◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop-house restaurant Inokashira, Fujinomiya trout

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○ adjacent field “trout culture” Fuji “rainbow trout food specialty store”
Specializing in dishes next to the field trout rainbow trout culture Fuji Shizuoka Prefectural. It is well-known store that there is a “house of trout,” came a former yokozuna “Asashoryu.” Just “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” Fujinomiya city has attracted attention, Fujinomiya City is famous for rainbow trout, which boasts a production volume “rainbow trout” in fact Zenkokuichi. Have been made with the study of rainbow trout farming in “place trout culture” Fuji. “House of trout” is adjacent to the place that trout culture, cuisine of the “rainbow trout” grew up with enthusiasm can be tasted in the cold clean subsoil water of Mt. Coarse lined rainbow trout, trout fry dishes of fullness, miso, sweet and sour cliffs, such as crude sap course in cooking. “Rainbow trout” I tightened the body may taste fresh, it is also the designated fish Fujinomiya.

○ course meal of trout do
Course of rainbow trout dishes in a full-fledged “House of trout.” Since hours from 11 am to 3 pm, it will only be cooking lunch meal. “Omakase meal of the day (3,150 yen including tax)” “Recommended 定食 chef (¥ 4,200 tax included)”, “seasonal specialties 定食 (¥ 5,250 tax included)”, the meal is “lunch rainbow trout (2,100 yen including tax),” ” There is “(1,050 yen including tax) 定食 children lunch children”, “(2,100 yen including tax). Although elaborate in the luxury of course the higher the price, but I want to taste the cuisine easily trout is a good choice for “lunch rainbow trout.”


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