◎ tourism event in West Lake Forest Park of birds “village Ashiwada Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Festival” rime “Kawaguchiko, Saiko

○ “Ice Art Festival” held in “Forest Park bird” West Lake
In “Forest Park bird” West Lake, limited annual winter festival “rime” is performed. Taking advantage of its vast grounds and nature, in the park is also the habitat of wild birds, the various works of ice art will be on display. “Work of art” ice spans diverse, large-scale works are lined with waterfalls, Kamakura, and rime. Festival “rime” is being held in “Forest Park of birds” from 2000, in 2005, “garden” ice palace park at the on-site museum pear Junichi Nakahara Kawaguchiko is provided as a venue for the sub-annual I’m not in bustling. From the height of its popularity in 2005, it has also become the holding period is extended.

○ in the background looking at the “art” ice Fuji
In “Forest Park bird” of the main site, a variety of “work of art” ice is on display in the background of Mount Fuji Yukigesho. Only quite large in common any, it is just what the height of 5 m place. Do not go like this ice sculpture of the Sapporo Snow Festival indeed, is just what I can not bear to take a picture without any. There is also a rime that appears in the corner of the hall, and was frozen by spraying water on the wood.

Fuji and Kamakura rime waterfalls and unknown dog

○ In the light up at night is directing “a fantastic world of ice”
Write-up of the work, held during the Festival “rime” is “a fantastic world of ice” is in production and will be sunset. With the light of various colors, red, blue, yellow, and green, each piece is illuminated appearance that is very beautiful. Under the clear sky in the daytime, but works great with views of Mount Fuji in the back, but it is also fun to look at the work that has been illuminated by a light up at night. Visit at night is hard to implement because it is hard to make it in time, it is also recommended to try to come to light up just for you have a chance.

○ During the Festival “rime” is lined with various shops
Is lined with various shops and just at this time, during the Festival “rime”, the “Forest Park bird” of the venue does not usually show a surge. Essentially, the park contains the habitat of wild birds is usually a very quiet place. Although you may have because of the winter season, it seems difficult when this festival does indeed see the birds. In the festival, but the permanent and temporary kiosks lined, it seems that many eateries mainly. Sweet sake, udon, soba, your sweet red-bean soup, such as turret menu to warm your body from the cold of winter is still as popular was.

○ More Information

  “West Lake Forest Park of birds” village Ashiwada Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
  :0555 -72 -3 168 Fujikawaguchiko ① Tourism Division
  General tourist information website Fujikawaguchiko ①
Holding period
  Early February to mid-January
  Under investigation
  Forest Park bird parking
  Under investigation

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