◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant alley shrine Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ bustle of Asama Shrine temple town
Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture has prospered as a temple town there is a total of Sengen Shrine Motomiya which is near the national 1300 “Motomiya Fuji Sengen Shrine.” There is a shopping center is now around Asama Shrine, is like the old days it was a very crowded little shop is lined with numerous hotels. Was born trying to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the old temple town that is “Alley shrine.” In “Alley shrine”, lined with shops with a focus on “Fujinomiya yakisoba”, there is also a shop dealing Shizuoka tea and pork products, also local rainbow trout.

○ “well” of spring water Fuji
There is a well to drink the spring water of Mount Fuji to the “Alley shrine.” Wed melted snow of Mount Fuji has long gushing over the years in various parts of Fujinomiya city, you can drink the spring water for free. Spring water around Mount Fuji is rich in vanadium from the formation of volcanic rock, in this well are able to drink water its natural vanadium. Although you can drink freely ladle has been placed in the well, so you can get a cup if you use store alley, you can use when you eat, such as fried noodles. Also, “Tamaike springing” Asama Shrine near Alley has been designated as special national treasure, water melted snow of Mount Fuji are springing 2.8 tons per second. There is a water fountain in the Asama Shrine, pilgrims can be free to drink spring water of Mt.

○ specialties gathered Fujinomiya
Machisuji or refers to the street from the main street and went to the next “Alley”. To “Alley shrine” is the image of the temple town’s former prosperity Sengen Taisha. To “Alley shrine” the atmosphere of an old alley and presents a lively small shops will be crowded feel. Not only taste the “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” in the antenna shop of the “Society of Fujinomiya Yakisoba”, also sells various merchandise 焼きそば. Sells sandwich and tomato basil fried taste the “rainbow trout” in Fujinomiya specialty “trout branching point gain (heaven ki sentence Income)” in the “rainbow trout”, in the “burger rainbow trout.” It is also a food specialty store brand of pork pig production Fujinomiya, such as “pig Ruibi” Shrine “pork” is can be tasted. There is also a “one Puku” boasting “homemade gelato” and “ぜんざい” in the direct management shop “Anko” other. There is a menu of any restaurant proud, local gourmet is a small alley in Gotham. It is also good around the city looking for a well-established store, you can shop around a lot at once if “Alley shrine.” This is definitely the spot you want to stop by when you worship at Asama Shrine.

○ The “Society 焼きそば” book “too”
There are 2 shops that can eat “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” in the “Alley shrine” is. Antenna shop and the “Society of Fujinomiya yakisoba” fried noodles specialty stores is “this too”. Can be operated in the shop in Society, the Society of Certified eat “Fujinomiya yakisoba” antenna shop 焼きそば Society. The city has more than 150 hotels, shops that provide “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” is is the “mein Fujinomiya” any antenna, this shop offers a “Fujinomiya yakisoba standard”. Not say at each store in the city have different seasoning and ingredients, and where the most delicious. Founded in 1948 by long-established, specialty stores 焼きそば “Mr. Sugimoto” The head office is located in the town west of the city. In 2004, a branch was opened in the “Alley shrine”, originally I had it working teppanyaki, as okonomiyaki. Alley is a branch shrine of the book “too much”, has sold “only pack 焼きそば squid” as a specialty store 焼きそば. You can choose only 600 yen Sheng large size, comparable to 450 yen, 300 yen and small. It is both delicious fried noodles, I think there is also a preference. In consultation with the stomach, I eat all means let’s compare.

○ The “pig Ruibi” is
And “pig Ruibi” was born by multiplying “Landrace” in “pig LYB” official name “Yorkshire species” (L), “Berkshire” and (Y) the three species of Japanese pig (B) I was pointing to the pig. Yasushi Kuwahara services farm Fuji in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, was produced in 1999. Flesh fine, so soft is a very high reputation. Although not quite so low production volume still see you, you can eat at the Shrine “pork” in Fujinomiya and “pig Bazaar” Tokyo in Ueno. Bake in the lava of Mount Fuji plate of pig LYB proud, we are offering you the meal to the bowl and season with salt and pepper in the Shrine “pork”.

