◎ RESTAURANT temple town souvenir shop, restaurant Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture where I shifted

○ dealer souvenir of the “Society for the Promotion of handicrafts Fuji”
Specialties are sales offices located in the parking lot of Fujinomiya “Motomiya Fuji Sengen Shrine.” Dialects in Fujinomiya “It shifted here,” but means “I’m here”, are also put meaning if you come to “here”, and “” are aligned Innovation “Zlata” special product is of Fujinomiya you. As the name suggests, local specialties such as “sake” or “milk Asagiri”, “tea Yabukita Fuji” “Kanroni rainbow trout”, “Fujinomiya yakisoba” to the store, has been lined up. You can feel free to purchase the local specialties are planning a short visit. For those who chose good or get lost which is a recommended set “a gift from Fuji.” Set was eclectic assortment of local specialties, is perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

○ “store Fujinomiya Yakisoba” on behalf of the Fujinomiya
To “I shifted” Here there is also a dining room, you can talk about eating “Fujinomiya yakisoba.” There is a shop that put out more than 焼きそば 150 hotels in Fujinomiya city, but get lost which is good shop, there is no doubt if you eat “Fujinomiya yakisoba” of “I shifted here.” In basic cooking 焼きそば orthodox so-called, “Fujinomiya yakisoba” of “I shifted” Here you can know the “Fujinomiya yakisoba standard” if you eat this. Some unique ingredients, seasoning, and chow mein recipe shop in the city show, but is the “mein Fujinomiya ‘none, but there are some pretty strong personality shop. Even if the taste much better, it’s also if you are far from the characteristics of the “Fujinomiya yakisoba.” In that respect, using ingredients lees meat, and cabbage to normal for “I shifted here”, baked in the hardness of the best noodles steamed, offers “焼きそば Fujinomiya” orthodox chewy heard of broth . By the way, the menu is only 450 yen including tax 焼きそば (with squid).

○ More Information

  Palace town 1-1 Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  AM9: 00 ~ PM5: 00
  A day, seven days a week
  About 15 minutes Tomei Fuji IC, Fuji road from west

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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