◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant Kamiide ??しげ Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ “tonkatsu Yoguru pig” and “red trout sushi” shops boast
Specializes in Japanese food artisans wield arms sticking to local ingredients and “rainbow trout” Fujinomiya specialties such as “pig Yoguru Asagiri”. Use the “rainbow trout” boasts a production volume of Zenkokuichi, “red trout sushi” is the preeminent supplier dishes look and taste. Also, I recommend using the “pig Yoguru” pig Asagirikogen brand with a softness and sweetness, such as melt also “Tonkatsu”. Umami is jammed full of meat – is rather soft. Even more than goodness of the material, there are a lot of shiny arms artisanal cuisine. If you want to eat at a certain taste the local specialties is recommended “しげ Fuji”.

○ shabu-shabu “pig Yoguru Asagiri”
Among the menu number that stuck to local ingredients “shabu” in “pig Yoguru Asagiri” is particularly recommended. Some things that have been broadcast on TV “restraint” of Nippon TV in the past, visited by tourists from outside the prefecture. Pigs Asagirikogen brand, “pig Yoguru Asagiri” There is a soft, sweet flesh. The original taste of meat shabu shabu is decisive, because there is no habit at all do not come out even when lye is blanched, I’m really delicious. You can order a normal one person, and two people, for those who want to eat there is restraint (adult 3,500 yen including tax) menu of the “all-you-can-eat shabu shabu.” Becomes of the order of 3 or more people, meat and rice instead because it is free, I can enjoy pigs Gattsuri Yoguru of the topic. The final tightening can eat porridge with remaining soup. Porridge to eat with meat and vegetable soup flavor is condensed is the best.

○ trout sushi
You can eat sushi specialties rainbow trout of Fujinomiya in “しげ Fuji”. “Shige Fuji” was opened in 1971 as a sushi restaurant called “(しげ Fuji) Shigeru Fuji” originally. Professed a sushi restaurant, sushi is a food shop sign so. Fujinomiya is the largest producer of rainbow trout of Zenkokuichi town “rainbow trout”, rainbow trout fish is also the designated city. Serves as the sushi “Fuji Maki 清流” press in the shop as “red trout sushi style” sushi that the rainbow trout. “Red trout sushi” is has been provided as a bowl at the shop, have lunch, even sold as “Asagirikogen Road Station.” “Volume 清流 Fuji” is (can take away, reservation might be needed) and can be ordered for $ 2,800 including tax from 3 servings. It is because the fish tend to be shunned by the river is also to say that rainbow trout are raised in a clear stream at the foot of Mt Fuji. It is very beautiful rainbow trout in Fujinomiya because they grew up in the famous water of Fuji, the characteristics of the river fish is also a slight quirks still. In the technique which consists of sushi chef, there is not a habit at all trout sushi served in store too. Has become a habit without really delicious sushi craftsmanship of trial and error. By the way, I recommend the trout food specialty store “House of trout” I do want to taste the cuisine of rainbow trout. Next to the “place trout culture” Fuji prefectural, you can enjoy fresh cuisine course of rainbow trout.

○ Fuji Photo Gallery
It can be seen from up close to Mount Fuji “Fuji しげ” in Fujinomiya City at the foot of Mt Fuji, “is also Fuji Photo Gallery” in the shop. In the room there is a dining table seating numerous photos of Mount Fuji has been hanging on the wall, it is possible to appreciate the Fuji of the seasons.

That can also store large banquet ○ Large Group
Many in the audience is provided with a two-story, “Shige Fuji” is a feast that can also store more than 100 people. There is a banquet hall on the second floor of the parlor to provide 100 seats, has also been used, such as banquets and corporate golf competition. 7 seats, including seats at the bar, parlor has 16 seats, 36 seats are located on the first floor chair seats. They become barrier-free ground floor are equipped with toilets for the disabled, you can feel free to use any of the disabled people. As well as banquet, year-end party, the party, it is a shop that can be used regardless of the number of people in couples and families.

○ More Information

  2324-3 Kamiide ??Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  Open 11:30 to 14:00 Lunch 17:00 to 21:00, Sunday sales
Regular holiday
  Fuji しげ Kamiide ??→ IC → IC → west toll road bypass Fuji Fuji Tomei ①
  Lake Shoji-Kawaguchi-Lake Motosu Asagirikogen → IC → ② → Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko-
  Shige Fuji Fuji IC → Kamiide-west bypass toll road

○ map around

Fuji しげ

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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