NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY-famous specialties around the vanadium water around Mount Fuji Mount Fuji

○ In the vanadium-containing water to the health of the boom now!
Strata around Mount Fuji has a volcanic igneous rock is basalt, are rich in minerals and other vanadium. In recent years, there is a hypoglycemic effect has been reported to vanadium, have attracted attention as exposure to water containing vanadium that subsoil water is groundwater in Mt. It Fujinomiya, Narusawa, or near Fujiyoshida Fuji water containing a high concentration of vanadium is taken has been confirmed, it has given rise to explosive popularity.

○ Fuji is a treasure trove of vanadium
Although vanadium is water of topics, I have detected a high concentration of vanadium in water taken from the foot Fuji in Japan is outstanding. The reason is because a large amount of vanadium dissolved into the water from the seven layers of basalt at the foot of Mt Fuji. By ancient volcanic activity, volcanic rock formations, but Fuji is formed over and over again, the volcanic rock that is rich in minerals and other vanadium, rain water or melted snow of Mount Fuji long By passing through the stratum over the years, water, water “vanadium” That is why I am rich in minerals born. In fact, a very high vanadium content of the water at the foot of Mt Fuji, containing vanadium of several tens to hundreds of times near mineral water in general.

○ “Vanadium natural water” of Asahi Soft Drinks
Asahi Soft Drinks Factory have called “Fuji factory” is at the foot of Mt Fuji in Fujinomiya, has been manufacturing “Vanadium natural water of Mt.” Factory is a relatively new operated since 2001, minerals such as “vanadium” from deep strata consisting of basalt at the foot of Mt Fuji is the water takes the natural groundwater rich, it is shipped across the country are in bottled at the factory you. Spout is mellow with soft water of 29mg / l hardness, making it very easy to drink.

○ Wed countless types of vanadium
Although the spotlight “vanadium Water” will be boom, the water came out a number of vanadium in the market in the boom also say overheated. So if you are looking may contain even small amounts of vanadium can say with water, has a number of brand proliferation and vying with one another to boom. Now calm boom, has been selected by the brand and consumers, it is unknown whether there are many kinds of brand still accurate. Consumers it is necessary to distinguish between the vanadium in water quality from numerous brands. The aforementioned “Vanadium natural water of Mt Fuji” is a proven brand that sells (24 pcs per box) box 7 million per year. It is a standard production volume and production scale, I it is important to determine provided on their own, such as having a high content of vanadium and things clear ground water sampling processes and manufacturing, the selection criteria fixed. Will be the standard price is also, of course, is more important trust and safety. Find the best brands Compare and drink if possible, review the manufacturer’s HP and nets.

○ Free vanadium Wed “Road Station Fujiyoshida”
There are countless brands, including “Vanadium natural water of Mt” vanadium water, any additional cost. It is a matter of course, I do not have to pay any money to buy vending machines, supermarkets, door-to-door. Although vanadium is water such a precious, I am able to get “free” how. When it comes to the way, is that you get water for free in the “Yoshida” Road Station. Fuji in Fujiyoshida of minerals such as vanadium has become rich strata of basalt, at the station of the road has been pumping water from 100 meters underground in that stratum. There is a field “pumped water” to “Fujiyoshida station” of the road, has become like a free Kumeru precious groundwater at the foot of Mt Fuji. Because it is natural water of Mt also includes vanadium, of course, I can not get the water “vanadium” how precious free. You may bring a water bottle and plastic bottles, not just those who are selling the empty bottles in roadside station. There Kumeru free water and vanadium valuable, if not constantly pumped water is always a matrix.

○ “famous water of sincerely yours” in “Narusawa Road Station”
There is a parking Kumeru water pumped water freely in the grounds of the “station Narusawa (Narusawa) of the road.” Is called vanadium layer of strata volcano of Mount Fuji and “best waters of sincerely yours”, rich in groundwater. I Kumeru free for drinking water, sanitation management, has been sterilized. Water pumped place surrounded by lava rock of Mount Fuji, but feels like a really natural spring water of Mount Fuji, is actually a full-fledged water was sterilized. Since groundwater is pumped up from 300 meters underground and can enter tap water, natural vanadium layer of lava is contained. However, the next morning from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm, so they can not be used to close the valve, “place pumped water” please note.

○ Fujinomiya delicious tap water
“Delicious city tap water” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the time 32 city (over 100,000 population) was published in 1985, was chosen one of them at the foot of Mt Fuji, Fujinomiya. Clear the water requirements of various delicious odor, residual chlorine, such as water temperature, Fujinomiya has become one of the leading producer of water “delicious” in the nation. Fujinomiya is surface water and river water sources, well water, spring water, has gone out of the snow melted Wed sacred mountain Fuji overflows in large quantities from wells or spring water. Water gem in Fujinomiya City at the foot of the sacred mountain is Mt Fuji is snow pass filtration over hundreds of years of volcanic ash strata at the foot of Mount Fuji, refined mineral-rich very clean is completed. As represented by “Tamaike spring” in “Hongu Fuji Sengen Taisha”, etc. (Special Natural Monument designated by the national government), the amount of water can be called the land of Fujinomiya city’s famous water free from water shortages, such as abundant. Even though it is not spring water, in the land of its famous water, clean well with tap water, it contains the “vanadium” since we have come to a stratum of basalt of Fuji tripped yet. It is also recommended “Vanadium Water” was particularly high concentration of water samples from the location, you should consider if you do not get absolutely Fujinomiya also draw water tap.

○ Fujiyoshida station of the road map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

“Fujiyoshida” way station “Narusawa” Asagiri Dairy Road Station “Asagirikogen” Road Station


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