◎ tourism event EVENT Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

○, “Herb Festival”, a celebration of herbs
Every year in June, when it is time to lavender blooms around Lake Kawaguchi, “Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” will be held. Around Lake Kawaguchi Yamanashi cultivation of herbs flourished since ancient times, such as “park Yagisaki”, “park Oishi” lakeside Kawaguchiko goes around June every year, herb of 100,000 shares was approximately centered on the lavender bloom. lavender fields in full bloom as far as the eye can heal the hearts of people, makes you feel great. “Herb Festival” until mid-July when the lavender blooms continue to be held, crowded with a large number of tourists every day.

○ big event with collective efforts of Fujikawaguchiko
“Herb Festival” is Fujikawaguchiko public and private sectors come together, it is a major event like the whole town to work with. Local products herb related products, has been exhibited around the Kawaguchiko, a large number of stores lined in “Oishi park”, “park Yagisaki” of the main site. In addition, a variety of dining options with a herb juice, ice cream, and cooking stores. In addition, shall become “gardening” contest will be held, home gardening and local companies compete for their gardening techniques, the height of the art. In addition, the participating museums such as stamp rally around, picking Museum experience and various attractions, concerts, blueberries, it is an event which could be integrated into the community.

○ contest of lavender fields and Mount Fuji
Is “Herb Festival” will be held in various facilities around Lake Kawaguchi, the you can see the “contest of the lavender fields and Mount Fuji” is “Oishi park” north shore of Lake Kawaguchi. “Herb Festival” will be held in a sense to celebrate the herbs that bust out every year, is the protagonist with a focus on the lavender herb course. Almost all of the visitors to take some pictures of lavender protagonist event. Also, you can take a picture of the best fields of lavender in the background daylight Fuji if the weather is good.

○ In addition to lavender flowers, chamomile and various
In “Yagisaki park” of the main site, of course lavender, chamomile flowers and other various and begonia flower beds have been laid to purpose-built. The range has been planted according to the time of flowering lavender, you can see a flower garden in full bloom lavender wonderful time.

○ “Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” in 2011
“Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” in 2011 will be held until Sunday, July 10, from Friday, June 17. The theme, “aroma. Blooming purple lavender at the foot of Mount Fuji,” will be held from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. The venue is “Oishi park” and “park Yagisaki banks Kawaguchiko”. “Yagisaki park” but is the main venue, entitled “Road and footpath flower flower Niagara & Flowers” from early June to mid-October, offers a view of the waterfall like a flower in the Park “Oishi”.

○ More Information

  Yagisaki park “Park” Oishi “Fujikawaguchiko
  Tourism Division Fujikawaguchiko (Executive Committee Kawaguchiko Herb Festival)
Holding period
  Until mid-July to mid-June
  “Yagisaki in the park”, “Oishi park”

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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