◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY specialty products, specialty Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture town “shrimp” specialty Yui

○ In Japan shrimp super valuable not only caught in Suruga Bay
In the most famous local products, “shrimp”, it is valuable not only in Suruga Bay caught in large numbers in the world among the seafood rich in Shizuoka Prefecture. Yui in the town near the mouth of Suruga Bay in contact with its shrimp fishing flourishes, I will boast of the production volume of Zenkokuichi. Shrimp fishing is usually carried out twice a year, January to June 3, spring fishing fall fishing is done from October to December. Shine like a jewel of pink that is beautiful and there is a sweetness and texture that go to market raw, which is also one of the specialties typical of Shizuoka Prefecture. Is the highest raw shrimp, shrimp that was just landed is especially irresistible taste. Non-local is not quite eat raw from the difficulty of preservation, it is very tasty fried or raw dry pot, even if you also fried.

○ eat in “Fujikawa Rakuza” station of the road “of fried shrimp”
The “cafeteria Marusen” of 3F of “Fujikawa Rakuza” way station, “bowl of fried shrimp” is the gem of the recommendations. Of course, eaten raw recipe kettle, sushi, and shrimp pot is a wide variety, shrimp is “of fried shrimp” Among them were crunchy and chewy and the savoriness of shrimp does not collect. The “cafeteria Marusen”, you can eat a bowl “of fried shrimp that”.

“Suruga Bay shrimp” specialty Yui
“Suruga Bay shrimp” was angrily raw texture is irresistible

Suruga Bay seafood is very popular if I said, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Shrimp that are caught from the port of Suruga Bay Yui is a rarity among others.
Locally I eat fresh raw shrimp well that was just landed,
I generally do not hit much from the difficulty of keeping freshness.
However, raw shrimp is best if there is a sweet taste of the angrily.

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Farmer ‘s market cooperative fishery harbor Yui Yui Honjin Park “Fujikawa Rakuza” Road Station


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