◎ RESTAURANT Seongbuk-town restaurant, souvenir shop Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture month Tutko your pastry hermitage

○ “middle” is our famous sweet shop
“Tutko month” is founded 1952 “middle” of the (1952) is a famous confectioner us. “Middle” is known from a long time ago if you said “Tutko month.” In the “month of Tutko” to “middle” locally, is also very popular for gifts as well as sweets daily. “Middle,” There are three types of current, from ancient times “during corner filled mochi (small pea sauce)” followed by “carved also filled with small chestnut astringent skin Naka (Shiroan)” (160 yen including tax) and (110 yen including tax) sells (110 yen including tax) “(Koshian red beans) Naka also containing black sesame paste.” In the skin was crisp and the 100% glutinous rice domestic (Gyuhi) “during corner filled mochi” is wrapped mochi “Wataboshi” glutinous rice produced in Niigata by Anne grain homemade using red beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido you. It is jam during grain-filled rice cake, all materials are examined, creating a “middle” of the brand like no other “Tutko month” in the traditional technology.

○ 18 stores in Shizuoka Prefecture
“Tutko month” puts head office and factory in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, set up three stores 15 stores, in the central part of the eastern province, we have 18 directly operated stores. Fuji has its headquarters in the city has seven stores head office, shop Imaizumi, Yoshihara shop, open shop performance Hiromi, Shinfuji Station Store, shop Matsuoka, Oka hawk shop, there is one store in the city of Fujinomiya Akoji store. Mishima, Numazu area of ??eastern seven stores set up shop original Numazu, Numazu climbing road shop, shop Mishima, Fushimi shop, shop foot, Gotemba shop, shop Kannami. Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, central region of Shizuoka Hondori There are three stores shop, shop Ikeda, Shizuoka and Shimizu shop.

○ “Mount Fuji as” rice cake bun
Are sold “as Mount Fuji” confection in “Moon Tutko” “the skin of a supple texture that contains glutinous flour, put the peeled red bean jam, sweets cute Fuji type” of. We literally shaped like Mount Fuji, it is your bun with a texture like rice cakes resilient. I tried to eat “Mr. Fuji”, texture bun has become like a rice cake than anything I was delicious and very fresh. You can buy affordable, about one 130 yen including tax.

○ “Mount Fuji” confectionary founded 30 anniversary
Launched the “Mount Fuji” confection to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its founding in “Tutko month.” Custard cream falls into a special type of sponge Fuji, coated with white chocolate sponge the image of snow on the top, the top is topped with chocolate beans. I have created a sweet confection, such as texture and all the bitterness of chocolate-flavored coffee beans moist and sweet custard cream texture and a soft sponge, and the sweetness of the white chocolate combination. It is during the month of Tutko speaking, it is popular as a flagship product of Western-style that follows the middle.

○ More Information

Address (factory headquarters)
  Imaizumi 380-1 Fuji, Shizuoka
  (Representative) (0545) 52-0001
  1 store 1 store Kannami Mishima Numazu 1 store 2 stores Fuji Fujinomiya 7 stores
  3 stores supporting one store Gotemba, Shizuoka 1 store 1 store Shimizu-cho
Opening Hours
  Vary by location
Major commodity
  Mount Fuji is one of the country as well as other Fuji Mount Fuji ごっこ Naka also Tutko month

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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