◎ EVENT tourism event in early March to early February every year Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

○ “Kawadzuzakura” very precocious in the nation that can see in the middle of winter
Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun is famous for, “Kawadzuzakura” suddenly became famous as a showplace of cherry blossom viewing now. Conditions such as climate and varieties may overlap, “Kawazu cherry” that will begin to bloom very early in the nation. Rigorous casting skeptical gazes at the Tokyo metropolitan area and other regions Koshinetsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, the cold of winter in the southeastern region of the Izu Kawazu cherry blossoms begin to bloom in early in February each year yet. To highlight that the cherry Kawazu, events and did I mention the town is “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.” Held in February and March of bloom from the beginning by the time fall, tree-lined street along Kawazugawa is solid cherry as far as the eye can see. Cherry tree-lined street, local specialties, local products will be exhibited alongside the opening of a number of the town.

○ flowering time is fast, able to see cherry blossoms in February
The biggest attraction of the “Kawazu cherry” is the speed of flowering time. It is a beautiful bright pink cherry tree itself, of course, is the biggest reason for coming to see the cherry Kawazu tourists every year one million people would be able to have cherry blossoms in February, that does not end in the winter. Kawazu cherry sightseeing tours are organized every year many 2-3 month, customers will rush from inside and outside the organization, Shizuoka Prefecture. In addition, continuous visits to watch the early flowering cherry Kawazu glance at the general audience in many private cars. Everyone, not because I want to see other early flowering cherry is uncommon early to say anything.

○ beautiful cherry blossoms bright pink
In addition to the splendor of the early flowering, beautiful flowers of bright pink cherry Kawazu There is a sight to behold. It is said that flowers pink cherry Kawazu, the hybrid nature of the Oshima cherry and cherry big scarlet cold. Kawazu cherry blossoms, known in the country in the very early flowering, flowering time is around every year by the climatic conditions of course. About the situation, flowering time, thank you as we look at how everyone individually readers. Available such as “Information Agency website Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival” for information Kawazu cherry.

○ Kawazu cherry avenue of about 8,000 books
In Kawazu-cho has Kawadzuzakura many as 8,000, many of which have been planted over about 3km along the tree-lined ridge hot spring Kawazugawa up from the mouth of the Station. Cherry tree densely on the side of the sidewalk that was in place, the time of flowering is greeted tourists with one side of pink. During the festival, you can walk the avenue while watching the beautiful cherry blossoms of the cherry tree light is made up at night, illuminated by the light.

○ 菜の花 flowering according to the flowering of the cherry tree
Coincided with the flowering of the “Kawazu cherry”, tree-lined street in the “Rapeseed” it all together in a flower bed beside the flower. Tree-lined street near the hot spring lasts about 3km to the north from the mouth, you can see a yellow rape field that was stained everywhere that one side. Kawazu cherry pink and yellow rape flowers produce the main contrast beautifully evokes the impression of tourists walk the avenue. The “Cherry Blossom Festival” Thus, not only enjoyed by 菜の花 cherry.

○ break loose in a free footbath
Kawazu cherry tree-lined street, there is a free footbath. I think at a considerable distance, along the avenue of cherry Kawazugawa ranked one kilometer and walked maybe. Why was ranked two places, there was a free corner footbath with its roof along the road. Full-fledged spa I have a few tree-lined street close to, I’m glad it was as long as there is a hot spring footbath mood feel free to enjoy. large number of tourists who pass by will stop, I had to enjoy the relaxing mood with a foot.

○ shop Cherry Blossom Festival is a great success
Kawazu cherry tree-lined street, the shop has a huge number of shops. Cherry avenue extends to near 3 km, there were more than fifty stores along the way. I do not know the exact number, or it would not be so quite a few were lined up along the road without a gap. When I visited the cherry blossoms in full bloom, just shop a lot of success had been on the side of the crowd that filled the street.

○ selling local specialties
There are a few shops that were mostly local products and specialty stores that deal with local Kawazu-cho. It begins after the cherry Kawazu, to confectionery foods bean paste rice cake wrapped in a cherry leaf, cherry buns, cherry liquor, etc., If you have any seedlings “Kawazu cherry”.
In addition, there is also a thing is that the location of the Gulf Izu Kawazu-cho, a variety of seafood had been sold. Snapper called just landed in the morning, horse mackerel, saury, turban shell, scallops, etc. was very appetizing tight body and have fresh.

○ OVERALL: 桜 河津 1 million people visit is a must-see
In 2005, “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival” 15th in anticipation of tourists about 1.2 million people, has become one of the largest events in the nation Cherry Blossom Festival is an event once tourist always want to visit. Such as Kyushu and Okinawa is an exception, there is only able to see cherry blossoms during the cold winter, Honshu “Kawadzuzakura” flower is very popular earliest. It is also popular because of the real pleasure to watch the cherry blossoms in winter, it is a major reason for the beauty of the popular “Kawadzuzakura” of course. Cherry Blossom Festival during flowering time but must be prepared for a very crowded, one million people have come to see as a man “Kawazu cherry” is definitely a must-see. Consider situation flowering cherry, and congestion of the festival, I want you visited us at all is “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.”

○ More Information

  Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
  (Kawazu-cho Tourist Association) 0558-32-0290
  “Information Agency website Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival”
Holding period
  (2004 – March 10 February 10) in early March to early February every year
  Free freedom and tours
  Approximately 1,000 (\ 500 surcharge)
  From the Tokyo area 河津 = Ito = Atami = Odawara Atsugi = IC = Tokyo (about 3 hours)
  河津 = Shuzenji = Mishima Numazu = IC = Tokyo (about 3 hours and 10 minutes)
  From the direction of Nagoya 河津 = Shuzenji = Mishima Numazu = IC = Nagoya (about 4 hours)

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