallel” as well as well yakisoba Okonomiyaki, I got lost too many. Is recommended “mixed fried noodles” were entered together, such as “squid”, “shrimp”, “meat”, then. Or there is a commitment to a particular topping, a good way is different, just say and want to eat delicious fried noodles, I recommend you mix a lot of ingredients can be tasted.

○ Tourist Information around
Ate “Fujinomiya yakisoba” delicious “Mr. Mume,” Let me come to drop in to nearby attractions. The prefectural road heading west on Route 414 to the south, “says Mume”, there is a “白糸の滝” natural monument. On the other hand, when the prefectural road from the north on Route 71, “says Mume” there is “Fuji Milk Land.” Land is a good choice for gelato with milk or contact with animals, we used the milk of Asagirikogen.


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