◎ TOURIST FACILITIES town tourist facilities Kofuchu Takeda Shrine Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture

○ shrine that enshrines the “Takeda Shingen” coach of the Warring States Period
“Takeda Shrine” is a shrine dedicated to the public Shingen Takeda to represent the country at the little town that is worth Kofuchu Kofu, Yamanashi, Kofu Station. Shrine lived about 60 years Warring States period, has evolved in terms of economy and culture, military, the country of worth, Nobutora Takeda, Shingen Takeda, Katsuyori Takeda spans three generations, “azalea trail Museum Saki” will be erected in the underneath. Believe, because it did not build a castle base, as its name suggests, Shingen Takeda “castle stone wall, people person” “Azalea Hall of Qi” is said to have been the only mansion. Takeda Shingen seems to have been considered as the foundation of the national idea what human resources, the country that you can not even make much baronial castle. Also, think Shingen are those made outside of the country and the war, and such that it can not be drawn into a war with their domestic enemies, he is also known as the castle did not make. In April each year the event of Koshu corps matrix that mimics the 将 twenty-four Takeda is carried out in the city, has become a traditional event in the region. Every year a large number of pilgrims visiting the shrine has been dedicated to the public Shingen of Kai are sacred and to try to capitalize on the strength of Shingen game.

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  2611 town Kofuchu Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture 〒 400-0014
Opening Hours
  30 to 16 minutes at 9:30 ① Treasury
  10 large passenger buses and 154 cars
  30 minutes from Kofu Showa IC Chuo

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