◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities infield Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture ranch Makaino

○ ranch type tourist facilities can interact with farm animals sheep, cattle, and horses
In the vast grounds extend to 150 000 square meters of the corner of “Asagirikogen”, it is a tourist facility type ranch to ranch cattle breeding animals, sheep, and horses, you can touch. You can experience a variety of riding, milking, breeding animals, bread making, such as making sausage, the whole family can enjoy. Products are also sold unique homemade ranch milk, bread, ice cream, and sausages at the shop. In addition, local production for local consumption listed in “restaurant” farm, plenty of dishes with local ingredients can be tasted in the form of buffet.

○ The origin of the ranch Makaino
In fact the origin of the name of the “ranch Makaino” comes from “Mr. Makaino ranch.” “Mr. Makaino” “ranch Makaino”, by the “Sun Makaino” and “Makaino” The owner is ranch. It is very unusual last name, there is a decent Iware. It is said that Yoritomo ordered the horses in training Asagirikogen to his servants, and gave them the surname “Makaino (Makaino)” on. Seems to have been rice meaningful “keeping a horse in the field from the” called. By with the descendants of his servants, “says Makaino” The owners are currently involved in the management of tourist facilities Asagirikogen ranch type.

○ Fureaeru events held with animals
There are a lot of unique events Fureaeru and ranch animals such as cattle and sheep in “Makaino ranch.” , “Animal husbandry experience”, “sheep shearing”, “Show Fight of sheep”, “sheep grazing”, “experience squeezed cow’s milk” milk “the tour until you” Stroll, “” horse riding ” We hold an event, such as a goat. ” Speaking of the cattle ranch and is Asagirikogen can experience milking cows in the pasture Makaino. Milking cows can not experience in daily life is quite shocking really fresh. In addition, the staff is as it will pull the reins firmly “Riding” is a draft horse, I am recommended for children and beginners.

○ classroom experience of food
We hold the “classroom experience” to convey the importance of “food” in “Makaino ranch.” Include “making cookies” or “making ice cream”, “cheese making”, “making butter” using fresh milk Asagirikogen. You can make one with plenty of milk from any of the morning mist. In addition, you can also experience “making sausage” with a full-fledged real Yocho. Are doing as well as “making bean paste rice cake wrapped in a cherry leaf” or “making meat buns”, “making Baumkuchen”, “dumpling making みたらし” for a limited time also, it is full of really attractive classroom experience.

○ “milk Nonhomo” pasteurized homemade
Flagship product of the “ranch Makaino” is “milk” can say what. Contract has been specified as a dairy farm in the city of Fujinomiya in particular “Makaino ranch”, which purchases milk from dairy farmers excellent quality. Feeding high-quality grass to feed cattle, do the cleaning and thorough health management, we are given a farm breeding aims to manage the flavor of the original milk. Are sold at “no adjustment” component and then “pasteurization” factory “Makaino ranch” is milk that was born. Is “pasteurization” is to keep most of the nutrients without sterilization of milk, as much as possible impair the flavor and taste. Moreover, in order to leave the mouth of the original drinking milk, we are producing milk as “Nonhomo” Do not break the homogenized milk fat. Milk, but milk fat floats on the surface of the original time has elapsed, the milk that is sold in supermarkets generally not mass floats. This is because it is milk that has been “homogenized” Processing homogenized milk fat. Milk fat, but do not come easy to many days float even when stored in the refrigerator, these milk This is not the nature of the original milk. To provide milk and taste very nature, has been producing milk “Nonhomo” pasteurization dare in “Makaino ranch.”

○ “restaurant farm” all-you-can-eat
To “ranch Makaino”, there is a “restaurant” farm dishes using local produce in abundance. As well as local vegetables at the restaurant, I have about 60 different offers a menu using local ingredients, such as milk of course eggs, meat, rice, and bread. Has participated very actively stuck, Fujinomiya is also recommended to “Food Valley concept” of “local production for local consumption” is the food. Since the format “Buffet” restaurant is available to meet the needs of passengers. Also recommended in the menus using seasonal vegetables of each season, you can enjoy various vegetables in every season. Viking Restaurant “farm” because it will only open for lunch from 11 am to 3 pm, you must be careful. The restaurant is open until 17:00, except lunch time is not a buffet, it is a system order. Also because of the different rates for weekdays and weekends and holidays, I will make use of to check.

○ heading “Fuji Marche” farm stand
Opened the “Fuji Marche” farm stand new in May 2010 in “Makaino ranch.” By the “market” in French, seems to have been named from the sense that agricultural market at the foot of Mt Fuji is “Marche”. Although the dishes using local produce vegetables in the “restaurant” farm of the “ranch Makaino”, you can buy fresh vegetables in the local production of “Fuji Marche”. (Minute broadcast September 04, 2010) “Fuji Marche” and “restaurant” farm even has been introduced “Tours” If Fuji TV. Hours seems to be limited to weekends and holidays the time being, it is a great opportunity to purchase seasonal vegetables at the foot of Mt Fuji. It is a simple farmer ‘s market to sell a tent in the parking lot, just what vegetables are freshly picked freshness may also quality. Let me visit once by all means.

○ “Farm Ranch”
To “ranch Makaino” has company-owned farms, has been conducting the event of harvesting vegetables as “farm ranch.” You are you doing to guide teaching and philosophy of harvesting from ranch to convey the importance of food, general soliciting tourists. With the exception of the winter season, seasonal vegetables can be harvested on a farm nearly every month. I am able to take out in the field actually bamboo shoots, potatoes, corn, peanuts, and sweet potatoes. We are actually able to experience their own vegetable garden you are usually eating or growing in any state in the field, or how to harvest. Now, the importance of “food education” has been crying, it is a great event experience to convey the importance of food to children. Farming is a real dickens of a time that a lot of work, such as making removal soil, weeding, and insect involves, you can feel free to experience the “harvest” is the greatest joy of farming is still a good thing.

○ Tourist Information around
Asagirikogen around there is a “ranch Makaino” There are a lot of tourist attractions. “白糸の滝” has been designated a natural monument, is a must-see scenic spot in the country. There Asagirikogen milk just like “ranch Makaino” in “Fuji Milk Land”, you will be able to interact with animals, such as milking cows through. In addition, the taste of pride the “Daifuku grass” in “toys drive-in”, you can also visit “House of motorcycles.” If you run in the direction of Yamanashi from toys, there are also “Asagirikogen Road Station” and “Kachoen Fuji”. Sells local vegetables, even at the foot of Mt Fuji “Road Station”.

Set rare cheese cake cheese souffle dairy milk Nonhomo

○ More Information

  1327 infield Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 18:00 (late March to late November – 17:00)
  A day, seven days a week (late March to late November holiday Wednesday) Road closed at the end
Usage fee
  Admission Adult 700 yen, 350 yen 1300 yen experience pottery making butter 500 yen Children
  Tomei Expressway from Fuji IC, National Highway No. 139 (via road Fuji Fujinomiya road west)
  From Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC, via national highway No. 139

○ map around

Yahoo! gourmet restaurants – ♪ Viking farm at the ranch Makaino Fujinomiya

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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“Green Park”
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