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● “toys” origin of “toys”

“Toys” was originally opened as “toys” in 1972. Selling fresh mochi with since, specialty tourism degree, which is said to “horses for courses” and has been popular as a souvenir. Among the times we move on, continue to protect old-fashioned recipe, the taste of the tradition, I’m still provides the rice cakes Tsukitate. Had been operating as “toys” in “toys” its inception, and now we are open as a “drive-in” “with a variety of leisure facilities. Still became a drive-in with a range of facilities, “horses for courses” a large number of tourists visit the mercenary rice cakes “toys”, without any sign of the lost.
● Tsukitate taste the rice cake

Is “mochi” is we keep selling as well as the current flagship product at the origin of the “toys”. Are sold to “rice cake flour”, “wholesale rice cake”, “jealousy” of Tsukitate mochi is at the entrance of the toys. I’m very delicious rice cakes Tsukitate unique production and direct sales to eat on the spot. Also sells “Daifuku” grass-filled wormwood others.

● “mochi or amusement” If one day you can enjoy with children

There is a vast amusement park, the site, which is also 80 000 2,000 ha, you can enjoy a day if the children. Starting with the huge horse has also become a symbol of the amusement park, there are a lot of slides and a children’s play equipment, swings, jungle gym, etc.. In addition, because there is movement square, if you can play a variety of sports equipment to bring. Amusement park in the grass is so has been laid, even a small child can play with confidence. A visit with a lunch with their families, eat lunch together on the grass family, you will have to play one day. In fact, “or amusement mochi” is as frequently used as a land excursion kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school, he shows the height of its popularity.

● to love bike “motorcycle hall” unbearable

The “toys” has “motorcycle hall” was justified many bikes in Japan and overseas. Bike lovers bike is dying Rare is exhibited approximately 160 units. The table lists the collection of treasured the owner of “toys” favorite bike has collected and crammed. Overall, there are many old cars many years ago, some famous BMW, and Harley still and YAMAHA. Including “Triumph” j of year made (1919) 1919 of nearly 100 years ago, in the old one for some military sidecar BMW made (1935), made in 1979 and 1935 Harley-Davidson. I think “Mr. Fuji” Although I can not explain any more out of touch with the bike so, and it is worth a look for persons and families who love bikes.

● Tourist Information around

To “Asagirikogen” of “toys” drive-in there are many tourist attractions. If you go south on Route 139 national highway, because there is a “ranch Makaino” will have to play one day if both families. Furthermore, since there is a “白糸の滝” appear to be a natural monument No. 414 County Road, I want you to visit the beauty of the falls up close the nation’s leading us. In addition, there is a paradise of flowers and owls, and “Fuji Kachoen” If the north on Route 139 national highway, etc. There is also a “way station Asagirikogen” selling local products and vegetables, is a region of attraction jostling.



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Featured Products of Asagirikogen
100% whole milk set yoghurt trial pack ranch dip Soga rare cheese cake milk Asagiri
Wilderness of Asagirikogen
Plateau milk that nurtured
Rich and famous fresh Fuji
The Soga brothers
Of “ranch Makaino” pickles that I was named after
Handmade Mirukurea
+ Yogurt + milk cheese cheesecake
+ Sausage
100% freshly squeezed raw milk early morning trial pack whole ranch
Using fresh yogurt


〒 418-0108
Ohata 1217 characters Inokashira Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel 0544-52-0202
Overview of Facilities

Drive-in process ① ② Japanese
③ ④ motorcycle hall souvenir shop
Amusement restaurants for groups ⑤ ⑥
⑦ ⑧ Camp Field athletic field
⑨ floating restaurant
Usage fee
Common to the entire
Amusement (・
Athletic Field

(Junior high school students and older) \ 500
Children 300 yen (elementary school)
\ 200 kindergartners
※ There is also a group discount
9:00 to 18:00 hours
. (Restaurant 10:00. ~ 17:30)
① large buses and 30 parking a day, 7 days a week,
320 passenger cars ②,
③ 50 cars motorcycles
About 50 minutes from Kofu Minami Inter ① transportation access URL
About 50 minutes from Kawaguchiko Inter ②
About 30 minutes from Tomei Fuji Inter ③
(Brochure “toys” origin)


Fuji Milk Land Fuji International Garden 白糸の滝 “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Wetlands consistent Oda Kenashizan Tanukiko ranch Makaino
Tokai Nature Trail Waterfall Zimbalist Hongu Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha



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