◎ MUSEUM Museums Kawaguchiko Town Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Forest “Music Box” Kawaguchiko UKAI

○ “Recommended spot” of the banks Kawaguchiko
“Kawaguchiko Music Forest UKAI” is a museum that exhibits numerous Western countries, has spread around the 19-20 century the “music box automatic performance formula.” I tried to go in skeptical because I thought it was 1,300 yen admission fee, and. “Such a little high,” Nye ridiculous! That there was sufficient abundance worth paying the entrance fee, I felt. It is a “Highly Recommend spot” in the inspiring thanks anyway! It arrived there on the shores north of Lake Kawaguchi, may be across the Kawaguchiko Ohashi, and run along the lake around the general road east from Route 139 national highway.

○ numerous exhibitions around the world music box
The museum exhibits very rich, music box with a variety of world history are on display number. There is only a music box, I am you can actually listen to the performance as well as the exhibition. There are many, such as music boxes and music box that is equipped just like to enjoy playing orchestra, the world’s largest auto dance organ, the Clock Tower, and exhibits to attract people.

○ live string quartet
On top of that, I was impressed, however, is that is home to an always-violin, viola, and double bass and me to live in the hall. After the solo music box of the highlights of the full orchestra, did a wonderful performance of four musicians will wield its arms. It seems unlikely that played so many times a day do, would not listen when they go to. I was glad I love music, I like classical, and enjoyed it enough alone.

○ dance organ of the world’s largest auto
I was surprised then, it was full was laid along the walls of the great hall and put hundreds “dance of the world’s largest auto-organ.” (More than 40 body) has been set up a number of dolls, this organ is to dance or dance or play along with these dolls playing the organ. There are a lot of dolls and plenty to enjoy and have a violin are dolls, dolls that have a harmonica, a doll that has a cymbal, just to see. Of course, there is no satisfactory performance because actually listen. I think there were a lot of great music box In addition to this, and I would like to have a look at actually visited us.

○ own original music box as a souvenir
Well, when I saw so much great music box, getting myself actually want. Or from the desire, there is a shop in the music box in the corner of the museum. Music box that deal is also rich in a wide variety number. Look, I’ve just been listening becomes enjoyable. From very valuable and expensive, there is a lot of music box sound, even in the same type, such as a simple souvenir. Some device that plays the sound box and music box are sold separately, you can tailor-made to their favorite music box.

○ OVERALL Museum: Recommended enjoy anyone
Of course, I enjoy music lovers, even those who are not familiar with much music. I also enjoy meeting old man in meeting with their families and children, it is especially recommended for couples. In fact, I saw a couple of quite a few visitors that I was on. We may be able to in a romantic rendition, grab the hearts of women. Will you not be given a good impression of the music box I see many, the enjoyment, listening to professional musicians playing live, even if the gift music box to your loved ones. Those who have never went is a spot that I would like you to visit us at least once.

○ More Information

  Estuary 3077-20 Kawaguchiko Town Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 〒 401-0304
Opening Hours
  30 minutes from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  7 days a week
  There is group discount 800 yen ※ ③ raw Shochu adult 1,100 yen 1,300 yen ① ② raw Otaka
  30 units 300 units large passenger ① ②
  (About 15 minutes) National Highway No. 137 IC-Kawaguchiko – (15 minutes) Kawaguchikosen JCT-Otsuki: ① Chuo
  (About 40 minutes) via Highway 137 national highway, pass Misaka Misaka IC-Ichinomiya: Chuo ②
  (About 70 minutes) No. 139 national highway, roads, west IC-Fuji Fuji: Tomei ③
  (About 60 minutes), via the road east IC-Gotemba Fuji Five Lakes: Tomei ④

○ map around

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