TOURIST FACILITIES,  Inokashira, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Tourist Facilities Field Dogs Garden Asagiri

○ Let’s play with your dogs in the wilderness

In the wildness in Asagiri Kogen (Asagiri Highland), you can enjoy facilities with a dog. Lawn with a range of facilities of 3,000 square meters, Lodge, trimming house and camping. Feel free to play with your dog. You can take advantage of the facility to play with your dog for a moment, and you can also stay with your dog overnight at the garden’s inn. There is the shop of the most gracious goods for dogs, where you can choose your favorite items for your dog. Theres is also the cafe that is open to you and your dog, in which you can eat with your dog. Those who travel with dogs can be satisfied with the facility.


1816-9 Hitoanamichi, Inokashira, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka 418-0108Phone
Overview of Facilities
  ① dog run (all breeds), ② dog run (for small dogs), ③ camp site, ④ Lodge, ⑤Clubhouse,  ⑥ trimming House
Opening Hours
 9:00- 18:30 ※ Accommodation is out in 15:00, out 10:00
Usage fee (camp site)
  Adult fees (at least junior high school) 2625 yen per person,
  Elementary school students 1050 yen, 500 yen dog, 1050 yen fee AC power
  6300-7350 yen Lodge 1 night accommodation with breakfast
  a. Take Tomei Fuji IC, No. 139 national highway towards Asagirikogen ~ ~ Nishi Fuji Road (about 40 minutes)
  b. Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC ~ No. 139 national highway (about 40 minutes)
  c. National Highway No. 139 ~ IC ~ South Lake Shoji Kofu, Chuo Expressway road (about 50 minutes)

○ map around

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information
Asagiri Highland, Shiraito Waterfalls, Fuji Kachoen (The Garden of Flowers and Birds), Asagirikogen Green Park (Hot Spring), SKY ASAGIRI, Fuji Rainbow Trout Farms, The Restauranto of Rainbow Trout, Drive-in Mochiya, Lake Tanuki, Fuji Milk Land, Kariyado no Geba Zakura (Kariyado Cherry Tree), Kyukamura Fuji Hotel, Makaino Ranch, Mt. Kenashi, Jinba Waterfalls, Odanuki Wetlands, Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha (Shrine)


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