◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty rainbow trout Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ specialties Fujinomiya boasts production volume of Zenkokuichi
Subsoil water of Fuji Fujinomiya City boasts a rich production of rainbow trout Zenkokuichi. I’m in Fujinomiya spring through underground snow melted Wed Fuji is all over the place over the years. The growth of rainbow trout in great condition, including the “field Fuji trout culture” of prefectural, subsoil water is clean and cold in the north of Fuji city farming has been investigated. As local products, farmed rainbow trout are sold to or meuniere etc. Kanroni.

○ “rainbow trout” of fish specified Fujinomiya
“Rainbow trout”, June, 2009 has been designated as “fish” City of Fujinomiya. “Rainbow trout” was recently brought into the spotlight as a special product of Fujinomiya next to “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” is specified in the “fish market” supported by its momentum. Was presented also “healthy rainbow trout kun” of Ondo rainbow trout in a given ceremony (YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTjlB78d-KA). In the typical specialties of the original Fujinomiya, many restaurant trout rainbow trout as well as dealing with the production volume, “rainbow trout” is a fish that is familiar to the public. I was accepted as in naturally When by the city. To capitalize on the success of the “Society of Fujinomiya Yakisoba”, founded the “Society for rainbow trout Fujinomiya,” We are promoting the public relations activities of rainbow trout.

○ taste of the “rainbow trout”
Fish less peculiar habit of the fish “rainbow trout”, delicious and easy to eat and very bland. There is a river fish image fishy so, there is no such thing at all actually. Delicious rainbow trout raised in spring water clean system Fuji can be in the sashimi, at a restaurant in the city Fujinomiya, including the “House of trout”, it feels a habit at all so eat in a fresh state that was just landed There is no thing. In addition, also fit a variety of dishes fried smoked, from, Kanroni, and dried overnight. Also appeared in “Mass Burger” Recently, we have pioneered a new genre of rainbow trout dishes.

○ Cooking trout processed goods
We have been eating it in Fujinomiya boasts a production capacity of the processing Zenkokuichi various rainbow trout, the cooking. Sashimi course, there are many ways of eating sushi and fly, Kanroni, meuniere, miso, and dried overnight, there is a high reputation among them trout sushi. Craftsman will wield arms rainbow trout freshly landed from trout and car culture, in a sushi restaurant in the city we offer trout sushi and sushi. And so you can feel free to eat sushi trout like that sells bento sushi rice ball and trout trout in “Asagirikogen Road Station.” Exquisite taste, trout sushi made with minutest care carefully selected craftsmen has also become a specialty of Fujinomiya. In addition, in the restaurant of the same way station offers in limited quantities to fly the rainbow trout was fresh “trout cutlet set meal”, it has become one of the popular dishes.

○ “trout burger” in store “branch profit trout”
Sells “Mass Burger” was (\ 400) in the rainbow trout burgers in the previous “Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine” in the “Alley shrine” “(heaven ki branch profit and loss) gain on branch shop trout.” To fly the rainbow trout, and finish unceremoniously across tomatoes, basil, and lettuce. While mass and has a “fortune” tail of trout not fortune, you can actually see a fortune. Taste is refreshing without habit, I feel like a fish burger of certain fast food restaurant. Let me eat so easy once you have a chance to eat.

○ “field trout culture” Fuji Prefectural
There is a “place trout culture” Fuji Shizuoka prefecture-run rainbow trout farms in Inokashira, Fujinomiya. In the locality of rainbow trout rainbow trout, which boasts a production volume of Zenkokuichi, Fujinomiya is close to rainbow trout aquaculture has been carried out mainly in the field actively trout this nutrient. Founded in 1933 for the purpose of rainbow trout farming industrialization, “place trout culture” Fuji has a variety of research and development as well as farming. Currently, the amount of the national production of rainbow trout is 11,000 tons, Shizuoka Prefecture as a whole accounted for 2400 tons, one prefecture, Fujinomiya boasts Zenkokuichi and 1500 tons of them.

○ “house of trout”
There is a food specialty of “rainbow trout” in the field next to the trout culture “Fuji House of trout.” You can “House of trout” is rare trout food specialty store in the country, enjoy the course meals using only fresh trout caught in trout culture facilities. In the shop provides us with food do rainbow trout cook who knows that the trout is in Japanese and Western. “House of trout” Although you can eat without a reservation is open only during the day, sometimes crowded in peak season, we recommend that you book a meal for a smooth.

Volume miso kelp rainbow trout rainbow trout rainbow trout smoked trout smoked set Kanroni

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  5-21 Omiya-cho, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 418-0066 “っ Palace Salon” Town Planning

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