◎ TOURIST FACILITIES Gotemba Premium Outlets

address:  Fukasawa, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ A Huge Shopping Mall Scale Comparable to Western

“Gotemba Premium Outlet” is a major shopping mall where the shops you can buy cheap brand products in the world are brought together. There are about 210 shops and restaurants and is a popular brand shop. It was opened in July 2000,  made a renewal of store expansion in 2003 and 2008. It is on the scale of 210 stores by the end of 2008. There are more than 3,000 parking spaces, a vast site that is the size of a large shopping mall in the United States. It is especially recommended spot for anyone from couples to women’s groups. Transportation is so good because it is just around the corner from the inter Tomei Gotemba, there are also many visitors from outside the prefecture.

○ East Zone & West Zone

Across the bridge of the center of the site, Gotemba Premium Outlets is divided into West Zone and East Zone. There are brand shops in each zone, and there is the food court eateries are collected (#1680 Food Bazaar) in the East Zone.  

○ Absolutely recommended for women who love brands

Because it is “outlet” items literally, Gotemba Premium Outlet mall is recommended if the woman absolutely love the brand. Since we are selling discount from the regular price of products or non-standard, or so-called mean some scratches, there is a feeling that you get. Indeed, there is no doubt that the products are real brands, although they are products in translation. It is recommended if you don’t adhere to the 100% quality of the products.
However, it is not deniable that those who are not necessarily interested in branded goods could be unsatisfied with the site, although the products themselves are valuable. It would be all day shopping for the women who love brand products, but it would be a boring time for those who are not interested in brand at all. Of course, all of 210 stores is not a brand shop, it would be a good idea to eat at restaurants and look around grocery stores, even if there is no interest in the brand.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Gotemba Toki no Sumika, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Roadside Station Subashiri, Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Sky Tree Forest), Gotemba Wasabi no Sato (Village of Green Horseradish), Otainai Onsen (Hot Spring), Gotemba City Onsen Kaikan (Hot Spring), Tenkei Onsen, Fuji Hakkei Onsen, Fuji Speedway

○ map around


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