◎ TOURIST FACILITIES, Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ “Ideboku” is “Ide Livestock Breeding Station”
“Ideboku” is near Kitayama Elementary School, which is close to National Highway No.139, Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. Ideboku took up farming in the early Meiji period, started the dairy in 1960, established livestock breeding station as the Ide limited company in 1996. Not only the cattle breeding, Ideboku opened a milk house and a milk processing plant, and has direct marketing milk and ice cream shop. It started yogurt production in 2001 and opened a cheese factory in 2004. It holds consistently direct sales system. Ideboku has been providing high quality and safe products by managing consistently from production to sales with responsible. It got the “Shizuoka agricultural products certification system” in 2008, and has been popular as a safe and secure brand “Ideboku”.

○ simultaneous breeding of dairy cows of three rare dairy cows in Japan
The three types of cattle breeding species “Brown Swiss”, “Jersey”, “Holstein” in the barn of the “Ideboku”. Breeding the cattle ranch of three species is rare in Japan, and its products are sold utilizing the characteristics of each. “Holstein” is the most common type of dairy cows in Japan, which has a pattern of black and white. The milk quality of Holstein is thin and the milk fat is at around 3.6%. “Species Jersey” is a  pale brown cow native to Jersey Island in England. Milk yield is less than Holstein, milk fat is near 5% and milk quality is quite dense and rich. The soft-serve ice cream of the Jersey Species is delicious and popular at the “dormitory Seisen” in Kiyosato.  Species “Brown Swiss” is  a silver dark brown cow native to Switzerland. The milk quality is lightly, the milk has a smooth texture and milk fat is around 4%. They are rare species that have not been bred mostly in Japan, but milk quality is suitable for making natural cheese.

○ An Acquirer of “Shizuoka Agricultural Rroducts Certification System”
Ideboku acquired “Shizuoka agricultural products certification system” in 2008, the certification of the safety and security of the producers of agricultural products in Shizuoka Prefecture. Forty three producers have acquired before March 2011, twenty seven prodeucers of agricultural products such as vegetables and tea, fifteen producers of pig livestock, such as cattle and hens, and one producer of the seafood such as eel. Ideboku obtained the certificate for the first time in the category of dairy cattle, and only one more producer did in the same category. The certification system ensures the safety of the producers of agricultural and marine products and the information service systems of their products. Specifically, the Prefecture evaluates and cetifies the compliance of laws and regulations of rearing management, providing information safety management, and communication with consumers. There is no way to guarantee or certify their products themselves, the Prefecture is committed to the promotion of agricultural products safety and security, by authenticating the efforts of the manufacturing process of the product of the producer. Ideboku are consistently in the manufacture of dairy milk, cheese, and ice management of dairy cattle breeding in the barn, from milking, and is  responsible for managing upstream and downstream of production.

○ Dairy Rroducts of Own Company’s Production and Sales

Ideboku has established a system from the breeding of dairy cattle to its own production and sales to the manufacture and sale of dairy products. Since it breeds dairy cows by itself, it offers high quality products with high-quality raw materials fresh and well-managed, utilizing the characteristics of the raw material. Ideboku sells products that take advantage of the characteristics of each species,  “Brown Swiss”, “seeds Jersey”, “Holstein”, and there are  diverse types of products from three cows that have been bred. Of course, you can enjoy milk and more. The taste of milk is different from each other, depending on the type of cow. There are Yogurt, Jam, gelato, candy, milk roll cake, cheese cake, raw caramel, even milk soap! at Ideboku.


○Dealers of Ideboku Products
You can buy dairy products not only at the “Milk House” at the headquarters farmer ‘s market of Ideboku, but even outside the prefecture. Of course, you can get them at supermarkets in Fujinomiya city. In addition, Tomei Expressway Makinohara Sevice Area, Tomei Expressway Fujikawa SA, Yui Parking Area, Ashitaka Parking Area, Ashigara Service Area, Ebina, Nakai Service Area, deal with a variety of dairy products such as milk and ice cream. Also you can buy soft-serve ice cream even at the select shop “CHAURU” on the first floor of 109 in Shizuoka. Products and the size of each place are different, but the taste of the milk and ice cream “Ideboku” are the same. You can also buy the milk and soft-serve ice cream at Ebina SA (upstream) and Fujikawa Rakuza SA. Recently, Ideboku has also opened a shop in the Fuji Shibazakura (Phlox) Festival,  at Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture.The opportunity to enjoy a taste of the “Ideboku” in many parts has been increasing.

○ “Ideboku Green Field Daichi”
Ideboku opened the Pizza & Burger Shp “Green Field Daichi” next to the “Milk House,” the headquarters farmer’s market in 2008. With a plenty of fresh milk and cheese of its own ranch house, Ideboku is proud of pizza and burgers, which are made from local vegetables and meat. You can choose three types of hamburger, “Asagiri cow”, “Fuji Chicken,” and “Mangen-ton Pig or LYB-ton Pig.” Only hamburger or a hamburger with potato salad, the plate set menu, is also available. There are three types of “earth”, “Genovese”, “Ratato~uyu”, and homemade cheese pizza is topped. There are also drinks, “Shake”, “Rock milk”, and more, including the Ideboku milk of pride. The shop has a wood deck and is surrounded by greens. You can enjoy a meal while touching sense Greenfield, just earth.


○ Get off the inter Kitayama and Go north the Prefectura Route 414
Ideboku is near Kitayama Elementary School in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka. First, get off the Kitayama Interchange of National Highway No.139, and go west, towards Taiseki-ji Temple, then  the intersection where you will see Kitayama Post Office on the west side of the intersection. It’s better to know the route in advance for those who will plan to visit Ideboku because there are not big signs of the place and may be lost.Go towards the north at the intersection, after about 1km drive of the Prefectural Road 414, you will see the road on the right side that leads to the Ideboku.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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