◎ (~ Late May 4) Fuji Festival phlox tourism events Motosu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

○ phlox shares the largest metropolitan area of ??about 700 000
April 2008, in Lake Motosu Fuji resort paradise “phlox” was born. Phlox bloom of approximately 700,000 shares of planting area of ??approximately 2.4 hectares. Attractions such as the Yoshino cherry tree cherry tree, but there are many in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, there is no hard and becomes “phlox”. There is a pond called “dragon pond” near the surface of one phlox, and even behind Mount Fuji views, the weather is good is a great scenic area. Beyond the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture, is located on Highway 139 national highway in front of Lake Motosu.

○ pond and views of Mount Fuji and phlox
The biggest attraction of the festival “phlox” Fuji is a superb view “phlox” and “dragon pond”, “Fuji” is also to say what was combined. Superb view are also posted flyers Festival “phlox” will not be able to see any of the “phlox”, “pond”, “Fuji” is also missing. Of course sell Festival “phlox” itself is itself “phlox”, as it touted as “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival”, it is attractive to half “Fuji” still is not visible. The ground was covered with a carpet of view phlox is best to back the “Mount Fuji” sacred mountain. Is what I want to go to Mount Fuji can be seen when you check the weather on the day when you go to the Festival “phlox”.

○ The “phlox” is
“Phlox” is a perennial plant native to North America of Polemoniaceae pink and white flowers bloom in spring. , Also known as “moss pink (justified grass flowers, grass flower nail).” Because flowers bloom on the ground similar to Sakura as lawn are called “phlox”. Flowers small as 2cm in diameter around 4-5 every year, we grow by branching. It is also grown in cold climates because the lawn instead also strong relatively cold. In fact, in the park of Takinoue Takinoue Hokkaido phlox are grown over about 100,000 square meters, it is also phlox park Rausu Hokkaido. Phlox Takinoue of Hokkaido in the park is famous, “park mountain sheep” of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, is famous in the Kanto area.

○ 5 different phlox
There are 5 types of phlox in bloom, enjoy the carpet of colorful flowers at the venue of the Festival “phlox” Fuji. “McDaniel cushion” is “Scarlett” frame dark pink phlox, “Autumn Rose” phlox bright red flow “Tama”, phlox pink elegant elegant white and pink striped “Mont Blanc” and, white phlox phlox is slender.

○ peak bloom period of time when I was phlox
Holding period of “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival” is nearly filled with up to about a month and a half late May from April, there are few in the period of full bloom cherry blossoms in full bloom lawn. Flowering situation varies depending on the climate change every year, mid-May is the best time to see the most is like looking at the situation up to the year 2010 was the third year. Admission to the venue is 500 yen for adults and during the holding period, is a flat fee regardless of the situation flowering. There was also to be free if you have fallen phlox is not at all in bloom early and late in the holding period, I’m supposed to pay if they bloom even slightly. In addition to the admission fee, in private cars, so you must pay for parking, is something I want to go to the time that you could go to great pains still in full bloom.

○ crowded at the time open
Holding period was a great success in 2008 “Festival phlox Fuji” of Motosu Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi Prefecture was opened. The first year you open sometimes with “Cherry Blossom Festival turf” for the first time, taken up in a big way in the press, tourists incredible from all over the country came, No. 139 national highway became a major traffic jam. Down the inter Tomei Fuji, at about 30 kilometers from the national road 139 towards Route Yamanashi Fuji-west road, the venue of the Festival “phlox” Fuji is I would usually go in about 30 minutes, the holding period became a major traffic jam take up to two hours or more. No. 139 national highway traffic jams up and down the line with a few kilometers across the front hall, was also the situations where you do not go at all, or less than 10 kilometers per hour at peak times. “Mr. Fuji” is lived longer in Fuji, is the first time I saw the traffic jam like that. No. 139 national highway that connects Yamanashi and Shizuoka was completely paralyzed for the Cherry Blossom Festival turf.

