◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness Karishuku Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sakura dismounting of Karishuku

○ cherry special national treasure that has set up a team of Yoritomo
Stronghold was in the house when the Ide Karishuku do “Makigari of Fuji” is Yoritomo in 1193. Since it is called “(cherry Komadome alias”) “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” from the fact that the dismounting stop the horse cherry tree in front of the house that Ide. “Akashi Lome Bana Mountain bruising dark (cherry red white flower bud)” on wild cherry tree in blossom with white flowers blooming red bud. Estimated at more than 800 years, the oldest age class is cherry in Japan. Its heyday was a giant of 8.5 m 35 m height, trunk circumference, so now there is no dignity of the victims of typhoon or other repeated. 1952 (1952) March, has been designated as special national treasure. In about mid-April each year, around are beautiful blooming rape, the best time to see a large number of tourists visit.

○ One of the “Five Japan Sakura”
“Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” is the one specified in the national treasure of five cherry blossoms in Japan in 1922 (1922) of “Sakura Five Japan.” “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Sakura Jindai bowler” in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, “Zakura Kaba Ishido” in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture, and “Sakura Five” Japanese “three Miharu-machi Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture is “jet black cherry valley Neo,” the city of Gifu Prefecture Motosu and “Sakura falls in the spring. “Sakura dismounting of Karishuku” is set to special national treasure in 1952.

○ beauty of cherry Tokugawa Yoshinobu sing
“Tokugawa Yoshinobu” 15th shogun Tokugawa Shogunate are poem about the “cherry dismounting of Karishuku”. “I like wild cherry tree that connects the mind of the beholder is not the only piece suit.” I am emotional and I think a person Yoritomo Yoshinobu and large on the history and made through the heart to see the Sakura “Karishuku dismounting of the same” over time.

○ contest of cherry and rape blossoms
You can “Rapeseed” around of “cherry dismounting of Karishuku” is a beautiful view of yellow rape blossoms in full bloom and just clean Sakura-shoku. The first time I saw the cherry Shimouma “Mr. Fuji” does not have quite the cherry tree that produces the scale and beauty of this in just one tree only. I wish I was impressed with some cherry only truly special national treasure. I of course just enough beautiful cherry tree only, had spread as far as the eye can see beautiful views of 菜の花 has yellow flowers around. You can take a picture of it up to do a photo shoot also put Mt. Fuji did not appear, and well unfortunately clouds are present, it is a wonderful view of Mount Fuji still putting.

○ More Information

  98-1 Karishuku Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  0544-22-1155 (Fujinomiya Commerce and Tourism Division)
  Free tour
  About 30 minutes via road west of IC Fuji Fuji Tomei
  About 40 minutes via National Highway No. 139 from Kawaguchiko IC Chuo
  About 45 minutes via National Highway No. 358.139 or from Kofu Minami IC

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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