◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Milk Land Asagirikogen

○ enjoy plenty of dairy products Asagirikogen
This is a professional tourist facilities on the western flank of dairy products in the dairy, of Asagirikogen of Mt. Sells fresh local vegetables and dairy milk squeezed Asagirikogen, ice cream, gelato, and cheese. Farmer ‘s market in agricultural products, fresh vegetables lined caught Asagiri Plateau. Including the “cheese” or “grazing milk” made fresh on-site at the factory, in the shop ranch you will be able to buy souvenirs and various dairy products. Restaurant and you can have a buffet and eat delicious food using local produce in abundance. Also, in the “Fuji Asagirikogen farm-in” accommodation, you can experience the local dairy farmers under the actual experience, such as dairy milk if you book. Can also experience making dairy products, ice cream enjoy using Asagiri milk, butter, and cream cheese making.

○ of pasteurized milk “Asagiri Plateau grazing Fuji”
“Fuji Asagiri Plateau grazing milk” that sell are manufactured by a small number of contracts purchased from growers in the milk Asagirikogen land. There is a lot of cattle grazing in the meadow of Asagirikogen, at the ranch of the producers is growing healthy. Grazing or feed that has been carefully selected, grazing cattle are drinking melted snow water of Mt. Milk from cows that have been squeezed, who grew up in an environment like that I’m blessed with “grazing milk this”. So as not to impair the taste of this exquisite milk, milk Land We are manufacturing process for 30 minutes at 65 ℃ in the “pasteurization”. How to sterilization in 1-3 seconds 120 ~ 150 ℃, called “ultra-high-temperature short-time pasteurization milk” is the general public is mainstream, we can not deny that flavor is reduced to high-temperature processing. This method is efficient to mass produce milk if, in the case of milk “grazing” has adopted the law “pasteurized” with emphasis on the flavor of the milk in small quantity limited production.

○ milk grazing of “non-homogenized”
“Fuji Asagiri Plateau grazing milk” is milk “Nonhomo” not homogenized milk fat. Freshly squeezed milk must be pasteurized and say, “non-homogenized (= non-homogenized)” originally is milk. Milk fat floats to the surface If you place the milk as it is freshly squeezed. The original milk fat is hard particles are digested large particles of fat milk will be fine by the “homogenized (homogenization)” to, digestible and easy to drink. Milk “grazing” has been made in the manufacturing process, “Nonhomo” aims to be close to the milk out the taste of freshly squeezed in nature by grazing cattle. There is little-to-mouth habit of drinking milk Nonhomo, That is the flavor of the original milk.

○ use milk cheese boast plateau
Asagirikogen using fresh milk, cheese are manufactured in our own factory in “Fuji Milk Land.” Manufactures and sells “or stripe cheese” including “cheese sashimi” and “Camembert” about the quality of the award winning numerous competitions. Wasabi and soy sauce to eat with cheese slice, cheese “sashimi” is addictive taste of how to eat and enjoy once is unusual.

○ “restaurants plateau” with plenty of local produce
To “Fuji Milk Land” has a “restaurant plateau” was stuck with a focus on local ingredients Asagirikogen. Before, it was buffet style restaurant, is now a buffet system was changed to order a main dish. Basic menu rice, soup, and salads in buffet style, original dishes chicken dishes, steaks and curry is made to order a separate fee system. We are beginning to provide food Asagirikogen cattle, chicken, Fuji, Fujinomiya rainbow trout production, with lots of local produce such as vegetables plateau.

○ “workshop gelato” of popular
Milk Land “gelato” using the milk is very popular when I Asagirikogen grazing. This wide selection of rich taste of the milk and cheese Asagiri “Milk” enjoy, enters land of milk production, such as “green tea” and “Camembert”. There is a limit of gelato, such as “Halloween”, “Christmas”, “cheek” Red “Almond”, every other season. “Camembert” or “milk” is a popular classic, but I also enjoy eating gelato season and these limited time every time you visit.

○ ramen creation “Paul New Men (noodles milk)”
Sells “Paul New Men” kind of sale now in Fujinomiya “Milk Ramen” in “Fuji Milk Land.” “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” has become a well-known brand that is known all over the country now, “milk ramen” or “rainbow trout” as part of the regional development policy of the subsequent Fujinomiya is recommended. “Milk” Ramen noodles are added to the milk fresh Asagirikogen miso soup base, served with local vegetables to noodles made of Fujinomiya. Chinese restaurant in the city starting at Fujinomiya, milk Land is currently 4 th shop. Each store has a different taste but, in the soup by adding “milk grazing” to Karamiso spicy secret, if the land of milk is topped with vegetables “plateau” “striped cheese”, a special noodle Fujinomiya. Soup is easy to drink easily even if it says milk ramen, soup is also good for noodles at stake, there is a high degree of perfection as ramen.

○ “Friendship Square Animals”
Including a representative Asagirikogen cattle, there are a lot of animals, such as pigs goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, ducks and the “square animal petting” in “Fuji Milk Land.” Although cattle Speaking Asagirikogen can also “(fee required) riding experience” and “(reservation might be needed all year) experience squeezed milk” with “square” Fureai. You can also have such other goats and rabbits, and the feeding. Square is safe even in children there is a fence or per each animal, because it is connected by a string.

○ “Farmer’s Market”
Land of milk has a “Farmer’s Market” to sell local vegetables Asagirikogen and Fujinomiya city. Your local farmers bring garden-fresh vegetables every morning. Seasonal vegetables of each season at an affordable price, so get fresh, let me come visit. Has been promoting the environmental protection type farmers, such as “Eco Farmer” in the Farmers Market, pesticide-free vegetables with an emphasis on organic fertilizer and many have been sold. Also, I’m not just selling seasonal vegetables were cultivated, as well as wild vegetables were picked in Asagirikogen. Please enter the text

○ Building Asagirikogen Fuji Hotel Farm Inn
There is a two-storey lodge accommodation, to Fuji Milk Land you can enjoy in the natural cliff Asagirikogen stay. It is like a hut accommodation independent individual, equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet, fridge, washing machine etc., can also be long-term stay, you can use up to about five from two. Pets are allowed in, until one animal is included in the room rate, after the first two animals is available if you pay an additional fee. Is good to be good self-catering, also a BBQ outside, perfect to travel and stay experience family dairy. From the lodge (depending on the weather, of course) Fuji is clearly visible, luxurious place to be looking at all day.

○ Tourist Information around
Recommended attractions in the surrounding area is packed with milk Asagirikogen land. First, it does not mean that tourist destination, and then north on Route 71 for about 500 meters there is a milk prefectural land, there is a “harness Fuji Japan Guide Dog Center” of guide dog training facility. “Harness” Fuji is functioning as a facility tour for a better understanding of care as well as training of guide dogs guide dog. Get to know a wide range of guide dogs missing overwhelmingly in the nation, I’m working on a little activity to increase the number of guide dogs. In addition, the northward “harness” Fuji, Fujinomiya City man hole past the elementary school, there is a “Cafe Nachure” that management is Mr. actress Youki Kudoh. Have committed themselves to organic farming, Mr. Kudo in the cafe serves dishes with vegetables and rice (? Yuki) and the organic.

○ More Information

  Kamiide ??3690 Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:30 to 18:00
  A day, seven days a week
Overview of Facilities
  Multipurpose Hall Farm Inn Hotel Puromunamu ⑩ ⑨ ⑪ forest bathing お花畑 ⑧ ⑦ square field of courage Fureai workshop ④ ⑤ ⑥ restaurant gelato farmers market studio ② ③ ① milk selling specialty products
Usage fee
  Admission free
  Under investigation

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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