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○ If you’re looking for a wine “hill of grapes”
If you are looking for a wine with “Katsunuma” town of grapes, I definitely recommend the “hill of grapes” of municipal Katsunuma this Yamanashi Prefecture. Speaking Katsunuma town, famous for the finest grapes in the nation. Selection of wines of the city that has gathered together Katsunuma. As a facility is located in the top of the “hill” literally elevated curves and hot wine shop wine (wine cellar), in the sky, hotels and restaurants. From inter Katsunuma Chuo Expressway, located about a 7-minute drive away.

○ storing 40 000 150 bottles of wine, total wine “curve”
Curve of the underground wine would be the best selling “hill of grapes” is than anything. About 150 types of recommendation Katsunuma town, the nearby wine sleeping a total of 40 000 books in storage in the basement. To the curve of the underground wine but go down the stairs from the shop, you can buy and free tasting tasting dedicated vessel, the Tatovu~an at the stand. I think the wine available for tasting all that is put on top of the barrel tasting is whether it is not perhaps had more than one hundred kinds. You are able to a wide variety of white wine, red wine, sweet and dry, while looking for a taste of wine tasting. And drivers who are minors is strictly forbidden, you can taste the wine as you like freely if all others.

○ We can buy wine by the tasting satisfactory to your heart’s content
In fact, I tried to buy a variety of tasting Tatovu~an I also was not able to try all kinds indeed too many. I was very pleased to wine from wine ranked 4,000 yen yen this place one that you’ve been tasting without having to worry about the price. However, I am indeed drunk and try several. After Dari smell, roll in the mouth, the wine tasting that is, the spit without drinking seems to me the right way. I therefore, in each corner of the cellar is like a bucket in the shape of the barrel has been fitted, it has become like a wine Hakidaseru. In addition, water is there in preparation for consideration throughout, that does not leave any taste of the previous wine and mouth rinse Tatovu~an are. Various try, I purchased the “Muscat” and white “wine red” Katsunuma Chateau eventually. Easy to drink but I chose both sweet, because it was affordable and the price is also about one thousand yen, there were a lot of other expensive and good wine of course. In this way, each person I choose variety, “Wine curve this” I would not be the best If you are looking for a glass of wine at Katsunuma also, because in Yamanashi choice of one or two but not limited to the manufacturer.

○ More Information

  5093 Hishiyama Katsunuma county town Higashiyamanashi Yamanashi Prefecture 〒 409-1302
  Home town of grapes hill ① ② Katsunuma website
Overview of Facilities
  Underground wine cellars wine restaurant ② ③ ① Information Hall & shop
  Ur-Ki Museum Exchange Center of the sky Yu ④ ⑦ peace barbecue House Hotel ⑤ ⑥
  Cape descending star-bell fountain of love, hope Venus ⑪ event hall ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ Banquet
Opening Hours
  8:00 ~ 20:00 ② ① 9:00 ~ 17:00 wine cellar shop
  ③ Restaurant 11:30 to 15:00 17:00 to 19:30
  ④ Barbecue (separate groups) 11:00 to 17:00
  7 days a week
  300 units

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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