● “Yoshida Udon” specialty Fujiyoshida

“Yoshida Udon” is transmitted to the traditional local cuisine Fujiyoshida. Fuji in Fujiyoshida more than 700m above sea level and the rice is difficult due to harsh climatic conditions, and the turret was eating noodles in the cultivation of wheat and other than in the past. There are over 50 stores that serve the “Yoshida Udon” is still around, Fujiyoshida city, has become the flavor of the people who settled in the area. In the “strength of the waist of noodles” features the largest “Yoshida Udon” does not hold a candle to the normal noodles. There is a “Hoto” in the local cuisine of Yamanashi same, I think it is more than or equal to it or the strength of the stiffness of the noodles. Feeling that the protagonist noodles, “Yoshida Udon” is soup and ingredients are devoted to supporting role to complement the noodles exactly.

● simple taste noodles with seasoning

As mentioned above, “Yoshida Udon” The strength of the Kosi is udon features intense. It is different with the soup and dark eyes, even thinner udon and tempura topping or ingenuity, eggs and edible wild plants, with respect to “Yoshida Udon” such as soup or topping is fully supporting role. In other words, the soup and topping is to get to eat the barrel protagonist “udon noodles”, itself is simplicity itself. Tailored bland using such as alignment of miso and soy sauce, soup tool is using something simple, such as cabbage and fried to taste the taste and texture of the noodles. Although different flavor store has become a seasoning diluted basically simple.

● enjoy the “Yoshida” First Road Station

There are more than 50 hotels in the city Fujiyoshida nood
le shop, I recommend that you try to eat in the “Yoshida” way station if beginners.
Can be sold as souvenirs in popular products “Fujiyoshida station” of the road, in a coffee shop to eat snacks also station facilities. I got lost or what is different? Seasoning or where there is a shop and how delicious and more than 50 hotels, to choose from. It is also good to ask local residents, it is unlikely that one person who knows everything. Yoshida Udon and basic to know What are the road to visit the station is typical of the region still face is the best.

● noodles phenomenal strength of the Kosi

In fact, when I eat, “Yoshida Udon (Udon meat 400 yen)” in the corner of the station snacks, chewy noodles there are proven ways to eat meet. It is the largest and crunchy likely to hear the clerk who do not know, “noodle” Yoshida is something like this, “and?’s Have been properly boiled.” Feeling like noodles that says it all somehow, Yoshida Udon seasoned very simple. As ordered beef and cabbage boiled in soy sauce lightly riding, deep-fried tempura batter and put Shichimi liking. It is udon noodles tasted like anyway.

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Fuji-Q Highland Sengen Shrine Motomiya north exit “Yoshida” Road Station


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