◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty boiled peanut Fujinomiya

○ specialties Fujinomiya not stop and start eating
In Fujinomiya is famous for peanuts, boiled peanuts to eat it raw I is normal. Dry roasted peanut, but are distributed in general, is a unique way of eating peanut production areas can be taken “fresh boiled peanuts.” It is of course also delicious roasted peanuts with chewy and dry we often see everyday, and while it does not taste the taste of peanut actually true. I do not impair flavor unlike peanut drying, boiled peanuts, so use plenty of water boiled on a very soft and easy to eat, so boiled raw peanuts freshly dug. Harvest time in autumn, will be issued at the table of the local well with beer from every summer. “Do not stop can not stop,” and once I eat is delicious.

○ I enjoyed a long period of time if stored frozen
Raw peanut is reduced to just that time just because it does not take only the harvest season of the summer and fall, of course, also enjoy the “boiled peanuts”. However, there may also be from the desire of want to taste the taste that forever, frozen and stored locally boiled peanuts. Long-term storage is made possible by a freezer, I am you can taste the delicious boiled peanuts whenever you unpack. In Fujinomiya many local families eat a little at a time to accompany the evening drink a freezer, it is also our fun dad.

Jumbo peanuts boiled peanuts peanut Chiba Prefecture

○ jumbo peanuts
Specialty products in Fujinomiya is “boiled peanuts”, is a very rare specialty products “jumbo peanuts boiled” Among the peanut. As its name suggests, jumbo peanuts and has three times the size of the place of ordinary oversized peanut shell also performs well. A limited amount of local production, because it does not much other than local distribution, uniformly surprised everyone and look better in other areas. It is often thought that the real Daiaji is large, there is no such a thing is actually, I’m very delicious peanut ordinary unchanged. Minute there is a meet to eat, there are also many people who jumbo that rather delicious. Although climate change by harvest time is around to 10 September each year. You can buy “Asagirikogen” Fujinomiya Station Road, in the supermarket or farm stand.


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