◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture Masuda shop

○ originator of the “dip Soga”
Masuda is a well-established shop store pickles Fujinomiya followed by 90 years of three generations of its founding 1918. There is a head office in Bahnhofstrasse shopping street in front of the station Fujinomiya JR. I have to produce “pickles Soga” was named after the “Soga brothers’ famous. Material fresh radish, cucumber, “dipping Soga” is made into its own pickles such as wasabi and sake lees. Taste of a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness is popular, is the perfect companion to a pinch of rice and sake. We also publish your own recipes and chocolate dipped Soga Soga gratin pickles, pickles, etc. spaghetti Soga in HP shop Masuda, are introduced to fully appeal to “dip Soga”. Soga immersion is not only the head office, are also sold in Shinfuji station and drive-in, and tourist facilities near Fujinomiya.
By the way, the story of “Soga brothers” has the land of legends and Yukari also Fujinomiya. place when Yoritomo to the Makigari at the foot of Fuji, Soga brothers who struck a father to warp Yu Kudo tried to huddle near the waterfall, the sound of the waterfall is due waterfall without the mind “so loud, sink brother us There is a legend lamented. “Do you know the forced, with the sound of the waterfall is gone and snugly. Near the “白糸の滝” This waterfall has been reported today as a “waterfall of sound stop.”

○ More Information

  8 No. 13 of the town center Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 418-0065
Opening Hours
  00 ~ PM5:: 00 AM10 Wednesday only 30 ※: AM8: 30 ~ PM7
Regular holiday
  7 days a week
  A 15-minute drive from Fuji IC Tomei

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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