○ 300 000 visitors a few festival “phlox”
Was held from 2008 “lawn Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival” is celebrated the first year 300 000 visitors. Success was enough to swing up and down crowded lines of No. 139 national highway going to the venue, transportation function to paralysis. In 2009, for the second time is counted 360,000 visitors. Does not extend to the number of visitors 1 million annually became famous all over the country completely of “Cherry Blossom Festival 河津” by now, had collected the number of just this in years 1 and 2 held me is phenomenal. “Phlox in Chichibu” Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture is famous Speaking “phlox”, there are more than 800,000 visitors every year here. In the number of visitors does not extend to either yet, “phlox Fuji Festival” is an event not developing while held. As the organizers also repeated many times, also committed to eliminate congestion and further enhance phlox, with the aim of further development.

○ congestion problem of “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival”
During the more than 300 000 people held a lot of traffic congestion occurs around the venue in the Festival “phlox” Fuji visit. I think the first year of holding tremendous congestion situation will not occur again, full of festival period May No. 139 national highway that leads to the venue is still to congestion from the end of April each year. Once the traffic up and down the line of Route 139 into each venue over a few kilometers, the car other than the purpose for the Cherry Blossom Festival is a headache turf. It do not want to be stuck in traffic does not mean to go to the Festival “phlox” for travelers of Yamanashi Fuji towards large truck delivery company, and local residents. Congestion in the first year was awful too so held even the organizers, now a well-known guide detour from next time.

○ congestion avoidance Narusawa line Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefectural Yamanashi prefectural road No. 71
“Yamanashi Prefectural Shizuoka Prefectural Route 71″ to avoid to use (the “Fujinomiya Narusawa line”), the congestion of Festival “phlox” Fuji is the best. County Road No. 71 is a total length of about 17 kilometers of road continues to the village from Kamiide ??Narusawa Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. Are often used as a shortcut towards the West Lake, towards Kawaguchiko Lake Motosu without passing through the Lake Shoji from Fujinomiya. Does not extend to the width of the road No. 139 National Highway, Street, and development status, can be used as a detour if you are congested national highway No. 139. It is convenient to exit towards Shizuoka and Yamanashi, or direction from Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectural road use Route 71. Recommends that you use in order to eliminate congestion Prefectural Route 71 is also the organizer of the festival “phlox”. However, since you will if you go towards Kofu using (“line Lake Shoji aka”) No. 358 national highway have to go up to Lake Shoji, I might have to expect it to be stuck in traffic for some no. Since they must go back towards Lake Shoji and exit back to the West Lake is also using a prefectural road No. 71, there is a possibility of being involved in a traffic jam of cars heading towards turf venue Cherry Blossom Festival. Especially since the congestion, such as Golden Week, I would like to go out with time to spare.

○ avoid a traffic jam or how phlox Festival
In order not to be involved in major traffic jam of “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival” to avoid the time and time zone of congestion is the best. But should I use the Route 71 prefectural road detour Cherry Blossom Festival is the person who does not depend on the turf, who went to the venue for the purpose of phlox I must go through the National Highway No. 139 to the venue. It take 2 hours up to 1 hour to get to the venue is where I want to avoid everyone. In addition to the usual holiday traffic jams, congestion peaked at the desired tourist phlox, the Golden Week may be around the car does not move at all. To avoid such a major traffic jam, but of course, not only to avoid congestion and time of season. I think every year peak bloom period, the phlox is a place mid-May, I can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom lawn if you go on weekdays after the holidays, and not so crowded. Even if you do not go on weekends only, 9 o’clock position because it is open from 8:00 in the morning, I enjoyed it enough to come back at 10 place to visit first thing in the morning. Since the place is open from 5 am in the early morning special sales during GW, if you absolutely can not go only to Golden Week, I think it may come before being stuck in traffic.