○ “mass Burger” of rainbow trout produced Fujinomiya
Fujinomiya is no higher name recognition as well as the consumption of “fried noodles”, is the largest production volume “rainbow trout (rainbow trout)” on Zenkokuichi of town “rainbow trout”. In addition, aiming at the expansion of consumption of the “rainbow trout” in the hope that it will be the local specialty “mass Burger” was created is (400 yen including tax). It is a seemingly normal hamburger, combine the tomato basil fried trout, I have to finish with a refreshing taste. Sour taste bland without the habit of tomato, basil flavor, the fried trout does not have the greasy hamburger and urgency of pork and beef, healthy This item is recommended for women. I think “mass Burger” because there is also a “taste Karamiso” in addition to “taste tomato basil this”, and may also try to eat according to your preferences. The “branch store trout gains” that sell “Mass Burger” is full of trout menu such as “pickled lees of rainbow trout”, “mini-bowl life of rainbow trout”, “rainbow trout fritters” other.

○ “rice balls” and “dumpling” was Fuji spring water Thailand
There is a shop that sells the “rice balls” and “dumpling” in the corner of the “Alley shrine” is and “Conclusion”. In Fujinomiya “chow mein” is absolutely noticeable is often sells consistently gave cooked in the Fuji spring water “Musubi” or “dumpling” in and “Conclusion”. There are 11 balls in all kinds みたらし, Koshian, wormwood, but cunning, sesame, and purple potato sauce. Sells up using rice cooked with spring water of Fuji as well “futomaki” or “Wushe heaven.”

○ Fujinomiya Yakisoba salt
And sells dumplings and rice balls in and “tie” Nevertheless, also sells “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” after all. 2 others in the alley, which provides a “fried noodles” salt Unlike the “Society of Fujinomiya Yakisoba” is, “this too” in and “Conclusion”.焼きそば source is mainstream speaking normally, as “fried noodles Fujinomiya” sells “Who salt for fried noodles” in food Malmo contractor noodle Fujinomiya, it is the “mein Fujinomiya” intents and purposes also “fried noodles” salt. There is a preference, Some people eat sauce cabbage raw chopped, mean some people eat sprinkle with salt, some people who 焼きそば salt that delicious taste of the material is set off in reverse is ranked. Of course, you are both delicious, but I also recommend to eat “Fujinomiya yakisoba” salty.

○ Parking “Alley shrine”
I think those who come by car to the “shrine alley” is parking and anxious. Since before the Asama Shrine “Alley shrine”, “Asama” (of course the locals call it that Asama Shrine) but to stop in the parking lot of the, if Square “babble” of south You can stop for free. From “square せせらぎ” to “Alley shrine” is just a few minutes’ walk away. Now I know that is also because there is a large torii 16m high at the entrance of the parking lot. Can be up to about 30 if ordinary car parking, there is a pretty free with the exception of weekends and holidays and events during congestion. Because there are drinking fountains and toilets, to explore the means is the place you want to use.

○ More Information

  Miya-cho 4-23 Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
  HP Alley shrine ①
Opening Hours

(Open) 10:00 to 18:00 Fujinomiya Yakisoba ① Society
  (Irregular) 10:30 to 19:00 いち Puku ② gelato
  (Irregular) 10:30 to 19:00 いち Puku Cafe sum ③
  (Closed on Monday) 10:30 to 18:00 that connects Ya ④
  (Irregular) 10:30 to 18:00 Kitagawa shop specialties ⑤
  Book “too” 焼きそば ⑥ (closed on Tuesdays) 10:30 to 17:00
  (Closed on Wednesday) 10:00 to 18:00 shrine ⑦ pork
  Vary by location (see above)
  Under investigation

○ map around

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