◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities Ooka Numazu Numazu Station Road Gourmet

○ “Izu” small shopping centers and restaurants of the theme
“Gourmet Numazu Station Road” is a huge shopping center and the new restaurant has just opened in September 2004. Conveniently located just 1.2km from the inter Tomei Numazu, large-scale facility is also widely parking. The “gourmet specialty” Izu, including seafood from around the Izu, Izu specialty of every thing Japanese horseradish, pickles, and sweets are sold. In the “places to eat seafood,” Izu, dishes made with seafood and vegetables fresh in Izu landed from Numazu port. In opened on the theme of “Izu” small “Thus gourmet Numazu Station Road”, you will be able to purchase those goods or food of Izu.

○ The rich assortment wide counter space gourmet “specialty” Izu
There is only opened on the theme of “small Izu is here”, is a series of surprise to a rich assortment of size and scale of the “gourmet specialty” Izu. The facility belongs to the class of souvenir dealer, it is the atmosphere of being in the basement of a department store though. Countless products on the sales floor space you can afford, even if several hundred people visit at once has been on display. Vast counter space is divided into some corner of each type of product, such as the Izu seafood unique “corner grocery store”, “pickle shop”, “dried fish shop”, wasabi famous Amagi Izu ya “wasabi” dealing with, and even up to ya “North Sea” to sell seafood straight from Hokkaido why.

Natural wasabi tsukudani of string

○ many unique souvenir shop selling sweets
Gourmet “specialty” Izu, sales of marine products is primarily seem Izu that is surrounded by the sea, has been sold many souvenirs such as cookies and confectionery classic bun your course. Seafood is the perfect souvenir of Izu, souvenir sweets come in handy if you want to take home a souvenir or something is simple or if you are concerned about or can not be passed immediately. Since there are many reasonably priced delicious sweets of course, it is also the gift that no way inferior to seafood. Confectionery wide variety of buns, cookies, candy, crackers, rice cakes, and cakes are on display, is located at a loss which to choose.

○ “station” neither station “town” even “Road Station”
It is named as “station”, and “gourmet Numazu Station Road”, nor is it “station of the town” even “way station” actually. Has been described as “way station” and suddenly see, but if you look closely, read the “station” in “gourmet Numazu Road” is like reading is correct. There is no perfect be referred to as a “way station” even scale idea, certainly in facility. However, even if the “station of the city,” also “Road Station”, than the splendor and scale facility, it is called a “station of the city” or “way station” in terms of a functional is rather common. I facility must fulfill its function as a “station of the town” or “way station” even just how wonderful. “Road Station” is the resting place of long distance drivers and tourists, toilet, information, and original features such as regional development. On the other hand, the “station of the city” to promote the urban development of the region, there is a need for functionality that is exchange hub connecting the town around. “Read Numazu Station Road”, which is also functionally away meets some criteria, nor is it “station” which in practice.

○ numerous passengers in the hotel, “Hot water of Manyo”
To “gourmet Numazu Station Road” is “yu Manyo Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu has to offer. It is open from six months ago, “Station Road Gourmet” is “yu Manyo”, it is also introduced in this website. Description of “Yu Manyo” The yield on a separate page, Notably, the synergistic effect of that is to be expected as a tourist destination by the two facilities have to offer. As a dealer of tourist souvenirs outside the prefecture, “Station Road Gourmet” is “yu Manyo” on the other hand can be expected to attract as leisure and entertainment facilities for tourists. I think if there are several tourist facilities in the same location, and then attract a higher rate is useful. I think just because it was still open just two facilities, and how we would like to focus on the development and future trends.

○ OVERALL: If you buy a souvenir of “Izu Numazu Station Road Gourmet”
“Gourmet Numazu Station Road” takes care to meet the expectations of tourists in an assortment of counter space and a wealth of unprecedented scale. Because with store large parking dedicated bus, places to eat and even many seats, not only individual customers, has become a facility that can accept a large number of customer groups, such as sightseeing tours. Concern for operating costs will be too large in scale, continue taking advantage of the scale of the On the other hand, if you open a souvenir shop, places to eat for Large Groups excursion, such as hot springs tour continuously I think I will continue to develop. Anyway, I’m glad you can buy the items you like from any Large Groups in any individual travelers, rich assortment of stores in one. If you are thinking that after the Izu souvenir, why not you visited once by all means try.

○ More Information

  1208-1 Okamiya Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 410-0011
  Http://www.gourmetclub.co.jp/: “Station Road Gourmet Numazu” ①
  Http://www.fuji.ne.jp/ ~ gourmet /: “Road Gourmet Numazu” ②
Overview of Facilities
  ⑫ hairdresser punished ya ya Beihai ⑪ Manjuya ⑤ ⑥ pickles dried fish shop confectionery processing ⑩ ⑨ ④ Square children ⑮ grocery store ya ya delicacy wasabi ③ ⑧ treatment rest treatment ⑭ special events ② ⑦ places to eat grocery store ⑬ medicine ①
Opening Hours
  8:00 to 19:00 (Food court: 9:00 to 19:00)
  7 days a week
  ② ① passenger bus 24 to 250 units
  Down the Tomei Expressway Numazu IC ①, wire inter Numazu Numazu IC towards Route 1 1.2km ② straight

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

  ・ “Manyo no Yu Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu


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