◎ MUSEUM Museums Kawaguchiko Town Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Museum one bamboo Kubota

○ Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture

○ staining global artist, “one bamboo Kubota Art Museum”
Just a little, there is this “museum (other than matches) Kubota bamboo one” running across the western shores of the northern side of Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture, the Kawaguchiko Ohashi. In dyeing creator of the world famous kimono, Mr. Kubota bamboo one, it is the artistic work is the introduction of a number of ingenious. In the museum, you can have his many works are on display, I saw the great art.

○ ingenious garden of the museum
Museum of artists seem, are quite elaborate with creative interior appearance of the building. Distinctive scenery garden at the entrance, just great excitement to meet and visit gardens especially in the time of autumnal leaves. Main entrance and, in harmony with the natural garden with stunning quirky shake the hearts of visitors. Also provides the walking path and enjoy the scenery of the seasons.

○ “Shell Gallery Okinawa” collection, one of Mr. Bamboo
Apart from the main building of the museum, in the middle of the walking path, there was also a collection of huts and other beautiful shells also say his artwork has been exhibited. It is a great collection of many of the artists who truly unique. Such a beautiful shell has been exhibited in the hut tightly sea shines in a wide variety of beautiful Okinawa and overseas. It is up to you to convince Although this would be his hobby of collecting, I’m an artist and I wish I still artistic hobby.

○ “Gallery dragonfly ball” feel the history of the world
Walking path is a minor part of the museum, of course, there is still supporting role. Another is a collection of his “ball dragonfly Gallery (Dama dragonfly)” It is. I think “dragonfly ball”, which seems to be the traditional ornaments of the Middle East and Turkey, as an image, and I think you’ll like things clean jade beads. I have a kid, I used to play with marbles and marble patterned glass or plastic, “dragonfly ball” is made of stone material. I’m making a necklace or bracelet as a combination of several patterned pebbles that.

○ The main museum, “Tsuji bamboo flower one works”
Well, that’s dyed bamboo one piece Kubota is a protagonist “Tsuji bamboo flower one called” The building is located in the main building of the pyramid. ‘s Work is what seems to be the technique called the Muromachi period “dyed flower Tsuji,” was produced in addition to the improvement of their own. At the end of production research for many years, gave birth to work is likely to be called “one Tsuji bamboo flowers and”. Including some new, many of his works were on display in the main building.

○ work of art that gives a strong impression
When it comes to my thoughts is actually, “in dyeing ingenious seen for the first time. Wonderful,” I will arrive in one word. I do not know what else can I express that. Since I do not know at all, such as dyeing art, to me, I do not got a clue what I do or what about evaluation technically.

○ work poured tremendous passion and technology
Only, and passion’s a tremendous time and effort has been devoted to a single piece of work I comes through. Looking at the seems to repeat dyeing techniques that are displayed in the main house, and one color of dyed one color, many times to cause the color of the color Shimikoma what kimono. For example, 10 times at least and I’d like to dye-stained 10 colors to wear one. In addition, since the painting work is represented as a whole kimono patterns and not only staining, however, there is no difference in the operation of the air-boggling. The overall impression was “bright and bold colors are rich” anyway.

○ OVERALL Museum: Gotta both young and old
As a conclusion, why not come to visitors once if you are interested in dyeing. I think even if the young men I visit, so quite impressed and satisfied woman to anybody with an interest in kimono. not many visitors are truly man, when I visited, there were many groups overwhelmingly middle-aged woman.

○ More Information

  Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture estuary Kawaguchiko Town 2255 〒 401-0304
Opening Hours
  ① April to November: 9:30 to 17:30
  The beginning of the month to mid 11 ②: 9:30 ~ 20:00: (Opening Special Light up, at night)
  ③ December to March: 10:00 to 17:00
  ※ Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time. Please inquire for the period of the write-up.
  And, (Opening the New Year) the date specified other specifically for three days in December 26.27.28
  \ 900 \ 500 elementary school students in high school and vocational school student 1,100 yen 1,300 yen large general
  ※ ※ children preschool group discount is free
  11 large buses with 150 passenger ① ②
  (Kawaguchikosen: about 15 minutes) JCT-Otsuki: Chuo ① – (about 15 minutes No. 137 national highway) IC-Kawaguchiko
  Ichinomiya-Misaka IC-: Chuo ② (via Highway 137 national highway, Misaka Pass: about 40 minutes)
  IC-Fuji: Tomei ③ (No. 139 national highway, roads, Fuji west: about 70 minutes)
  IC-Gotemba: Tomei ④ (via Fuji Five Lake Road east: about 45 minutes)

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