◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty throughout Yamanashi “Shingen mochi shop” Kikyo

○ “in the souvenir souvenir” in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the number one popular souvenir in Yamanashi Prefecture
Souvenir classic which has been placed almost always if souvenir shop in Yamanashi Prefecture. Individual package of rice cake and sauce has a drawstring bag, I taste with a sauce of its own soft rice cake. Even more than the taste of rice cake, it is an exquisite taste and eat with a unique black honey sauce ya “Kikyo”. Taste of rice cake itself has a reputation and naming, and a unique package, and now has become the representative of Yamanashi Prefecture confection is not pressed Press. This item is outstanding name recognition that often only Shingen mochi is also known for travelers who do not know most of the souvenir of Yamanashi.

○ sweets Award “honorary president” national candy expo
“Kikyo Shingen mochi” is a proven winning candy highest Award “honorary president” in the “Great Exhibition pastry” national 19th 1977. “Great Exhibition pastry nationwide” Although something like the “Olympics of the cake” to be held once every four years, it was awarded the # 1 Award “honorary president” in the cake with a few It’s a wonderful thing. Also, “Shingen mochi”, practical and won has become a souvenir sweets to represent the Yamanashi undisputable number one in sales of souvenirs, Yamanashi Prefecture.

○ Shingen mochi fun to eat
There are things I think I ate too many times Shingen mochi “Mr. Fuji”, Shingen mochi candy is fun to eat and not quite enough. Shingen mochi is delicious, but, of course, is fun to eat as well as during the process of eating. That is, the task of solving a fun individual package of Shingen mochi, and put in containers with plenty of different black honey, eat freely Shingen mochi with their own preferences.
As well as the taste of the product itself, the product gained popularity in the packaging and its unique way of eating, Shingen mochi would be convinced she would! “Hey” I see when I actually eat. Solving the packaging of the parcel when furoshiki I feel like I opened a souvenir of downright fun, a sense of hope that I’ll finally eat something delicious even when you are calling lots of black honey come spring. If you have, from the beginning and it took no sauce or in a manner nondescript packaging is Shingen mochi, so popular that it may not have come out. “Shingen mochi” is the impression such that there is value to each one precisely because it is wrapped in one important one is carefully made.

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  Tsuboi 1928 Ichinomiya, Yamanashi Prefecture Fuefuki

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