◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kenashizan

○ One of the two hundred famous mountains in the border Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Japan
In the mountains of 1946 meters above sea level on the border of the town and Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Minobu Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, two hundred famous mountains in Japan, Yamanashi hyakumeizan, “Kenashizan” is one of the Hyakuyama Shizuoka. There is the highest peak, mountains 天子 mountains, in the northern part of the South-ku, Shizuoka Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture is Kenashizan. The road has been developed climbing, there is also a steep slope, because there is distance, it becomes a full-fledged climbing. About 4-5 hours round trip because it takes, must be equipped to perfect. Up to the top is very visible in views from the summit in good weather is the best. I seem to be due to “hair growth (belittle) mountain” the appearance that the origin of the name of Kenashizan has almost no trees on the summit by the climatic conditions, etc. are covered with grass or bamboo grass called it.

○ feeling prepared to climb Mt.
“Kenashizan” There are also 1,946 m altitude, steep slopes also many hiking trails and steep road, becoming a full-fledged climbing. There are things that Mr. climb “Mount Fuji”, it is a mountain of a challenge round trip takes nearly five hours in adult men. Some people trying to climb without much equipment in sneakers and sandals to Fuji well, this is ridiculous. Do not underestimate the mountain as well as Fuji Kenashizan harsh. Victim or injured person, but also appear in the summer season of climbing Mount Fuji, Mount Fuji, so a very large number of climbers still, there is a point easily call for help even in the case of an accident. However, few climbers Kenashizan, when I climb because it was completely outside the mobile is certainly difficult to rescue any accident or injury. I went up by myself many years ago, I have repented now if you think that it was dangerous action. I climb in the morning carrying a backpack with a lunch and water shoes, I remember the road was finally arrived around noon steep. I climbed the steep path doggedly not meet anyone the way I ought to go by multiple climbing again. Since there is also near 2,000 m elevation, given the changes in weather and temperature, should bring rain gear and winter clothes. Well known that anyone who climb, that this is not a thing to note, by way of precaution, we have written down for beginners like me.

○ parking entrance trail
The entrance of the trail “Kenashizan” is located at the foot of Asagirikogen. Although there seems to be various other, the most obvious northward towards the border Yamanashi Fuji road on Route 139 west, highway from inter Fuji Tomei. Only “drive-in toys” of Asagirikogen, the “paraglider school” field “Golf Asagiri Jamboree”, located at the end of the road entering the “Green Park Asagirikogen”. Arrived at the “parking entrance trail” of Tsukiatari In less than 10 minutes to Green Park to the road if entering from Route 139 national highway. “Parking” is to climb to put the price of a built-in envelope unmanned actually post has been placed, was to fill a number of their cars there. It is of course self-assessment because it unattended, “Mr. Fuji”, like I’m checking people in management when they went down receipt has been sandwiched between the wiper of the car firmly on a regular basis.

○ superb view from the summit
Mountaineering challenge is “Kenashizan”, and scenery impression when we arrived at the summit is the highest. The view from the summit of an elevation of about 2,000 meters from the vast plain spread out below Mount Fuji and does not accumulate. And was indescribably delicious things to eat lunch at the top that is. The morning started climbing from Mr. “Mount Fuji”, I finally reached the top of the mountain around noon. Although there was not anyone around, I remember was healed very wonderful view in front of you.

○ Tourist Information around
“Kenashizan” Because it takes 5 hours round trip, it is a full-fledged climbing rather than hiking. The descent can start climbing from morning will probably be in the afternoon, you’ll still come out tired. To relieve the weariness of such a soak in the hot springs near me is still the best. There was a hot spring called “Green Park” to Asagirikogen once, so now waiting for is closed, I must look for another hot spring. In sweat and tired of it quickly climbing nearby, I recommend the “hot mother heaven.” In about 20 minutes by car from Kenashizan, it is also reasonable one time fee 400 yen, 700 yen for 3 hours. Say the nearby hot springs and better, there is a “water of the Wind” had come down south to “Fuji Milk Land.” Although the firm facility, so the price 800 yen per day, If you want to finish quickly in a short period of time may be too good.

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Asagiri 白糸の滝 Heartland Kachoen Fuji “Asagirikogen” Road Station Asagirikogen
Fuji Milk Land water and wind in glutinous drive Tanukiko Green Park
Mother Sky Yu Asagiri heaven


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