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○ “dumplings” Hamamatsu in Hamamatsu Japan dumpling consumption
Hamamatsu is a place of consumption dumplings dumplings consumption is said to be one nation. Annual expenditure per household of about 20 000 yen in Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu surveys are by far the Utsunomiya famous as famous for dumplings. It is said that the dumpling shop is located about 80 hotels in the city, and there are more than 300 shops and stores, including dealing with dumplings outside of specialty shops. Dumplings at the store which is said to be well-established store the local audience to make the column before the opening, it seems to go ask dozens of take-out dumplings. Among citizens Hamamatsu gyoza has to penetrate the diet, went up to the table dumplings home frequently. Hamamatsu also say exactly dumplings town.

○ Characteristics of “dumplings” Hamamatsu
According to the Society of dumplings Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu gyoza features that stick is accompanied sprout ①, ② sauce and chili oil, ③ is the wide variety of recipes. It is also different because the dumplings in Hamamatsu City has more than 300 stores shops dealing with dumplings, basically these three points are common. First of all, almost always, the dish of boiled dumplings Hamamatsu sprouts have been Serve is at the center. From the fact that in order to burn side by side in a circle in a frying pan, arrange on dish turned upside down the whole frying pan as it is, it is free center of the dish, this is when you burn the dumplings along came to like put garnish sprouts boiled is.

○ own taste each store
80 hotels in Hamamatsu City, which is near alone dumpling shop, each store has its own taste. Does not mean there is a taste of clear criteria even if it says Hamamatsu gyoza, dumplings ingredients each store, how to bake, size, etc. I have a commitment. It is also where the meat often even immediately, seasoning and texture is also falling apart in some places many vegetables. It seems that many places in the dumpling shop which is said to be well-established store is stuck with cabbage and meat of it all. It will be a firm texture and to larger amount of meat, it is likely to become the texture was refreshing, and frankly if you extra vegetables, such as cabbage.

“Dumplings” Hamamatsu Shizuoka Gourmet Gotochi related URL ① ② Hamamatsu gyoza Society

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