◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture town “Shirasu” specialty Yui

○ “Silas” specialty of Yui, along with shrimp
It is Yui specialties along with “shrimp” “Silas” is a fry of sardines. Every year, whitebait fishing is done from March 1 until around is landed Yui fishing. Chirimenjako kettle is fried and is familiar Speaking whitebait, the most delicious is the “Shirasu” raw even say anything. In valuables not experience a rare except in origin, “Shirasu” raw and was d just landed and chewy you angrily and only Shirasu like transparent is the taste of place that addictive really. But as it is I can eat, eat soy sauce over and put on top of the rice served with ginger and green onion Bowl “raw whitebait” is the taste of place that has fallen cheeks. It is a gem that I want you to come and visit to local eating.

○ whitebait in Shizuoka in Zenkokuichi
Whitebait catch of 40 008 tons in the country thousands of Shizuoka catches accounted for 7,000 tons three hundred Zenkokuichi it is about 15% (2006). Shizuoka is Zenkokuichi three hundred and five thousand yen of dried whitebait expenditure per household, has become even Zenkokuichi quantity purchased (2008). Shirasu is renowned as Shizuoka specialty as well as shrimp, consumption is also popular with the locals. Shirasu raw freshness because it is difficult, but rare to get only around the fishing port in Shizuoka Prefecture, was Kamayude “whitebait fried kettle” because listening also save a little, it is widely available to super throughout the prefecture you.

○ “bowl kettle fried whitebait” in Fujikawa Rakuza
I do not really Shirasu distribution of raw spoil rapidly from being caught are often fried in kettle, Shirasu raw freshness since it is difficult to save. It is very hard to find a shop that provides a “raw whitebait” So. However, the “kettle fried whitebait, which is” a lot comparatively distribution amount, are also sold in supermarkets and cafeterias. It is not perfect if you can eat the “Shirasu” raw, you can feel free to eat any “canteen Marusen” in “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station would Bowl “kettle fried whitebait.” Is “kettle fried whitebait,” When did the salt in the kettle boiled raw whitebait that was just landed. Put in the piping hot rice “kettle fried whitebait this” is “fried whitebait kettle bowl” to eat over the soy sauce and topped with green onion, ginger, and wasabi to your liking.

○ shop Bowl “raw whitebait” is to eat
You can shop Bowl “Shirasu” live in Shizuoka Prefecture eat prefs are concentrated around the fishing harbor that whitebait are caught. And, of course, “bowl raw whitebait” I will not be able to eat only a period of April to November the whitebait fishery is performed. It offers a “bowl raw whitebait” in (with the exception date) every weekend in limited “cafeteria fishing port” Tagonoura fishing port of Fuji City. Because of the poor catch, fishermen in 2010, but was discontinued sales cafeteria Unfortunately, it has been desired resumed the following year. We also sell direct management of the fishery Bowl “Shirasu” live with “House bowl” in Yoshuko of Suruga-ku Shizuoka City. It is a simple shop, which is open in the parking lot of the harbor prefab hut, and there fishery operated in the fishing port, freshness, taste, price is very happy. Although there is no formal, such as high-end restaurant, eat a Bowl “Shirasu” best freshness, such as food catering fisherman.

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“Cooperative fishing harbor Yui” [union town Sakuraebi Yui]

○ farmer ‘s market fishery harbor Yui more information

  1068-2 character beach IMAJUKU Yui Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 421-3111
Opening Hours
  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Regular holiday
  Year-end and New Year holiday Monday and the day after
  Left side intersection enter the harbor from harbor front Yui Yui-Route 1

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Farmer ‘s market cooperative fishery harbor Yui Yui Honjin Park “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station


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