Nevala Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Asagirikogen

○ scenic spots, nature SCENIC SPOTS INSHIZUOKA PREFECTURE (Shizuoka)

○ big dairyland about 1000-800 m elevation on the western flank of Mt.
Located in the north near the border of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, “Asagirikogen” refers to a vast plateau of around 1000-800 m elevation on the western flank of Mt. This area is a thriving dairy and livestock since ancient times, known as the producer of milk cows and especially speaking Asagirikogen. In fact, I found an idyllic scenery idyllic meadows integrated regional spread in some places, cattle that are grazing at the foot of Mount Fuji.

○ access to “Asagirikogen”
North along the national highway No. 139 from Fuji Inter Tomei, Asagirikogen has a way to access more than one national highway to the west on Route 139, and go from Chuo Kofu Minami Inter Fuji Five Lakes or through or from the Kawaguchiko or Gotemba. Although you can visit in comfort if by car, train is not through, the number of regular bus inconvenient because extremely small, I’m pretty much a tourist bus or private vehicle must be either.

○ What “Asagirikogen” Why do you call?
The origin of the name of the “Asagirikogen” is due to the “fog” is Umidasa by its unique topography and climatic conditions. In particular, the fog tends to occur when it rains, in the area may Asagirikogen deep fog hangs over as far as the eye can see. The fog has not occurred Kamikuishiki village, Yamanashi Prefecture, if you come to the city center or left the Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Asagirikogen, there are many that only Asagirikogen deep fog hangs over or from its specificity. It would have been named as “Asagirikogen” as derived from the fog that frequently occur, there is a fog hangs over it day and night as well as the actual morning.

○ “parking refreshing Asagiri”
I think you refer to the side Dokora Speaking Asagirikogen, there are many people who do not know you very well. Because, Asagirikogen because it is not a place name in the address, I am because not clear and you’re far from here. However, in the highlands near 800M ~ 1,000 M above sea level on the western flank of Mount Fuji, in general, does not refer to the area around “Asagirikogen Road Station” from the “ranch Makaino” If Millet from national highway along Route 139 I think. So, speaking of that “Asagirikogen” これぞ in it and somewhere, still I would not refer to the area around the pasture “Parking refreshing morning mist.” Located between the “Asagirikogen Road Station” and “Green Park” 温泉 Asagirikogen from “Parking refreshing morning mist” has wonderful views that make you feel that what the view from here is Asagirikogen. Cattle are grazing pasture spread, in front is an idyllic landscape of Mount Fuji can be seen in the plateau came back dive. If you want to feel that you have come to Asagirikogen, is what I want you to come visit the “parking refreshing morning mist.”

○ Asagirikogen as a tourist destination
Not only as a dairy and livestock area, on the western flank of the vast highlands Asagirikogen of Mount Fuji, is also famous as a tourist resort. Taking advantage of the vast highlands, there are a lot of great tourist facilities golf, paragliding school, camping, amusement parks, spa facilities, ranch experience, community facilities and other specialty products for sale. Has been deployed in the main dairy animal husbandry as well as a tourist destination, offers a unique service resorts and Asagirikogen.
In addition, “JAM Asagiri” held jazz musicians of the world are gathered together in Asagirikogen annually, it is the jazz festival, held in the open air venue. Once opening day, jazz fans from all over the country flooded, crowded around the venue will be. Now, I have become as famous as it’s referred to as “JAM Asagiri” Speaking of Asagirikogen. On the day of the competition, the entire region is very lively crowd tens of thousands of visitors. Opening stage and performance are to be installed at the Asagiri Arena venue, nearby campground is full.

○ camping Asagirikogen
There are many campgrounds in Asagirikogen where you can enjoy the nature of the western flank of Mt. “Asagirikogen foot car camping”, “campsite Tanukiko”, “car camping village Asagirikogen Penguin”, “car camping Inokashira”, “car camping Asagirikogen”, “car camping Asagiri Jamboree”, ” Asagirikogen such as “Forest campground 天子”, “mochi Asagirikogen and camping is camping mecca. In 2010 will be held at Asagirikogen also “Nippon Jamboree,” a national convention of the Scout Association of Japan, 20 000 person camp of scale have been made. In addition, all participants will be camping at the venue of Asagirikogen in “all camp in” in “JAM Asagiri” to be held every year. Enjoy live outdoor events, after the performance of the night I is intended that enjoy camping in Asagirikogen quietly.

○ Tourist Information around
On the western flank of Mt Asagirikogen of dairy livestock zone, there are many fascinating tourist attractions. Near the border of the northern part of the Asagirikogen, there is “Kachoen Fuji” and “Asagirikogen Road Station.” In the theme park of flowers blooming begonia, fuchsia, garden flowers and birds are also breeding owls in the world. Since the huge greenhouse, I is safe even on rainy days. Also, if you would rather the “milking” of cattle in Asagirikogen, I recommend “Fuji Milk Land” and “Makaino ranch.” In addition to cattle, it is possible to interact with the animals are horses, sheep, and goats as well. And including “Daifuku” grass famous, you can eat jealousy of Tsukitate, rice cake flour, grated mochi in “drive-in toys.” There is also a hall of motorcycles, is a popular spot to love bikes.

Recommended spot Asagirikogen
“Asagirikogen” Road Station
About 3km north the “parking refreshing morning mist.” Along the east side of Highway 139 national highway.
Road Station Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, which opened in March 2000.
Located in the area of ??animal husbandry dairy Asagirikogen at the northern end of Fujinomiya,
Have been unified into barn-style building in honor of the regional station building.
Such as “milk plateau” Asagirikogen unique “soft cream of milk Asagiri”
Specialty products, local specialties are sold.

○ More Information

  Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
URL (Fujinomiya City Tourism Association)
  Refreshing parking (west along Route 139 national highway)
  Approximately 50 minutes from Kofu, Chuo Inter ② about 40 minutes south of InterContinental Tomei Fuji ①

○ map around

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○ recommended products Asagirikogen

Makaino milk ranch Asagiri
Fuji Asagirikogen milk Nonhomo
I Do jam milk gelato
Wilderness of Asagirikogen
Plateau milk that nurtured
Asagirikogen rich and fresh milk
In the sense of freshly squeezed
Fuji Asagirikogen Nonhomo drinking milk
Production “I Do”
Of “I Ide” commitment goods
Freshly squeezed milk
Had made

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji Milk Land “toys” drive-in Kachoen Fuji “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Tokai Nature Trail Falls Ranch Zimbalist Makaino Tanukiko
Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha Hongu Kenashizan 白糸の滝 wetlands consistent Oda


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