◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities Nevala Kachoen Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ paradise of flowers that you feel like I went to heaven
In 8,000 square meters, 2,400 square meters of greenhouse giant, attractions Asagirikogen is begonia flower, fuchsia bloom all year round in more than 10 000 shares. It was opened in 1990 as the “International Garden Fuji”, I was renamed to the current “Kachoen Fuji” in 2008. The entire facility has become a huge greenhouse, the environmental control of temperature and humidity management computer of the latest equipment, we are opened all year round to grow begonia native of tropical and sub-tropical, and fuchsia. In the world of flowers as far as the eye can see, in a greenhouse is ethereal beauty. Begonia varieties as well as traditional varieties are also cultivated its own garden has been improved, the exhibition has grown 1,300 1,000 species species begonia, fuchsia. Aligned in a greenhouse even more than varieties, and colorful white, yellow, red, peach, orange and I am a really clean. We are also being raised over than 200 owl feather, and thoroughly enjoy watching, too. In recent years we have also bred tropical fish and emus, parrots and, I do not see you everyday Fureaeru rare flora and fauna.

○ tea garden in the huge greenhouse
In a huge all-weather greenhouse “Kachoen Fuji” There is a coffee shop that can be snack-break. But does not go as far as a full-fledged restaurant, you can eat “and Begonia soft”, “fuchsia” soft flagship product of something hot topic “Fujinomiya yakisoba.” Eat in greenhouse surrounded by beautiful flowers around the mood is very good. Flowers are placed on the head of beautiful table seats, we can enjoy a meal while admiring the elegant flower.

○ “owl show popular”
Twice a day, has been held in a greenhouse in a show of owl “Kachoen Fuji”. It is not that wild owl to get used to people, flowers and birds in the garden is a show we are to train the owl was raised from chicks. The show was held in the square there is a tea garden, you can see the sights of the owl flying or walking by the trainer. Show Because you may or may not be performed due to circumstances and health status of the owl, and make sure the property directly or HP.

○ Kachoen five management groups Kamo
In 1990 “Kachoen Fuji” was opened in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture as “Garden International Fuji”, originally one of the theme parks of group Kamo Mr. Motoaki duck in 1957 opened the “iris garden Kamo” is one. Mr. Motoaki Kamo is poised to “show Kamo” mansion in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture village headman of village headman in families that follow from the Momoyama period. Began to grow irises around the show is a home at the beginning of the Kamo “Kamo Iris Garden”, about 1,500 species per hectare, iris of one million shares are grown. Then, I have realized as Kachoen around a passion for flowers and birds. In 1990, “Fuji International Garden” (Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture), in 2001, “Matsue Vogel Park” (Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture), in 2003 “Kachoen Kakegawa” (Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture), in 2006, “Kobe It opened Kachoen “the (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture).

○ try to use various discount deals
Adults (Junior high school students and older) \ 1,050 including tax, Children (elementary school only) entrance fee of “Kachoen Fuji” is 525 yen including tax, you can use a variety of discounts. I have of course discount (over 65) discount disabilities, senior, has been distributing discount coupons but tourist accommodation facility nearby. \ 1,050 or \ 950 if you use the coupon, I will be about 1 discount admission according to the classification. In addition, you can purchase tickets at a discount similar to the “advance vouchers” in the service of a dedicated terminal ticket at a convenience store. You redeem me and be presented to the acceptance of admission ticket Kachoen tickets you have purchased. Voucher is required to be careful because you can not cancel or refund, you can feel free to use the discount.

○ Tourist Information around
“Kachoen Fuji” is located in Fujinomiya Asagirikogen-rich tourism resources, there are a lot of spots around recommendations. There is a “Paraglider School Asagirikogen” right opposite the Route 139 just across the road, you can feel free to experience paragliding tours and even a beginner. If the No. 139 national highway 500 meters further north, there is a “Asagirikogen Road Station”, you can buy local produce and specialties. If you want to take a picture of Asagirikogen, if you go south on Route 139 about two kilometers, a large meadow on the east side so we see, it is a good idea to park near to the shooting of “parking” refreshing. Asagirikogen unique experience such as “milking cow” If I want to, I recommend the “ranch Makaino” and “Fuji Milk Land.” Of course, I am also not be removed sights “白糸の滝” natural monument.

○ More Information

  480-1 Nevala Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 16:30 (Mon 12-3 is ~ 16:00)
  A day, seven days a week
Usage fee
  Adult entrance fee 1050 yen, Children 525 yen (elementary school)
  (20% off Free infant elderly, people with disabilities over the age of 65)
  Under investigation

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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