◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Oyama Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture dip Mizuna

○ “I 菜 Mizukake (a Mizukake)” is
, Also referred to the “example” alias, is a kind of vegetable cruciferous vegetables “(a Mizukake) Mizukake vegetables.” It is similar to the “Rapeseed” and “rape”, originally Mr. Chohei Kita Kocho of Adano (Oyama-cho present) village Kitago old was raised and brought back seeds from Niigata Prefecture in 1886 is the beginning you. Although named after the “菜 Mizukake” that grow from spring water flowed at the foot of Mt Fuji multiply, are cultivated as a second crop in winter at the end of the rice paddy fields. Furrow rice paddy fields after harvest, sow the seeds from around October, we grow by pulling the water after. Water temperature is about 13 ℃ is rich in spring water throughout the year, at the foot of Mt Fuji Oyama prevent “菜 Mizukake” in the winter is freezing. “菜 Mizukake” I grew up is now in its harvest in February through March in the warm water, it is shipped mainly as pickles.

○ “dip Mizuna” specialty Gotemba Oyama-cho
“Immersion Mizuna” is just salt pickles pickled “vegetable Mizukake” was raised in spring water of Mt. Without adding any additives, are salted in order to take advantage of as it is a taste of “Mizukake vegetables.” If you are “菜 Mizukake” grew up in the lush spring water in midwinter Fuji crystal clear clean, there is a soft body and sweet. A small amount of production “Mizukake dip”, people are picking Mizukake vegetables producers’ association by hand, are salted in the hand rub. Salted so simple to make use of the taste of the material, it has become a valuable specialty products will be shipped soon after harvest, not only around harvest “vegetables Mizukake”. Although not much out there in general a small amount of production, sold in other local “A Coop Gotemba JA” (Sawa Gotemba Gumi), “Fresh House” outlets Origin “Fujioyama Road Station” (Higashitanaka Gotemba) You had to.

○ “dip Mizuna” district Shiraito Fujinomiya
The town is famous Oyama Gotemba “菜 over water”, but it is also produced in the district actually Shiraito in Fujinomiya. Every year, cultivation begins around October after rice harvest, Shiraito district and it has been harvested in February of the following year. As well as for Gotemba, at the foot of Mt Fuji in Fujinomiya, Fuji spring water is rich, there are about 13 ℃ water temperature as well, cultivation of vegetables has become possible water over winter. The famous district Shiraito Fujinomiya about 500 m altitude in the “白糸の滝”, winter is nearly 5 ℃ below zero, without also freeze the thermal effect of spring water with more than 10 ℃, soft and crisp You can bring up the texture of “chipping greens water.” Because that can be grown in chemical-free with no fear of insects, in the winter you can eat safe and secure. In the midwinter, we have to ship people have been salted in “processing plant branch Shiraito Fujinomiya JA” “Group 菜 over Shiraito Wed” is the only firm “菜 over water.” In addition to branch Shiraito Fujinomiya JA, are sold in all parts of the city.

○ “curry Mizuna Fuji”
In Gotemba is marketed as a new specialty that combines the “chipping greens water” and “Koshihikari Gotemba” specialty the “curry Mizuna Fuji”. It sells at a restaurant in the city, you can also eat in the restaurant of Route 246 along Route “Fujioyama Road Station.” Each tool shop and taste is, is a condition that you are using the “chipping greens” water production and Gotemba “Koshihikari Gotemba.” Also, as has been singing the “Mount Fuji” and “curry Mizuna Fuji,” Serve rice is to design the shape of Mount Fuji. Create a “map curry shop Mizuna Fuji” curry Subcommittee life health branch of the Brotherhood Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, Food And Drink Industry, is committed to the promotion of new specialties and local production for local consumption.

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