◎ Tourist Facilities: Fujisan Gotemba Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Gotemba Sky Tree Forest)

address: Inno, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” Gotemba Resort Fuji Township

The official name of “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is “Gotemba City Mt. Fuji Exchange Center”, created as a new tourist hub in Gotemba for the purpose of “community revitalization”, “exchange with the Self-Defense Forces” and “dissemination of information on Mount Fuji.” There are various facilities as a theme park where you can play, learn and be healed. The “Play” facilities are “Marubi dome,” the vast grassy square “Friendship Square,” the wading square “Mizuno Hiroba,” the hill that ha a slider and athletics “Adventure Hill.”

 The “Learn” facility is the “theater sky” in the visitor center, where you can see the four seasons and the scenery of Mount Fuji. In addition, there are the “Learn” facilities where you will be healed both physically and mentally in the bounty of nature. You can enjoy cherry blossoms at the promenade of cherry blossoms, autumn leaves while listening to the sound of a stream at the footpath of autumn leaves, and enjoy seasonal flowers at the hill of seasons.

○ Self-Defense Forces and local residents promote exchange business

Of the total construction cost of 2.5 billion yen, 1.6 billion yen was funded by grants from the Ministry of Defense for “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” with the site of 106,000 square meters. There are “Fuji School of Self Defense Forces” and “Fuji Garrison of Self Defense Forces” in Gotemba City,Shizuoka, and therefore the city has received financial assistance from the Self-Defense Forces. You can be familiar with the SDF in the city.

○ “Visitor Center,” a fun place to learn Mt. Fuji

Seeing Mt. Fuji in front of you, you can learn the nature and the history of Mt. Fuji at the “Visitor Center.” In the center, there are “Gotemba & Mt. Fuji Sky Scape,”Scenery Theater, Eternal Mt. Fuji,” “Time Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” “Grand  Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” and the maxium points of interest “Fuji Foothills Three-Dimensional Screen – Mt. Fuji, an independent peak.” In the Fuji Foothills screen, so-called “Sky Theater,” the four seasons of Mount Fuji is reproduced by video projection to the six meter diameter three-dimensional model of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding. You can look down Mount Fuji and the surrounding area through the CG three-dimensional model. You can feel as if you’re above clouds in the sky. You have to pay for the theater, though, 300 yen for adults, 150 yen for elementary and junior high school students. A mysterious view of Mt. Fuji. It’s worth a look, at least one time.

○ Self-Defense Force helicopter exhibition

In the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” there is the exhibition of the Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1H helicopter. The following is excerpt from the description exhibition.
The helicopter of the GSDF, UH-1 Helicopter, is equipped with and used by the Ground Self-Defense Forces, as the helicopter of vertile performing duties such as contact conductor and air transport. The UH-1 is an improved version of UH-1B, which the GSDF started to get from the fiscal year of 1973, and the GSDF purchased 133 helicoptors in total. The helicopter exhibited was introduced in 1988 and used by the GSDF nationwide, and was made obsolete in 2009 after it finished its mission at Eastern Direction Fleet in Tachikawa, Tokyo. (abbreviation below)” Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Forest of the Sky Tree)” is the facility that aims to promote the exchange of local residents and the Self-Defense Forces, and therefore it is the reason the helicopter is exhibited for people to feel closer to the Self-Defense Forces. A sneak preview of helicopter is held a few times a year at the Jukuu-no-Mori. You can be taken on board in the sneak preview inside the helicopter. Your heart must dance if you get into the helicopter, the length 17.39m, the overall width 3.95m, crew capacity two pilots and eleven passengers. In the sneak preview, free tickets will be distributed before the opening hours, and you can sneak preview at boarding for a few minutes about two pair. You would like to join the sneak preview that you can feel close to the internal state of the cockpit, it may be difficult to get a chance so that there are only a few tickets and it is held only a few times a year. Of course, without the preview, you can enjoy the view of the helicopter. Taste the force of the power!

○ The Corner of Gotemba local products


Threre is “the Corner of Gotemba Local Products, ” which sells some specialties of Gotemba and Fuji foothills, on the first floor of the Fujisan Jukuu no Mori. The corner is lined with many products related to Mt. Fuji such as Mt. Fuji Baum, Mt. Fuji Crunch, Mt. Fuji Rock, Mt. Fuji Sable. In the corner, as local products, “Gotemba Tofu,” “Picked Wasabi”of Yamamoto Food Co., Ltd. and “Dried Jelly of Toraya” are sold. Also, There are the goods of the image charachter of the facility, “Jukuu-chan,” such as Baumkuchen, magnet and strap. Speaking of local prodcuts, there is a farmer’s market in the back corner, which sells local vegetables freshly caught and side dishes made by local people.

○ Self-Defense Forces of goods sold

One of the highlights of the shop at “Fuji Jukuu no Mori” is the sales of the goods of “Self-Defense Forces.” Because this facility was built for the local population and to promote exchange of the Self-Defense Forces, it sells the Goods “SDF” as part of this effort. An eye-catching product is nothing more than “T-shirt,” although some camouflage clothes and models of tanks are sold.

You must be laughed at the T-shirts that the following words are printed on, such as “Shoot me, if you can!” and “I’ll protect. I’ll protect you!” The T-shirts invite a playful and make you feel to buy them. You could also say, “Where on earth do I wear this camouflage poncho for rain gear?”, which is sold at the shop.

 You need courage to do the like in the city looking to neither SDF, is likely to be a problem if the material outdoors because it is firm. It is a popular corner just fun to watch, they stop carelessly.

○ “Jukuu no Mori” Restaurant


There is “Jukuu no Mori” restaurant on the second floor of the visitor center. It is a western restaurant, and the menu may include several types of curry and spaghetti. The “Jukuu no Mori Curry” is served with salad with vegetable produced in Gotemba Kogen (800 yen including tax). In addition, “Mt. Fuji Lava Curry (900 yen including tax)” is a spicy curry like magma.

Satisfaction is a dish that uses lots of plateau tomatoes “(900 yen including tax) and tomato spaghetti. There is not only the meal but  “daily coffee and cake set (600 yen including tax) “, you can enjoy an elegant tea time.

○ “Adventure Hill,” playground for children


“Adventure Hill” in the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is a children’s playground with a lot of play equipment from athletics to sliders.”Roller slider,” the slider of 50m length, lets you taste the exhilaration under natural wind and suddenly slip down the hillside. In addition, children will be excited at the “Hopping Land” where they can jump up and down on a large ball freely.In addition, it is the perfect “Challenge Course” aims to support your sense of balance over the hill to conquer each step Athletic, Balance Beam, and giraffe climbing.

There is also “Panorama Curse” where you can enjoy climbing and jungle gym without getting bored.

There are the step log for infants, the mountain of Amida, the Prime Tree House,  Pyon Pyon Land, “Pen Pen” and “Piyo Piyo,” all of which is the amusement place for children.

 It is wonderful to play free with these playground equipment surrounded by such a lot of open space.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Mt. Fuji 5th Stage Subashiri, Fuji Speedway, Fuji Cemetery, Mt. Fuji Onsen (Hot Spring) “Tenkei,” Roadside Station Subashiri, Gotemba Sport Garden, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Ashigara Pass & Ashigara Barrier, Gotemba Kogen Beer, Gotemba Premium Outlet, Fujimi Center “Yuttari Yu” (Spa), Gotemba Peace Park

○ map around



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