◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty throughout Yamanashi “Hoto” specialty Yamanashi

○ “Hoto” specialty representative in Yamanashi Prefecture
“Hoto” is a regional cuisine cooked in miso put plenty of thick noodles and vegetables. Udon noodles are thicker than, because they do not collapse even boil simmer for a long time, and thoroughly soak the taste by putting together the pumpkin vegetables, carrot, and taro in miso. Taste of the flavor of the vegetables and miso noodles soak into carefully by long simmer, taste is also different taste and noodle stew. Yamanashi Prefecture “Hoto” from the Warring States period to spread as local dishes, cooking most popular taste in the store if the restaurant still in Yamanashi. Hoto a number of well-established store of food lined around the province is known as the staple dish of Yamanashi also for tourists. Popular products by that is almost always placed in the souvenir shop of Yamanashi, “Hoto” such as noodles and miso sets have been sold.

○ The origin of the “Hoto”
It is said that the origin of the “Hoto” is something that was spread as food at the front between the equestrian corps Kai Takeda Shingen was called Warring States period, the strongest Sengoku old. “About” like are prevalent in rural areas Koshu cultivation of wheat flour cooking stuff makes it “Hoto”, it flourished from ancient times was widely eaten. Stratum for lava of Mount Fuji, the cultivation of wheat was thriving, because Koshu region was not suitable for rice cultivation in the mountainous areas. If you said, “Hoto” There is a theory of cuisine and Takeda Shingen has produced, Shingen has actually popular in the cuisine at the front “Hoto” had originally seems to be closer to the truth. The leading theory is another, something like the Suiton, taken knead with water (Ward Hakuta), and powdery mildew noodles were brought over from China along with Zen Buddhism in the Nara period seems to begin.

○ “Hoto Fudo” Hoto shop
There are about to serve the food store “Hoto” in Yamanashi Prefecture are innumerable, it is “Hoto Fudo” Hoto’s famous as a specialty store, among others. There are things you have to eat here even earlier “Mr. Fuji”, the taste is remarkable only shop there. There are three stores shop Kitamoto Kawaguchi, Kawaguchiko south store, shops and Kawaguchiko Station “Hoto Fudo”, the former two shops and a spacious 450 seats, 300 seats and also shop in brick warehouse-style building in particular. It is as it says menu served in the quaint shops and specialty stores, the only place “horse sashimi” or “Inari sushi” as the main “Hoto” If Noke drinks. A shop that come to eat the “Hoto” Exactly, “Hoto Fudo” is no only to the main menu with the “Hoto” real.

○ “quite common” tail turret of summer
For stews, “Hoto” The demand for summer will inevitably decline. Kangaedasa was going to eat the “Hoto” So even in the summer, but it is “quite common” tail. Dishes that can be called “Hoto cool”, “quite common” tail is very similar to udon noodles and cool. Soak noodles in cold water of Baotou fried boiled, dark eyes with a warm soup, I eat like a noodle. Unlike Hoto stewed of piping hot, “quite common” tail is a cuisine I was refreshing and perfect for a hot summer time.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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