○ “Festa goodies Fuji”
“Festa 富士山 goodies” for a limited holding period will be held in the corner of the venue of the Festival “phlox” Fuji. “Festa goodies Fuji” is local, such as 串カツ, miso soup with pork and vegetables “焼きそば Fujinomiya”, “Hoto pumpkin Koshu”, and “pork Sakura Fuji” “udon” Yoshida, area product sales, food and beverage “goodies” around Mount Fuji has been gathered specialties are sold. There are minor changes to the menu every time held in one example, there is no doubt that these are good at selling things around Mt. There is also a booth selling souvenirs, of course, also sells sweets, such as phlox and named after the numerous local souvenirs and other “Shingen mochi”. Photo of beautiful phlox and “Fuji Kintsuba phlox” or “phlox まんじゅう Fuji” has become a package, perfect products are sold in souvenir festival I went to.

○ phlox Fuji Photo Contest
During the Cherry Blossom Festival turf, the Secretariat “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival” is held “phlox Fuji Photo Contest” in the special project of Yamanashihoso-Shizuokahoso. During the period, you can apply a picture of phlox shot with a digital camera and mobile Anyone who’s an amateur. In general we will send the photo department to engage Contest put on the envelope in the form of paper prints the photographs taken with a digital camera, etc.. Also, send an email with the photos taken with a mobile phone in the mobile sector. Of course, I must also Implied phlox department either. Are to be prepared prizes to the winners, will be on display adjacent to Fuji-Q Highland “Fujiyama Museum”. Guidelines for applicants because it may have changed for each holding, please check the “home of the secretariat turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival” for details.

○ No admission Pets
Cherry Blossom Festival to the venue lawn pets are not allowed. It is also not allowed admission into the cage. There is a pet Luggage entrance, or have put in the car in the parking lot, you can also get in there custody. I do not know Mr. “Mount Fuji” do we pay fee or deposit is free, those who wish to try to contact the service directly to the Secretariat.

○ Tourist Information around
Motosu Fujikawaguchiko venues around town festival “phlox Fuji” There are a lot of other attractions phlox. Up the No. 139 national highway down the inter Tomei Fuji, there is a “way station Asagirikogen” Nevala in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, about four kilometers of the front hall. Featured in the milk and cream and soft local produce, specialty products, of Asagirikogen, spot you want to visit us. Are sold at the restaurant with a “pig Yoguru Asagiri” pig “brand Asagirikogen” or “meat bowl” also “pork cutlet set meal.” There is a “way station Narusawa” Narusawa Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture village and head towards the hall on Route 139 highway Motosu from Kawaguchiko Chuo Inter. There is also a museum Bussan is located in a great location close to Mount Fuji can see, dealing with local produce and souvenirs. Next to the station of the road, there is a “quivering water vista” Fuji, you can relieve the weariness of the journey. To the “quivering” There are 16 kinds of bath, rest area are also substantial and places to eat. In addition, there was also the service charge of bathing Onsen “Fuji” in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, is the discount to visitors of the “turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival.” In 2008 when I visited was that of the bathing fee is discounted from \ 1,000 (adult weekday) \ 1,500 if the show with “Fuji Onsen” Cherry Blossom Festival tickets for turf. I think the return is more towards Kawaguchiko and may depend on the way home, it is what is so far a little better towards Shizuoka. I think that such integrated services so that it can be run in a group also Fujikyu Onsen “Mount Fuji” festival also phlox. I think this discounted service or has been conducted every year, you may want to check the HP site, etc. is good.

○ More Information

  “Secretariat Turf Fuji Cherry Blossom Festival”
  212 Motosu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 〒 401-0337
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  00 ~ PM5:: 00 AM8 May to late April
  A day, seven days a week
Usage fee
  Adults (Junior high school students and older) \ 500 children (aged 3) $ 200
  Paid about 1,000
  About 50 minutes on Route 139 inter Tomei Fuji ①, national highway
  About 30 minutes on Route 139 inter Kawaguchiko Chuo ②, national highway

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji-Q Highland village of Healing 西湖 Narusawa Road Station Road Station Lake Motosu Asagirikogen
Mt Fuji spa holiday village green quivering water vista Kachoen Fuji Fuji


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